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Another "Scary Sasquatch Story"

May 14 2000 at 3:20 PM
David Holley 
from IP address

There are other stories which make me think about the nature of the animals often referred to as Sasquatch/Bigfoot. One such story can be found in the book "SASQUATCH/BIGFOOT: The Search for North America's Incredible Creature" by Don Hunter with Rene Dahinden.

The story took place in 1950; twenty-six years after Fred Beck and his partners were attacked. This story also took place on Mt. St. Helens, near Ape Canyon. The circumstances of this story make it rather unsettling and thus fodder for "SCARY SASQUATCH STORIES".

"One balmy May Sunday, on the slopes near Ape Canyon, a well-known Seattle mountaineer named Jim Carter disappeared in circumstances that were, to say the least, mysterious. No trace of Carter, who was with a twenty-member climbing party. Was ever found although teams of experienced mountain rescue units scoured the area for a week.
As the party came down the mountain Carter left them at the 8,000-foot level, near a landmark called Dog's Head. He said he would go ahead and photograph the others as they skied towards the timberline. That was the last time he was seen. The next morning a discarded film box was found at the spot where presumably he had loaded his camera.
Carter's ski tracks indicated he had raced down the mountain, as one searcher described it in a story in the Oregon Journal, "taking chances that no skier of his caliber would take unless something was terribly wrong or he was being pursued." The speaker was Bob Lee, a Portland mountaineer, who is a member of the exclusive international Alpine Club and who has led and advised U.S. expeditions in the Himalayas.
In his wild descent, Carter jumped several gaping crevices before going right off a steep canyon wall. Neither he nor his equipment was ever found.
Several of the seventy-five men in the search parties reported they experienced an uncomfortable feeling of being watched the whole time they were in the area. Lee said, "It was the most eerie experience I've ever had. I could feel the hair on my neck standing up…I was unarmed except for my ice axe and, believe me, I never let go of that."
Lee said that both he and Dr. Otto Trott, the surgeon for the Seattle Mountain Rescue Council, came to the same conclusion: "The apes got him."
I'm not sure exactly what to think about the story, except it is kind of scary and creepy. It's not one I would want to dwell upon while I was hiking or camping alone. Still, this story and its conclusions do point out one thing, whether in the south (where it seems the Bigfoot is more aggressive) or in the Pacific Northwest; these animals are dangerous.

Now how about others sharing their favorite stories here.

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agressive encounters

December 25 2000, 1:45 PM 

I agree, generally speaking the southern bigfoot seems more agressive than the nortwest encounters I've read. Maybe because it's more populated here and their tolerance isn't as much as in the more remote areas. One day I want to go on a honest to goodness bigfoot hunt here in the south, I live in Tennessee, but if I ever do I'm not going alone, nor unarmed. I'm not going for a kill, but I'm not wanting to be killed either. I think for the most part, people that do undertake such an outing do it half heartedly and are ill prepared. Then if an encounter occurs, they're not prepared mentally for the shock, not prepared with equipment, or protection. If you're going prepare for it and if nothing happens, no worse for the wear, but if their is an encounter, get pictures, sounds, and video and stay safe, go well armed and with at least one other well armed person. If you're going after the information, get it.

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makes you wonder

April 7 2002, 1:20 PM 

I have wondered since my first real honest to goodness sighting as a teen ager about how hostile they really are. I was in a car with a friend when we noticed the beast running alongside the car on a remote counrty highway.

We had gone to take a friend home way out in the country about 18 or so miles from the Interstate to her house in the next town on this road. On the return trip we were talking and driving really slow due to ice roads. When my friend says what is that? I looked out my window and it took a minute to see as it was white. It was night time but visibility was pretty good. I couldn't tell you to many details It has been soooo many years but I first noticed the creature when he ran in front of a bush that had a dark cast to it. I went "OH wow I don't know" The driver slowed the car down some and the creature began to move toward the car. I in a panick locked the door. "He" was so close that if had chose to he could have touched the car. That was when we got the real idea of his size. The ground he was on was a good 4 or 5 foot drop from the road and I still had to Look UP to see it's face Something I will never forget is "HE" was looking me right in the eye. All the driver saw was the lower middle and hip upper leg region. The guy driving freaked and sped up. We started to argue don't wreck was mentioned alot. Hold the road. As we sped up so did "HE". He kept up for a long distance. Finally we came to a point in the road where the side drops down like a cliff and "HE" sped up and down this ravine. We thought we got it now. But where the road comes back down to the ground there are some bushes and "HE" jumped out at us again. At this point The driver floored it and "HE" kept up till we hit about 60 65 mph. A short distance, but he had a burst of speed that I was yelling at the driver to floor it and he told me how fast we were going and I was floored. NEVER would I feel safe thinking I could provoke one of these things after that.

But I wonder about the people that disappear in the woods every year and are never found. The kids especially. What do you think?

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