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That SCUM named Eelpie on Time Zone,,,,,,,,>

June 4 2009 at 11:23 AM
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Dr Seiko.  (Login DrSeiko)
from IP address

I have just realised that the currant moderators over on SCWF DELETED a post I made while OWNER of SCTF back in late 2005. Well, what does this say about the moderators of the currant SCWF. I guess they didnt know I saved this, and now I`ll hosting it here (I suspected they would delete it)and keep making people aware of this scumbag! Sir Les and Russie should be both be asshamed of themselves (and the reader should definately question their motives) for deleting a prior "OWNERS" thread that dealt with a KNOWN malicious usuer? Why would they do that? That is my opinion!

Originally posted on or about dec. 2005. on Seiko Citizen Trading Forum.
Dec. 28`ish 2005 on Seiko Citizen Trading Forum.

I`m going to post this here as I have nowhere else to post it. TZ has started deleting any of my posts, some of TZ`s moderators are as scadalous as Eelpie.

Eelpie on Ebay, Pay attention to the number of ebay users that have been removed from ebay (NLR) after dealing with Eelpie.


JFYI, Eelpie`s other handle on Ebay is; "sellmeyourwatch!" with the exclamation point. Again pay attention to the number of sellers that have been removed from ebay after dealing with Eelpie, almost 50 %!


I have also found out that he use`s the handle "boris_the_spyder".


Editors note, Date 1-13-06 : Since this posting, Eelpie has made SMYW`s feedback private. Because the reader can no longer see SMYW`s feedback, I have gone a saved a very important part of Eelpie`s original feedback, least he make it private also. Apparently, someone was very familur with Eelpies "MO" along time ago, pay attention to "Mrsportsman99" feedback for Eelpie.

[linked image]

The following was originally posted on TZ`s deal watch. The post has been removed by TZ at the behest of Doug. But in the interst of saving this info somewhere omn the net, I`m using Goolges Cache system to retrive it. Yes, thanks to Googles cache system, its still there. I`m going to post it here, and make this a running filing place for everything Eelpie or Doug B. I have. When I get a webpage to put this one, there will be a link.

TZ, Ebay seller Eelpie, No good!

Posted By: 2manywatches (pool-71-105-176-228.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net)
Date: 12/22/05 19:11
I have never had the need to use this board, although I have been involved in the aftermarket watch business for many years as a self-taught watchmaker. At one point I was a regular on TZ, and am now a regular character on Wayne Lee`s Seiko Citizen Forum, and have owned and managed the Seiko Citizen Trading Forum for 4 years now. I have participated on many of the forums TZ has, but can mostly be found on the SCF.

My full name is Randall Benson. I have been known as 2manywatches for the last 5 years on the top three watch boards most people frequent, TZ, MWR, and SCF.

While this does not address a watch sale issue, it does deal with the ethics and conduct of one of TZ`s currant for-sale posters, Eelpie, or as, Mr. Doug B. I cant varify his real name, and his ebay handle has not been used in some time.

Mr B. (Eelpie) had been asked by me not to post on the Seiko Citizen Trading due to complaints I was getting from other members. I have emails that suggest Eeilpie may have been having a hard day, or is just plain rude and obnoxious to other participants. After this blocking, Mr. B. started a campaign to harass me on both the SCF, and through email.

In a currant SCF moderators own words, Mr. B. (Eelpie) was said to have:

"taken advantage of your "special relationship" with eBay to punish
an innocent man for nothing. I think this shows:

1 - Bad judgment on the part of eBay for listening to you.
2 - Poor ethics on your part for abusing your power.
3 - Bad manners for saying "I told you so" on this forum.

Posted by: Jayhawk, SCF moderator, on the SCF. Posted on Dec 20th, 2005.

I would like to link to the entire conversation so that the reader can make up their own mind. While I do admit I have had finacial problems with Ebay in the thread, What Mr. B. (Eelpie) did with his connection to eBay, and the ethics involved and surrounding his use of his special connection are absolutely unnecessary, and are fraudulent in my eyes. While Eelpie is known for his special relationship with Ebay, and his ability to remove fraudulent items, he has in this case, used this "special connection" to extract vengance on someone that was only guilty of owing Ebay money. He did this for his own pleasure and gratifacation, not becasue I was guilty of selling anything fake or otherwise. And he did this as retribution for being asked not to post on my board.

The thread can be found herehttp://www.network54.com/Forum/78440/message/1135058410

The prior harassment can be found in this thread.

I understand that TZ may find this unacceptable, and that certain people on TZ may have a relatinship with Mr. B. I ask with the reader (and TZ management) to read what is written by both parties and to make up their own mind as to whether Eelpie misused his power, and if I have been unfairly harassed, insulted, and wronged by Mr. B.(Eelpie).

Thank you,
Randall Benson
Quality Time
HOT Products.

TZ, Ebay seller Eelpie, No good
2manywatches -- 12/22/05 19:11
Re: TZ, Ebay seller Eelpie, No good
Isthmus -- 12/23/05 06:27

Are you claiming he is a dishonest seller, or that he is just someone -- Gavin S. -- 12/23/05 09:28
paragraph #3......nt -- ed rader -- 12/23/05 12:31
First bad word -- Jim M -- 12/23/05 19:58
Re: TZ, Ebay seller Eelpie, No good
John Skaggs -- 12/25/05 16:29

Here is Isthmus`s reply to the post above,
Posted By: Isthmus (proxy3.newyorklife.com)
Date: 12/23/05 06:27
In Response To: TZ, Ebay seller Eelpie, No good (2manywatches)
I'll have to second Randall's feeling about this person. He's also been obnoxious to me for no reason at all. Feel free to contact me and I'll send you a copy of his e-mails to me.

Here is John Skagg`s reply to the post above,
Posted By: John Skaggs (36.arlington-34-35rs.va.dial-access.att.net)
Date: 12/25/05 16:29

In Response To: TZ, Ebay seller Eelpie, No good >>>> (2manywatches)

Eelpie aka "Doug" sold me a Rolex Date in 11/2004 on TZ advertised with a 1 year warranty; "overhauled and in excellent running condition"; this watch was sent back to him and his watchmaker 4 times for several major problems and finally in 04/2005, I had to pay his watchmaker some $70 to get the watch "repaired"?? and returned to me after threatning Mr B. with a post of the deal on an internet forum. He sent me several very rude email msgs, accusing me of irresponsible actions and generally insulting me and my purchasing practices. The watch never ran "close" to right and is currently being "straightened out" by a local watchmaker. I have saved his and my emails re this matter and will send to any interested party. I would never buy from him again. I have been collecting/purchasing/dealing with watches for some 25 years and never had such a disgusting and unprofessional deal.

Editors note: Since these posts where originally made on Time Zone, they have been deleted by Dougs buddies at Time Zone, and I have been banned from Time Zone.

Just for grins and giggles, here is where I first met Eelpie, ON TZ. Please read the whole thread.


Editors note: I have removed referance to Dougs real last name so that Ebay cant come back and suspend me for it. PLease feel free to email if you want his infomation.

Randall Benson
Owner Seiko Citizen Trading Forum.

Seikoholic #1
Specializing in Seikology, Seikotherapy, and other Horological Dis-ease.
Made in the U.S.A.
[linked image]

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Dr Seiko.
(Login DrSeiko)

RE: That guy named Eelpie on Time Zone,,,,,,,,>

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June 4 2009, 11:54 AM 

More of Doug Blackmans actions on verious forums since the above post was made in late 2005. I got a ton of these and if they are to be deleted everywhere else, then this will be the repositiory for all of them, happy.gif

Some of these will require that you sign in for the main Dr.Seiko forums.




And maybe you`ll get a real hoot out of this link. I hope the reader is not "American", LOL.



Seikoholic #1
Specializing in Seikology, Seikotherapy, and other Horological Dis-ease.
Made in the U.S.A.
[linked image]

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