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Some basic Tiger accuracy input needed...

April 12 2009 at 7:46 AM
steve engdahl  (Login engeee)
from IP address

Please don't boo me away for asking such a "modeller" based accuracy question. Hopefully it's an easy one for someone out there. Here's my dilemma I'm wanting to create a diorama in 120mm using a few Stormtroopers' incredible resin figs (including one of Kurt Meyer in Feb/March of '43), I had also hoped to use Tamiya's 1/16th Tiger I in the scene. You can probably see where this is going...is it even possible? If so, what unit would he have most likely been with at that time- LSSAH? Any what would the Tigers (for the most part) have looked like for that unit at that time? Markings? Gray with whitewash wearing off, etc? Hey, I'm pretty stumped... I've been reading and surfing to find answers and could simply just use some input. I'm not necessarily gonna' get into the minute intricacies, but I do want it possible. (Of course if I can get the details to try and build to, I may do that too.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated guys!


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Phil Appleyard
(Login barkmann424)

4th Schwere SS Pz.Kompanie 'Leibstandarte AH'

April 14 2009, 10:14 AM 

Hi Steve, if it's the LAH early '43'you are after? Then grey was the overall hull colour from delivery of the units first Tigers at the very end of '42' till after fighting in the battles for Kharkov in Feb/Mar '43' with an obligatory white wash for the freezing conditions covering almost all of the vehicles excluding unit insignia and turret tactical numerals. Then after occupation of the city and subsequent training and deliveries of new vehicles, the existing Tigers gained 'Dunkelgeb' stripes over their original grey hides. Here is a thread from further down the page by Steve Ballantyne, where he exercises some photoshop magic on an excellent image of one of the above Tigers.

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steve engdahl
(Login engeee)


April 15 2009, 8:28 AM 

Much, much appreciated!
If I understand correctly, you guys are telling me that it is possible that Meyer could be seen near a Tiger I somewhere in Russia around Feb of '43. That being said, the Tiger would most likely be LAH and was base coated Grey with white wash (I make take liberties and make it well worn white wash). Is there anything I should know about these Tigers that would make them distinct? What are the appropriate unit, etc. markings? Odd turret boxes? Track placement? Fender removal? Smoke dischargers? Late or early mantlet? Air cleaners removed? Anything that I should be aware of or can you suggest a few good photo ref. books?

Again, many thanks.

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C Sherman
(Select Login CSherman)


April 15 2009, 10:46 PM 


I'm not so knowledgeable about Tigers, so I need a bit of input. 

I've got an Initial kit that's languishing on my shelf for lack of inspiration...  Could the Tiger in that image be built using Dragon's Tiger 1 Initial, and adding a Feifel system?  If that gets me close, what else would I need to add/subtract to make it reasonably accurate? 



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Phil Appleyard
(Login barkmann424)

Early/Initial Tiger LSSAH

April 16 2009, 8:23 AM 

Hi Chuck, Hi Steve... A while ago David Byrden filled in a Tiger 'wish list' for me over on Missing-Lynx. One of the Tigers was an Early of the 4th/s.SS.Pz-Rgt. LSSAH. The mount of Helmut Wendorf, that managed to crash through the Ice of the Msha River SW of Kharkov in early spring of 1943. If I remember correctly Steve Ballantyne helped out with the location and some history etc; Anyway here are the threads, http://www.network54.com/Forum/47207/message/1216801147/%27Wendorf%27s%27+Tiger+on+ice

I believe that the DML CH 'Wittmann' was the prime kit for consideration in respect to depicting these early SS Tigers, though the 'Fehrmann' kit with a set of rubber roadwheels and a few donations from the initial Tiger #6252 is an option also. To build one from an DML intial would need a few tweaks and alterations to the stowage and additions to some later production features hi-lighted in David's list. Hope this helps.

Regards Phil.

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Steve Ballantyne
(Login stoveb)


April 14 2009, 11:54 AM 

Hi there,

Thanks for the link Phil!

Kurt Meyer was the commander of the Aufklaerungs-Abteilung of the LSSAH during this period up until being transferred to help form the cadre of the 12th SS Panzer Division in April/May 1943.


Interested in and researching the vehicles and weapons of the Leibstandarte

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