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Re: IWhat is the difference between a 5626-5010 KS&5606-5010,

December 19 2009 at 3:26 PM
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Response to What is the difference between a 5626-5010KS & 5606-5010?

Darnit!. I wish I quote easier with this antiquated software, sad.gif

I was looking at a KS for sale High Beat very similar in looks to 5606s and some 6106s this KS plain case back
no KS Crown But a very IMO nice watch Being I lean towards Winding and Hacking that both
25 J 5626--or 5606 I think HIGH BEAT??
I would assume the 5626 MVT is a Better mvt then a 5606 YES??? " WHY exactly"

I see how beautiful a KS 5621-7000 has been running very Smoothly also a 25 J mvt Recent addition

And Last were then does a 5106 -33J prismatic fit into this Family WERE & when does the J Count become a Factor.

I see recently Pete K trying to explain why the Position of a Jewel is more meaningful then just a Amount> YES ??

Yes Russell, the 5626 "IS" the high beat version of the 5606 base caliber. Its capable of better accuracy then the 5606 and so its in allot of KS and even in the GS as a 5646. The movements are very simular, but the guts, especially the train, (or gear works), and the balance and pallets fork (or escapement) are very different in gear counts, and the actual size of parts, ect. High beats requier smaller and lighter parts to be able to respond to the change in balance direction faster, and most differances are designed with this in mind. For instance, the balance is much smaller.

Base quality of the two movements is about the same, but the 5626 would be subject to more adjusting depending on what case it was put into. IN the case of the GS 5646, it is adjusted for 5 positions and temp, but the parts themselves are exactly the same as whats used in the 5626.

The 5106, and all of its different calibers ARE NOT the same as any of the 56 stream, they are a completely different caliber stream and share very little if nothing but screws, with the latter 56 stream of movements.

Jewels should be useful. I mean that in all reality, they should be located in a position that helps to actually reduce friction to something or some part. Some higher jeweled watches use jewels more like ornaments and that is why jewel location should be taken into account any time the discussing of jewel counts come up. A 21 or 23 jeweled movement, can be much better jeweled then a 50 jewel monstrosity because they are actually being used.


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