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Vintage Race Boat Shop Newsletter - 38th Annual Boat Show & Valleyfield Photos ???!!!

July 22 2011 at 12:15 PM
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Good afternoon Gang,

The summer season is in full swing here in beautiful Wolfeboro. The boats are
back in the water, the lawns and trees are in full bloom, and we are enjoying
another summer of fun on the vintage circuit. This is a magical time of the year
as we are in constant motion preparing and participating at one vintage event after
another. The summer marathon has begun and we are having a great time ???!!!

Please disregard misprint in the Laker Boat Show Program - date is July 30th !!!

Planning Meeting - 38th Annual Lake Winnipesaukee Boat Show
Please join us tomorrow at our regular Saturday Morning Gathering to get the latest
updates for the 38th Annual Boat Show at Meredith. It takes an army of volunteers
to put on a boat show of this size, and because Hacker is the marque boat this year,
we are expecting a huge turnout for our 38th annual ACBS Boat Show. We need
setup crew, docking crew, greeters, judges, escorts and takedown crew. This is a
great way to see the boats up close, learn how the judging is done, meet lots of new
friends, and enjoy our spectacular 38th Annual ACBS boat show !!

38th Annual ACBS Antique & Classic Boat Show - July 30, 2011
This summer's Annual Lake Winnipesaukee Antique & Classic Boat Show at the
Meredith public docks will be another huge gathering of over 80 beautiful antique
and classic boats on display all day long in a judged competition at the docks. There
will also be a large display of non-judged antique and classic boats on trailers in the
adjacent Hesky Park. And new this year will be a Field of Dreams of antique and
classic boats for sale, also located in the Hesky Park area. This will quite a sight to
behold, with all the beautiful vintage boats and the large crowds. For a special treat,
get to the docks early on Saturday morning to watch and listen as the vintage boats
arrive under their own power. The sights and sounds will be magnificent, and to get
an idea of the magnitude of this gathering of wooden boats, please take a moment
to view our photo album from last year's Boat Show. As usual, the weather forecast
for our 38th Annual Boat Show in Meredith will be sunny and hot as we fill the
Meredith public docks and Hesky Park with our beautiful antique and classic boats.

Here is the link - 2011 registered entries:

Here is the link - 2010 Boat Show Recap & Photos:

Summer Outings
Please take a moment to check out the two new summer activities for local ACBS
chapter members called - Chapter Outings. These are one day, informal, gatherings
of vintage boats at different Lakes around our chapter, hosted by local members.

Lake Sunapee on July 16th - hoisted by Kathy & Bo Muller

Squam Lake on August 20th - hoisted by Tish & Roger Hamblin

2011 Vintage Event Schedules - time to plan & register !!!

It is important to remember that these vintage events are really social events, and
every event is actually a reunion and gathering of good friends, with our beautiful
vintage boats in the background, pulling us together. All are welcome to come join
the fun, with or without a boat. We hope you will consider joining these very active
organizations, and please be considerate and register early for their events. This lets
the volunteer organizers know you are planning to attend, enabling them to properly
plan for the boat count for the show/regatta, and the head count for the socials.
Please register early and remember - they all need more volunteers !!!

Local ACBS Vintage Events

Local NH Boat Museum Events

APBA Vintage Race Boat Circuit - the summer circuit

CRA Classic Race Boat Circuit - the winter circuit

Special Vintage Events - you don't want to miss !!!

Wolfeboro Vintage Race Boat Regatta - Sept 14-17, 2011
The past will come alive as the vintage race boats of bygone eras return to Wolfeboro,
for our seventh bi-annual Wolfeboro Vintage Race Boat Regatta. Wolfeboro is a major
stop on the APBA Vintage Race Boat Circuit, and this summer's regatta expands to four
full days, with over 60 vintage race boats running demonstration laps on a 1 mile oval
course on beautiful Wolfeboro Bay. In addition to seeing and hearing these unique and
beautiful boats run, spectators are invited to view them close-up in the pit area at the
town docks between 9 and 4 on both Friday and Saturday. This year our Wolfeboro
vintage event is again scheduled for the weekend after the Buffalo vintage regatta and
as many of you know, our Wolfeboro vintage regatta is held every other year, alternating
with the Clayton regatta. With our beloved NH Boat Museum providing the support and
volunteer base, Wolfeboro is well known for running on a very tight, published regatta
heat schedule, running vintage heats every 20 minutes for two full days. All the vintage
race boats are run at least twice a day, so if you wanna see lots of vintage race boats
running some pretty hot laps, you just gotta come to Wolfeboro in 2011 !!!

5th Annual Roar & Soar Classic Race Boat Regatta - November 12-13, 2011
Experience high-energy excitement at the 5th annual gathering of classic racing machines
at Fantasy of Flight in Polk City, Florida. Thrills from Land, Sea and Air combine with
awesome food, entertainment and the world's greatest aviation attraction for an outing
that every member of the family will enjoy. Get Your Speed On at the sanctioned slalom
course plus a car show featuring rare, antique, classic and exotic vehicles. Check out
some of the most unique vehicles ever made. The shores of Lake Agnes will also feature
the Annual Roar & Soar Vintage Race Boat Regatta, with well over 70 classic race boats
running some pretty hot laps on a 1 mile course, all day Saturday and Sunday. And some
of the hottest vintage aircraft in the world will roar into the skies throughout the day. Giant
scale radio control aircraft, powered paragliders and hang glider pilots will also be soaring.
Shop Updates !!!

Valleyfield, Quebec - July 8-10, 2011
Our NH Navy made the trek to Valleyfield, Quebec to participate in a the largest inboard
race in North America. Our beloved vintage race boats ran well again this year at Valleyfield,
with our Gar Wood Speedsters running during the opening ceremonies and then heats of our
vintage skiffs, mid hydros and vintage grand prix hydros, right before the final heats of the
racing GP's. Just as Ben Lemay promised, we all ran once each day on the historic Valleyfield
race course. And on Sunday afternoon, we ran right before the Finals. This year for the first
time, Valleyfield extended an invitation to the vintage gold cup boats and all small/mid sized
vintage hydros, along with the fire breathing Grand Prix vintage hydros. And the crowds at
Valleyfield were huge as always, chanting vintage...vintage as the sound system was cranked
and the beer was flowing in the stands. For our vintage race boat crews, it was the chance of a
lifetime to run on the historic Valleyfield race course and hear the roar of the Valleyfield crowds.
Many thanks to Ben Lemay for making it happen !!!

Our Beloved Vintage Wooden Boats - project photos & updates
These are some of our favorite vintage wooden boats and most are under our year round care.
Please take a moment to wonder through our project WebPages, constantly updated with lots
of photos and project updates, posted to keep the owners involved with their projects and to
share our passion for these magnificent vintage wooden boats.

Trading Dock vintage stuff for sale
We also have a few new ads and have posted some price reductions on our Trading Dock,
including several vintage race boats, a couple of very nice Chris Crafts, and a few motors.
Here is the link for lots of vintage stuff:

Photo Archives of Vintage Events - many fond memories....
In an effort to share all the fun of our vintage events, here are some links to our photo
archives of vintage events where we have participated over the years. Lots of adventures,
good times, good friends, our beloved vintage wooden boats and of course, lots of food
and drink - vintage gatherings. Here is the link to our archives - going back to 2001 !!!

In closing.....

Saturday Morning Gatherings
If you get a chance, please stop by and join our Saturday Morning Gatherings. We
provide fresh pots of coffee, shop projects to discuss, a big screen TV and usually
have some vintage boat racing videos playing in the background. If you would like
to join our therapy group, put on your grubbies and come join the fun. We usually
have around 20/25 vintage wonderers attending, with a couple of stools and chairs,
hot coffee, way too many donuts, and lots of good vintage boat banter. Join us,
the coffee is usually ready by 9:00 AM - please bring donuts !!!

Planning Meeting - 38th Annual Lake Winnipesaukee Boat Show
Please join us tomorrow at our regular Saturday Morning Gathering to get the latest
updates for the 38th Annual Boat Show at Meredith.

Thats all for now Gang - hope to see you at the Meredith boat show next weekend !!!

Bill John
Vintage Race Boat Shop
603-569-5824 (Shop phone)

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