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Don&Tommy (Their bridge encounter) Fiction

August 3 2000 at 1:34 AM
from IP address

Don and Tommy had been best friends since either one could remember. Many nights were spent camping out in grandma Josie’s backyard with a makeshift sheet thrown over the clothesline. One of their favorite pass times was riding their bicycles down the old deserted lane just down from grandmas house, they were still young enough to enjoy the thrill of busting bottles down there on the old bridge. All the stories they had heard about strange things happening down by the bridge had never meant much to them. While camping out in granny’s back yard they had heard strange howls and screams that seemed to come from that area but they had never given it much thought, black panthers, thats what that is Don said one night, my grandma told me that they used to be black panthers down there at the ole Hardy Gully place, Tommy wasn’t so sure about Don’s opinion on the black panthers , he had cut his teeth listening to his grandpa Big Tommy for whom he was named, tell of being followed in the woods while out coon hunting one night and catching a glimpse of a shadowy being that looked like it stood well over 8 feet tall and seeing one huge red eye staring at him as it peeked from around the tree, the coon dogs that had always been so ferocious and willing to tie into anything on 4 legs now were cowering around Big Tommy’s legs when all of a sudden this monster as grandpa called it, let out a howl that reverberated through his whole being, it was at this point that the dogs ran off, yelping all the way leaving Big Tommy there all alone, he had his trusty ole rifle that his dad had given to him but in the back of his mind he knew this wasn’t enough gun for whatever was standing behind that tree. Fear started to take over and Big Tommy turned and started to run, the panic mounted as he heard this creature take its first step in his direction, he felt it more than heard it, the ground literally shook as this monster started to pursue him. It was always at this point that little Tommy would become terrified and start to cry, what did you do grandpa, what did you do? All grandpa would ever say was , why son,I just ran faster and prayed harder and I guess the Good Lord was listening, you see I’m still here,now don’t ya. All of this was the farthest from either one of their minds as they made their way down the road to turn their bikes onto the old lane, busting bottles with all the rocks that was still down by the bridge was their hearts intent. They had not even noticed that sundown was not far off. The little lane lies down a half mile stretch of remote forest. In the summertime the lane is over hung with numerous trees which made the sunlight impossible to penetrate and cast everything into shadow and an eerie feeling of quiet and peace while at the same time a feeling of dread, the feeling of knowing to not be caught down this lane as dusk was falling. As the two
young boys were busting bottles near the edge of the old bridge that had definitely seen better
days they suddenly had an inner feeling that they were not alone, it was
that kind of feeling that starts at the base of your spine and slowly makes
its way up, until that final moment when you realize that every hair on the
back of your neck is standing straight out, with out a word they turned and
looked at each other and the fear was very apparent in the others eyes and
very quietly almost below a whisper Tommy utters, do you feel that Don and
all he could do was slowly nod his head, afraid to even acknowledge what he
was feeling. The boys had always heard the old timers tales of this lane and
now all those stories they had heard around the camp fire came rushing back,
like water over a damn. Little Tommy suddenly remembered grandpa’s tale of horror and the two young lovers who disappeared without a trace other than their beat up car with one door missing on the passenger side and
the half ripped off roof on the drivers side and the girls one red shoe
lying about 50 yards into the deep woods. It suddenly dawned on them that it
was just the up the lane about 35 yards that the car had been found and how
could they have forgotten Ole crazy Aunt Florence who had been walking down
this very lane over 30 years before and came running and screaming back to
the house that monsters were after her and had been confined to an asylum
off and on for the rest of her life. In their youthful enjoyment of busting
bottles they had lost track of the time and they now noticed that it was
dusk by the faint filtering of the sunlight that shone on the other side of
the bridge and now to compound their fear they saw out of the corner of
their eye a shadowy figure emerge from the dark depths of the woods standing
just up the lane blocking their only avenue of escape. The creature they saw
was at least 8 ft tall covered in long black shaggy hair and its arms hung
to below its knees and the shoulders were broad, broad as grandmas big old
picture window on the back porch. It was at this point that the creature
threw back its head and let out the most spine chilling howl they had ever
heard in their young lives, loud, so loud, that they could feel the
vibration in their own bodies. The fear had taken over by now as they saw a
hand reach from under the bridge and grasp hold of the edge, the hand was
like nothing they had ever seen, it was enormous and covered with black
shaggy hair, the fingernails had a fang like quality to them and the boys
realized that whatever was down there had been there the whole time, like it
was waiting for its moment and that moment was now as the creature that
stood between them and safety blocked their path. The horror that was
waiting for them up the lane started toward them and oh my God they could
even feel the impact of each step that it took. There was only one other way
to go and that was the opposite direction, down the lane that wound deeper
into the remote forrest. Don was the one that finally broke loose of the
fear that had him held speechless and shouted so loud that it must have
deafened Tommy but that shout was in reality a whisper, RUN. Their bicycles
were left lying on the bridge as Tommy followed Don's lead and down the lane
they ran , with one backward glance the fear that had been lurking under the
bridge made its presence known, in a flash of time they saw the creature
easily pull itself up from the depths of the old creek bed and start in
their direction as the other creature joined him. This one was well over 9
feet tall and looked the same as the other one but bigger, my God much
bigger, the shoulders on this one was almost as wide as half of the barn
door and as dark was falling these creatures eyes glowed a bright red. As
the animals started after the two frightened boys the largest of the
creatures stepped on Tommy's laid over bicycle not even missing a step. The
boys were running as hard and fast as their legs could carry them but the
distance between them and the creatures was getting shorter and shorter,
time was running out and they both knew it. All of a sudden they thought
they could possibly make out the shine of headlights coming around the bend
in the lane, oh Lord in Heaven please let that be somebody, please Dear
Lord, I promise to never do anything wrong again in my life if you will just
let that please be somebody, anybody wheezed poor Tommy as he was the chubby
one of the two but that wasn't stopping him from keeping up with the skinner
Don. As the lights popped like a beacon of hope from around the bend, the
boys flagged the ole man down and their story rushed out , monsters,
monsters are chasing us!! to which the ole man grinned and said monsters
chasin ya, I don't see no monsters, my headlights are shinnin all tha way
down to that bridge there and all I see is yalls bicycles. The boys were
still to frightened to turn around and look, the ole man motioned for them
to hop in the back of the pickup but they quickly shook their heads no and
asked him if they could ride up front with him. He just chuckled and said
sure and I'll pick up your bicycles down yonder on that bridge too, wouldn't
want no monsters to be gettin em. As the old truck stopped on the bridge to
get the boys bicycles the look of death white fear was still etched in their
faces, it was when the old man was about to pick up the last bike, he
noticed that in the center of the laid over bike their was a definite
outline of what appeared to be a huge foot, it almost went from front tire
to back tire, it was at this point that the old man slowly raised his head
and looked in the direction from which he had just came and there in the
dark in the middle of the road he could see two sets of red eyes glowing,
each eye about a foot apart from the other one. The old man hastily threw
the remaining bike into the bed of the pickup and slowly backed his way back
to the opened door of the truck and just as slowly climbed in. As he shifted
into gear he looked in his rear view mirror and he could see by the light from
his tail lights the outline of two creatures standing in the middle of the
road, eyes glowing red, as he looked over at the two boys they now
noticed from the illumination of the dash board lights that his face too was
drained of color. Not a word was ever spoken on the way home between the old
man and the boys and in the weeks that followed another pair of parkers as
they were known back then, disappeared, almost same as the others but this
time the car had been overturned as well. The boys never got over there
experience, it haunted their days of existence until the very day that they
died, both died at young ages, Don was killed in a motorcycle accident at
the age of seventeen and Tommy was killed in a freak accident when the horse
he was riding spooked and threw him causing him to hit his head on a rock, he
died the next day. He was only 33. Neither of them ever spoke of the
incident they had shared in there youth, Tommy kept his bicycle as a
reminder to never again take life so lightly or for granted.

This is a story I wrote, this event never happened but the characters are real folks from my childhood. Hope you all enjoyed it. Sandra

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May 20 2002, 9:14 AM 

Sandra that was probably the most terriying story that i have ever read, got any more? they are damm good.

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