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    Question about this Club. :D

    August 12 2011 at 9:39 PM
      (Login GeneralPrinny)
    from IP address

    Hello, I am going to be a new student at FSU this Fall Semester, I've been reading up on this group for a bit and am really excited to join an Anime Club as the ones I've tried out before have been a bit lackluster. :C

    Just a few questions I wanted ask.

    Do any of the members here regularly travel to other cons in the state of Florida? I'm a big fan of and must attend Mega-Con, Metro-Con, AFO (Anime Festival Orlando) and EXP Convention. I just ask to know if there would be any one else that has attended or would like to attend these conventions in the future. I enjoy cosplaying and having a good time visiting panels and would enjoy some friends to come along. :D

    Any Facebook page I should look to join to learn more?

    Another question would be, just what is this club like? I mean, I've read a few pages but just wanted to hear first hand just some of the things that go on. I'm a bit of a geek ( I use the term lovingly, Geek and proud!) and enjoy all sorts of things, Anime, Video Games, TCG, Table Top RPGs and the like. Anyone there I would be able to find that shares those interests I would love to meet.

    And before this sounds like a plea for a: "Please be my friend!" I don't want it to get to desperate. Just a fellow anime fan looking to meet new people when I arrive at campus. I'll be there and you can count on it.

    Thank you for your time, I can't wait to move to Tallahassee and join!

    ~Eric (GeneralPrinny)

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    September 5 2011, 6:31 PM 

    We are actually working on a way for JACT members to go to Cons together. We will keep you posted about what happens. Also look for the JACT facebook group (search JACT). Be sure to email jact.fsu@gmail.com if you would like to find out more or get email notification about events and meetings.

    At JACT, we all hang out, watch anime, and have fun. We are going to be quite ambitious with what we will be doing this year. Like I said, we will keep you posted! Glad to see your enthusiasm. Looking forward to meeting you at our meetings.

    (New Member Social on Friday Sept. 9th, SLC Room 101A from 7-10 PM.)
    (1st Meeting- Sept. 10th, Union Room 311C 7-10 PM)

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