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December 7 2011 at 9:02 AM

Ben Brown  (Login bebrown1)
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Response to USAF Thunderbirds/USAFE Skyblazers

The F-100D is the easiest. The Monogram kit is by far the most accurate F-100 kit available in any scale. For a T-Bird, all you'll need to do is thin the fuel tank vent fairing (the kit has the wider RHAWS radar warning gear, see link to Z-5 below for the differences), replace the radar warning displays to the left of the gun sight with two drop tank fuel guages, remove the gun sight, drill out the gun ports (guns were removed but the ports were not faired over), and add a smoke probe pipe that runs down the right side of the fuselage, starting a tiny bit aft of the fuselage break. Monogram's decals are slightly better than Warbirds'. Theirs are just copies of Monogram's with some inaccuracies added. They were too brittle to use and I ended up scrapping the model I tried to put them on. Their T-Birds F-105B decals are junk, too.

Here's a good link for T-Birds F-100 photos:

If you haven't built a Monogram F-100, the gap between the wings is too narrow, which pulls the sides of theupper fuselage half in and causes some really bad seams forward and aft of the wings. Just leave the wings off and add them individually after you've built the fuselage. Cut off the stabilators, too, to make cleaning seams and painting the fuselage easier. AMS Resin makes the best aftermarket seat. The old Black Box cockpit is better than Legend's, but the seat backs in both sets are about 4mm too short and can't be fixed. Remove the locator pins from the insides of the intake duct and then glue the duct to the nose piece. It's a lot easier to get the interiors of the two parts lined up than it is if you follow the kit instructions and glue the nose piece to the fuselage later in assembly.

Frankly, the Trumpeter F-100 kits are poor representations of F-100s. They're good kits, in that they're easy to build, but they're just not good kits of F-100s. Here's what I came up with on them:
If you want the most accurate F-100C model you can build, you're better off converting a Monogram kit. Using AMS's F-100C cockpit parts and tail will save you a lot of time. I think Two Bob's decals are sized to fit the Trumpeter tail, so they may not fit a correct F-100C tail without modification. Same would go for the nose scallops if you use a Monogram kit or if you try to correct the Trumpeter nose.

I don't have a lot of info on the Skyblazers, but it looks like they had similar mods to the T-Birds F-100Cs. The gunsight was definitely removed, the gun ports were faired over, and it looks like the smoke probe exited the fuselage in the same spot as where the drag chut attached under the fin.



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