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strange jake

October 28 2010 at 5:51 AM

buzz lunchyear  (Login buzzardslunch)

Shot this jake raiding, eating sprouting grass seed sown in my "lawn"; The neighborhood association has sanctioned turkeys raiding gardens & orchards to be summarily shot. This gang already ruined my mangos this year, and was clawing through fresh sown grass under expensive topper.
This one didn't ruckus hardly at all. The bird folded forward at first after i shot it, then it stood up; steady, remained standing, head up, paralyzed for at least a minute, & didn't fold up again, until i walked up behind it and pushed down on top of his back.
He didn't know he was dead.
Was aiming for between the eye & ear. Shot went thru behind eye downwrd thru the brain & brain stem. exit was below jaw other side of neck, was raising head off the seed when i bopped it.
[50fte DAR @ 55yds, w/ 21 gr H&N, free standing w/ a bipod]

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