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Jagdtiger Identity Help?

August 1 2009 at 1:12 PM

Jim Blackwell  (Login jim_blackwell)
Schwerpunkt moderators
from IP address

Often pondered this one and was wondering if anyone has any specific info on it as to:

a). Its unit (ie. 653 or 512)?
b). Callsign number?
c). Location?
d). Date?
e). Other shots of it from other angles?
f). How a sprocket can be off, yet both tracks are apparently still fully on?
g). How the mantlet can have been blown off, yet be behind it? Though I assume its been presumably been bulldozed off the road and pushed around a bit so thats perhaps explainable, though odd nonetheless...

[linked image]

Re photo credit - I think Oliver Neubert originally posted it years ago on ML from memory?

Thanks for any help.


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Yann Jouault
(Login 101yann)


August 4 2009, 10:13 AM 

Hi James,

long time no speak !
Can't be of much help here but according to Mario Lippert on TIF this shot can be found in the book "Graue Brummer / Rad und Kettenfahrzeuge im Einsatz bis 1945"



f) Maybe a silly thought but could it had been short tracked and the damaged sprocket carried on the rear deck before being pushed to one side ?

Speaking of JT, this new view of 331 on eBay is interesting ! (see the BK) :



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Jim Blackwell
(Login jim_blackwell)
Schwerpunkt moderators

Thanks Yann

August 4 2009, 6:01 PM 

Hi Yann - good to see you are still about and active on the DGs and thanks also for the book lead.

Wonder though if it has any more info as to the location of this JT in the text or captioning whch may narrow it down a touch?

Not a bad theory either re the sprocket too, though for all we know there could just as easily be a second vehicle KO'd behind it which has provided both the sprocket and mantlet too? Who knows...

Thanks again for your input.

Kind regards,


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Yann Jouault
(Login 101yann)

Re: Thanks Yann

August 4 2009, 10:37 PM 

Hi again James,

no problem, and very nice seeing you too.

On second thought your suggestion of second JT probably makes more sense.
Hopefully more pics of it (them ?) will show up in future.

In the meantime I asked Mario for more info if at all possible on TIF so we'll see. Also posted there a new view of X1 as well as a pic of a yet another new JT (in big trouble!):


Best regards

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Robert Lockie
(Login RobertLockie)

Looks like a crew self-destruction job

August 5 2009, 12:36 AM 

The way the breech ring is projecting out of the rear hatches, I'm assuming they went for the approach of firing the gun after draining the recuperators and the barrel ran all the way back, perhaps because they had no demo charge available.

Regrettably I can't answer any of your questions though, as usual wink.gif

Thanks for the pic though; I don't recall seeing that one before.

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