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Welcome to Schwerpunkt

September 13 2008 at 8:49 AM

Sam Dwyer  (Login samd)
Schwerpunkt moderators
from IP address

Hello and welcome to Schwerpunkt.

This forum is for research and discussion of Axis armour subjects from WW2 - so please feel free to post.

We want this forum to be a place where people are free to discuss Axis armour in an open and friendly environment, free from flaming and general nastiness.

So, thanks and welcome!

The Schwerpunkt Team.

Die Schlange-Grube

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Paul R
(Login pwranta193)

Wellllll...... let me be the first

September 13 2008, 8:59 AM 

to welcome you - though the thought of you having your own site is a little frightening.  Looking forward to some good content and some good critiques in the future.  Let me know how I can help.

Das Dicke Ende Kommt Noch -


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Sam Dwyer
(Login samd)
Schwerpunkt moderators


September 13 2008, 9:04 AM 

The site is very much a joint effort between Jon, James, Tony, Don and I - so yes the 5 of us running a site does sound a little frightening - in a good way I hope!



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Chris Leeman
(Login stug4)

....and then the lord created a new forum!

September 15 2008, 10:47 AM 

G'Day Guys

Well its great to see this new venture up & running. You certainly have the knoweldge base covered and I for one look forward to seeing some great discussions had and hopefully none of the crap that has happened previously.

I can see this becoming my first stop everytime I turn on a computer



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Rick Lawler
(Login RickLawler)

Uhmm...someone left the door open.....

September 13 2008, 10:16 AM 

...and said that it would be ok if I just wandered around and helped myself to whatever was in the 'fridge.

Howdy guys, (Sam, Sheeds, Andrew, LQ, and those I have yet to meet) Paul sent me this link on the sly. I hope that it was ok to stop on by and take a peak. Looks like a fun project full of friendly faces.

Have a great weekend guys, talk to you soon.


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Andrew Hall
(Login Andrewausfa)

Let me be the second

September 13 2008, 10:56 AM 

Well done fellas! Nice to have a new focal point.


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Henrik Sjowall
(Login HenrikS)

Great news!

September 14 2008, 2:36 AM 

Hello guys!

Great news that you all have taken this step and created this new place. Hopefully it will enjoy a long and healthy life. Also the less said about the "alternatives" the better.

Still being moderated by Sheeds gives me the willies....



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(Login pwranta193)

Sheeds = Moderate?

September 14 2008, 4:56 AM 

Why, I never would have expected anything else

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Jim Blackwell
(Login jim_blackwell)
Schwerpunkt moderators

Yes welcome indeed!

September 14 2008, 10:02 AM 

After quite a few years sabbatical, I'm glad to be roped out of hibernation and warmly welcome everyone to our new little project - a German AFV reference and model site run by 4.5 Aussies

Hopefully we can establish friendly boards with a high level of discussion and willingness to contribute to promote research into the real vehicles and to improve our attempts to model them.

Now my co-host Mr.Bailey - JB 1, is currently gallivanting across the battlefields of Belgium, France and Germany prior to Euromilitaire where I'll join him next week, so I'm sure the other lads will keep an eye on the boards while we are away.

But in the meantime please feel free to get the ball rolling, and heres to a long and rosy future for these forums to share and learn about what we all love.

So enjoy and all the best,

JB No.2

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Mic Bradshaw
(Login micb)

'ello...ello...what do we have here then....

September 14 2008, 9:34 PM 

Hey Guys,
Look forward to many, fruitful discussions, modelling and otherwise. Here's to the future and a rosy bright one at that.

Mic B

This message has been edited by jim_blackwell from IP address on Sep 15, 2008 8:13 AM

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Brad Littleboy
(Login blittleboy)

Well it's about time Blackwell......

September 14 2008, 11:04 PM 

for we have all missed your informative contributions and humour in such forums for so long. Well done Jon, Don, Sheeds, Sam and Jim for getting your heads together and formulating this site, a great effort. I look forward to seeing it grow and prosper, and I'll get the word out up here in the north. All the best.



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David Scorer
(Login SCORER67)

Congratulations guys....

September 14 2008, 11:47 PM 

what a great idea, I have emailed the link to some MAFVA bods in London for them to get on board.
This is a long time coming, all the best from the guys at AMMS Brisbane.

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Andrew Dextras
(Login katana111r)

Well done gents

September 15 2008, 2:13 AM 

Looking forward to seeing this resource for the opposable thumb crowd gather momentum and flourish.


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Steve Ballantyne
(Login stoveb)

Great stuff

September 15 2008, 9:40 AM 

Great idea, let's all execute it (so to speak)...

Do new posts go to the top, or is it like ML?


Interested in and researching the vehicles and weapons of the Leibstandarte

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Steve Ballantyne
(Login stoveb)

suggestion box...

September 15 2008, 9:44 AM 


it seems they don't, is it easy/and or better to have new posts going to the top of the forum, so that popular threads will be easier to find once things 'heat up' a bit?

Also, can we add the ability to edit our own posts?

Just wondering and hoping this isn't too difficult or expensive...???

What does everyone else think

New Posts to the top? Y/N
Edit you own posts? Y/N


Interested in and researching the vehicles and weapons of the Leibstandarte

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Don Campbell
(Login don_c)

new posts

September 15 2008, 10:12 AM 

Hi Steve,

At massive expense and operating at the limits of our IT  expertise we have made the changes you demanded. The bill's in the post. Anything else?!



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Steve Ballantyne
(Login stoveb)


September 15 2008, 10:36 AM 

if you guys could club together and buy me a Porsche 911 that would be ok...

Otherwise, I'm fine.


Interested in and researching the vehicles and weapons of the Leibstandarte

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Shane Black
(Login horra)

Congratulations on the site guys.

September 15 2008, 7:11 PM 

Here's looking to a new forum of shared info and enjoyment of our hobby.
And kudos to you blokes for giving it a go.
Now conga like you mean it!

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Brian Murdoch
(Login scotsbrian)

re - welcome

September 17 2008, 8:33 AM 

Hi Guys

Nice to see some familiar faces , congratulations and best of luck with the forum . now where did I put my Panther


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Dickson Oh
(Login D8228)


September 17 2008, 12:42 PM 

Nice to bear witness to this little "big bang" and the start of a new - and very likely - educational forum.

I speak for the fellow leaches who come on and take what we can but are too ignorant/intimidated to contribute positively. We raise our glasses!

Hope to post soon and look forward to participate.


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