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AFFIDAVIT for Search Warrant AND Search Warrant 12/20/08

February 14 2010 at 11:32 AM
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Before the Honorable ________, Judge of the Ninth Judicial Circuit in and for Orange County, Florida, personally appeared Detective Corporal Yuri Melich, Deputy Sheriff of the Orange County Sheriff's Office, who being first duly sworn, deposes and says that Affiant has probable cause to believe and does believe that evidence relevant to proving that a felony has been committed is located on certain premises and the curtilage thereof in Orange County, Florida describe as follows:

4937 Hope Spring Drive, Orlando Florida 32818

Begin at the intersection of Curry Ford Road and South Chickasaw Trail in Orange County. Head south on S. Chickasaw Trail for approximately 1.7 miles to the intersection of Suburban Drive. Turn left to head east on Suburban drive. Continue east approximately 2/10ths of a mile to the intersection of Hope Spring Drive. Turn right to head south on Hope Spring Drive. Continue south for approximately .29 miles until you get to 4937 Hope Spring Drive. The residence will be on the east side of the street.

The residence is a single story dwelling with an attached two car garage. The residence is cream in color and the front door faces east towards the roadway. The number 4937 are listed vertically to the right of the front door.

And being the premise occupied by and under the control of George and Cynthia Anthony.

And that there is now being kept in and on said premises and curtilage certain trace evidence to include arts and crafts material, stickers, scrap booking material, all shoes belonging Casey Anthony, the original clothing George Anthony last say Caylee Anthony wearing on June 16th (pink colored top, blue jean skirt or skort, white shoes, small child's backpack with monkey design and white rimmed sunglasses). any doll clothing that would fit the doll recovered from Casey's vehicle on July 15th, small plastic toy horses similar to one found at the crime scene, and a black or brown backpack/shoulder bag similar to the one George Anthony saw Casey Anthony with on June 16th, that may be on said property. Your affiant also requests the authority to observe and note any prescriptions that may be on said property.

Which are being kept and used in violation of the laws of the State of Florida, to wit. Florida State Statutes 782.04 Murder, First Degree.

And that the facts tending to establish the grounds for this application and the probable cause of Affiant believing that such facts exist are as follows:

On July 15th, 2008 at 0045 hours, I was notified by Sgt. Reggie Hosey about a report of a missing child, later identified as Caylee Anthony (2 yoa).

The initial report indicated the child was last seen at 2863 S. Conway Road around apartment #210 on June 9th, 2008 between 0900 and 1300 hrs. According to the child's mother, the child was last left with the babysitter (Zenaida Gonzalez) at the above S. Conway Road address. Since June 9th, the defendant has not been able to locate Zenaida or child and she never reported the incident to law enforcement until tonight. The reason she was reporting it tonight was because her mother, Cynthia Anthony, insisted on calling the police after the defendant told her she hadn't seen the child for over a month. Cynthia found the defendant and brought her home after the car the defendant was driving (a white 98 Pontiac bearing Florida [BLACKED OUT] was found abandoned and towed several days ago. Deputies had gone to the S. Conway Road address and met with management who told them the apartment the defendant showed them had been vacant for 142 days (since February 29th).

I briefed my supervisor (Sgt. John Allen) and responded to 4937 Hopespring Drive to begin my investigation. I first met with the defendant inside the residence and spoke with her alone and away from the other family members. Before asking for a recorded statement, I reviewed her original four page written sworn statement and asked if this was her version of what happened. She said it was. I told her that the incident was very suspicious and her version suspect. I gave her an opportunity to


(Hand written number 3163)


tell me something different, but she claimed her written version was true and accurate. I then conducted a recorded interview of the defendant in her presence and with her knowledge.

The defendant lived at this address on Hopespring Drive until June 9th, 2008. On June 9th, she left with her daughter Caylee to go to work at Universal Studios. This was between 0900 and 1300 hrs. En route, she says she stopped by [BLACKED OUT] Conway Road and met with Zenaida Gonzalez who babysits Caylee. She left Caylee with Zenaida at that building at the stairwell that leads to apartment #210. She says she's know Zenaida for four years and Zenaida has babysat Caylee for the past one and a half years. When the defendant left work around 1700 hrs and came to pick up Caylee, she says she got no answer at the door. She tried calling Zenaida's cell phone (number unknown) and got no answer. She started going to places that Zenaida was known to frequent but didn't locate her or her child.

The defendant said she was "pacing and worrying" and went to her boyfriends house where she felt "safe". Her boyfriend is Anthony Lazzaro. Since June 9th, the defendant says she's done her "own investigation" in trying to find her daughter. She claims she's gone to clubs Zenaida's known to frequent in hopes of seeing her or her daughter. She never called the police to report her child's disappearance. The defendant said she'd seen " movies and reports" of missing people getting hurt if the police got involved. She only called tonight after her mother confronted her with the whereabouts of the child and the defendant's version of events.

The defendant said she had told two people about her missing child, both were co-workers at Universal Studios. One was Jeffrey Hopkins and the other Juliette Lewis. She said they could confirm her story.

The defendant agreed to show me the three last know locations for Zenaida in hopes of identifying her. The defendant rode with me in my unmarked car to meet with a marked unit and other Deputy Sheriff to attempt contact at one of these locations. We first went to the corner of Glenwood and Robinson where she pointed out a building on the northwest corner. She pointed at a second floor window and said Zenaida had lived in that apartment in early 2006 to mid 2006 when she moved into another house owned by Zenaida's mother (Gloria). The building she pointed out was later identified as [BLACKED OUT] Hillside Drive, a seniors only facility. The defendant said the apartments were three stories and the window above Zenaida's belonged to Zenaida's roommate. As a note, the initial responding deputies had found a handwritten note with the address of [BLACKED OUT] Glenwood in the defendant's car prior to my arrival. This address was directly across from the building she just pointed out to me.

We then went [BLACKED OUT] Conway Road #[BLACKED OUT] to confirmed this was the same apartment she showed deputies earlier that night and where she had left the child on June 9th. She confirmed that was the apartment.

We then went to the Crossings at Conway town home community near Michigan Avenue and S. Conway Road. This is where Zenaida's mother allegedly owned a condo and where she claims she'd dropped her child off several times between mid 2006 to early 2007. We rode through the complex, down every street and the defendant said she couldn't remember what the address was. We knocked at three different addresses (4279 4283, and 4273) making contact with three different tenants, all of which did not know Zenaida or her mother Gloria. The defendant said she didn't remember the house because she stopped paying attention to it since she came so many times.

I dropped the defendant back off at her residence on Hopespring, telling her I would call her if I needed anything. Prior to leaving, I was approached by her father George who stressed his concern that his daughter is holding information back information. He and his wife (the defendant's mother) fear something may have happened to Caylee.

I met with Sgt. John Allen and briefed him on what had transpired thus far. From there, I went to 2863 S. Conway Road (Sawgrass Apartments) and met with Dave Turner (maintenance man) and Amanda Macklin (manager). Neither claims to know a Zenaida. They were shown a photo of the missing child Caylee and no one recognized her. They confirmed that the apartment the defendant mentioned had been vacant for 142 days. Dave Turner let me into the apartment and I confirmed it was vacant. They ran several names in their system and found a Zenaida Gonzalez who had come to look at an apartment on April 17th. She was never a tenant. They gave me a "guest card" completed by Zenaida Gonzalez which contained her cell phone number.

I then went to Universal Studios and met with Investigator Leonard Turtora. After briefing him on what I was there for, he checked several names in their database and came up with the following results. The defendant was fired from Universal on 4/24/06 and she was NOT currently employed there. Jeffrey Hopkins (an alleged outcry witness) did work for Universal Studios but he was fired in 5/13/02. Juliette Lewis (another alleged outcry witness) was not found as a current or former employee of Universal Studios. Zenaida Gonzalez (who the defendant claimed was a seasonal employee) was also not found as a current or former employee of Universal Studios.

While with Leonard, I called the defendant on my cell phone and put my phone's speaker on so all could hear. The defendant confirmed that she did currently work for Universal as an event coordinator. She said her office extension was [BLACKED OUT]


(Hand written number 3164)


[BLACKED OUT]. Leonard said this was not a valid extension and even tried calling it. She said her direct supervisor was Tom (Manley). They have no Tom Manley employed there. The head of the events department is Tom Mattson. Leonard called him and confirmed they dd not have the defendant listed as an employee, either past or present. I asked the defendant where her office was (she claimed to have her own office) and she couldn't give the building number or location. When asked if she had her current work ID she said she didn't know where it was.

I asked Sgt. Allen to see if the could arrange to have someone go back to the hopespring address and meet with the defendant to see if she'd agree to come to Universal Studios. At 1230 hrs Sgt. Allen and Detective Appie Wells went to the Hopespring address and met with the defendant who agreed to accompany them to Universal Studios. Investigator Turtora agreed assist us with this.

Once at Universal Studios, I met with the three at the employee entrance. Investigator Turtora was present. The defendant, who didn't have her ID, explained to the security officer at the entrance she was a current employee and lost her Id. When the security guard (Steve) asked who her supervisor was, she told him it was Tom Manley. When told no Tom Manley worked there, she had no answer. Investigator Turtora agreed to escort the defendant to where she said she worked. We followed her into a building nearby and down the building's inner hall. She walked with purpose and acted like she knew where she was going. Halfway down this hall, she stopped, turned, and told us she hadn't told us the truth and she was not a current employee.

At this time, we found a small conference room in which to talk to the defendant. This conversation was also recorded. Prior to beginning this interview, we stressed that the door was unlocked and were in the room for privacy only. She understood and agreed to speak with us on tape. In short, the defendant was confronted with all the inconsistencies in her story and the fact that I had proven she lied on almost every thing she had told me. She admitted she lied to me about the apartment at 301 N Hillside being one of Zenaida's. She admitted her ex-boyfriend Ricardo Morales lived across from this residence, and though she had stayed there since the child went missing, she never mentioned this address or name to us. She admitted she lied about being employed with Universal, claiming she thought that the may happened to find out if her child Caylee or Zenaida had visited Universal Studios since June 9th. She admitted that she should have called the police the day the child went missing and in not doing so, she failed to provide the victim with the care, supervision and services necessary to maintain the child's physical or mental health. The defendant still maintained that she last saw her daughter with a Zenaida on June 9th, 2008 at the S. Conway address.

It should be noted that at no time during any of the above interviews did the defendant show any obvious emotion as to the loss of her child She did not cry or give any indication that she was legitimately worried about her child's safety. She remained stoic and monotone during a majority of our contacts.

Once back in the Universal parking lot, Sgt Allen pulled up all the Zanaida Gonzalez's in our DAVID system. The defendant couldn't identify any of them based on this. I had him pull up the photo of the Zenaida I just spoke with and the defendant said she didn't recognize her.

In the course of this investigation, I received calls from several persons who knew the defendant. All claim she is a habitual liar and she has been known to steal from friends in the past. Below is a synopsis of what each individual told me and later gave sworn statements about.

Amy Huizenga was the person who told the defendant's mother where the defendant could be found on the evening of the 15th. She claims that the defendant picked her up at the airport around 1430 hrs on July 15th in her (Amy's) car. Amy had loaned the defendant her car for the week when was gone. Amy claims the defendant stole some checks and approximately $700. Amy lives with Ricardo Morales at [BLACKED OUT] Glenwood Drive. She can't recall the last time she saw Caylee.

Anthony Lazzaro called claiming he first learned of Caylee's disappearance by deputies coming to his house early this morning and inquiring about it. He claims he met the defendant in May and had been dating her since June. He claims he last saw Caylee on or about June 2nd while at the pool at his complex. He had not see Caylee since. He has never met Zenaida nor knows where she lives. It was he that contacted Amy Heizenga and had her call me regarding this case. Anthony said while the defendant lived with her since June 9th, she mentioned several times that Caylee was with the "nanny" at Disney, Universal Studios, or the beach. She never gave him any indication that the child was endangered or missing. Detective Gerald White later obtained a sworn statement from Anthony regarding this.

Jessie Grund is a friend of the defendants. The defendant's mother mentioned him as one who took the defendant to a hospital earlier in the year for a seizure. He called me before I could call him. He mentioned that the defendant is a habitual liar. He told me that on June 25th, he received a call from the defendant who was trying to cheer him up over a recent job loss. She told him she was free this weekend if he wanted to get together. They used to date. She said that Caylee was with the "nanny" and they had gone to the beach for the weekend. After learning of this incident, he immediately called me to let me know this


(Hand written number 3165)


and how it contradicted with what the defendant had been telling everyone. Missing Persons' investigator Awilda McBryde later obtained a sworn written statement from Jessie regarding this.

Christine Chester, a friend of the defendants, called after seeing the missing persons story on Caylee on the news. She claims to be the defendant's best friend. She also said the defendant and Caylee had been to her house and all had gone for a walk on either June 12th, 13th, or 14th. She's sure of the date. She said she was surprised to hear of the child missing. Investigator Kelly Deguzman later obtained a sworn written statement from Jessie regarding this.

Once at our central operations center, and after I started receiving the above phone calls reference the defendant and her child, the defendant was given one more opportunity to change her story. She did not. She was then place under arrest for child neglect, and providing false information to use regarding the investigation.

Over the course of the next several weeks, myself along with several other detectives and investigators began to speak to several people who may help us find the missing Caylee or help identify Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez. Detectives who spoke with people who could provided us with some information wrote supplements to this report. As of this writing, there is no one aside from the defendant herself who every saw or spoke with the "nanny" Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez.

On July 17th, Detective Jerold White obtained a court order for the defendant's cell phone records [BLACKED OUT]. Inspection of these records show no numbers belonging to a Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, Jeffrey Hopkins (in Jacksonville, Florida), or Juliette Lewis. As to the "private phone call" received on July 15th around 1200 hrs where the defendant claims to her phone came in at 0013 hrs from Anthony Lazzaro and the next at 1535 hrs from someone named "Kyle".

On July 16th, George Anthony turned over to us a laptop used by the defendant. A search warrant was executed on this laptop in order to see if there was anything that could help us find the missing Caylee. Investigation into the laptop showed there were photos of Caylee with am elderly male taken on June 15th, 2008. This is a full week after the defendant and her mother Cynthia had said they had last seen the child.

On July 21st, I met with George and Cynthia Anthony and showed them a print out of the above photos, showing them that they were created on June 15th. They were unsure if the date was correct but being this was Father's Day, it may be. On this day we also asked for and collected several toothbrushes, a hairbrush, a comb, and an oral thermometer used by Caylee. This was done in case DNA may be needed at a future date.

On July 21st, I obtained and executed a search warrant for epithelial and hair standards from the defendant. The search warrant was executed that evening at the Orange County Branch Jail.

On July 22nd, Detective Kraubetz confirmed that Cynthia and Caylee visited her father on June 15th and the date on the photos were correct.

On July 26th Lee Anthony, brother of the defendant, sent me an e-mail detailing what the defendant had told him and their parents during visitation on July 25th. I later reviewed the visitation videos and confirmed what he had written down on the e-mail. In short, the defendant gave the family information on how to get in touch with several persons who could show that Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez did exist. Below is a synopsis of the information received as well as the results of my investigation into these claims.

The defendant claims that while employed with Kodak, her manager was Mike Cozak. She claimed that Jeffrey (Hopkins) and Juliette (Lewis) also worked there. I spoke with Dee Crawford, director of Human Resources for Event Imaging solutions Group (Kodak) who confirmed that Mike Cozak had worked for them, but there are no employment records for any Jeffrey Hopkins or Juliette Lewis. On July 30th I would call and speak with Mike Cozak who confirmed Casey worked with him in 2005, but he could remember no Jeffrey Hopkins or Juliette Lewis.

The defendant says Kodak was taken over by Colorvision in 2006. I spoke with Dianne Tighe, vice president of Human Resources for Colorvision and asked if any of the above mentioned people worked for them. Dianne Tighe says that neither Jeffrey Hopkins, Juliette Lewis or the defendant ever worked for Colorvision.

The defendant says that Zenaida's roommate Raquel Farrell was a hostess at (TGI) Friday's. I contacted Rich Garrand, corporate recruiting specialist of Carlson Restaurants Worldwide who own the TGI Friday stores, who confirmed that they do not have nor have had in the past employee named Raquel Farrell. He tried several versions and spellings of this name, still with no results.

On July 29th, Lee Anthony provided Det. Cpl. Eric Edwards a copy of some of the defendant's e-mail. At the end of this email thread, was what appeared to be a forwarded email from a "Thomas Franck" about a Universal event. The forwarded


(Hand written number 3166)


email was written to appear as if Thomas was telling the defendant about a up and coming Universal event and what time to appear for said event. The email address for Thomas Franck was listed as [BLACKED OUT] I sent an email to this address and received an automatic reply indicating that the "domain name of the recipient address is invalid" meaning it does not exist. I checked the name and email address with Leonard Turtora, the investigator at Universal I spoke with earlier above. He said Thomas Franck was not a Universal employee and that their Server Technology Department has never heard of [BLACKED OUT] as one of their email addresses. As of this writing, I am currently trying to identify other email addresses listed and see if these people exist.

On July 31st, Corporal Eric Edwards assisted me with an interview of Cynthia Anthony. Cynthia freely provided information necessary to establish a time line of events related to the disappearance of her granddaughter Caylee. Due to a scheduling conflict the entire time line of events were not discusses on this date. Cynthia volunteered to provide a second interview.

On August 4th, Corporal Eric Edwards and Detective Mark Hussey conducted a second audio recorded interview with Cynthia. While discussing the recovery of Casey's white car it was discovered that Cynthia had removed items from the car prior to law enforcement being contacted. Cynthia explained that she had removed a pair of grey dress slacks from the back seat area of the car. The slacks were reportedly on the rear floor board of the vehicle and were with a pair of boots and a pair of shoes that reportedly belonged to Casey. According to Cynthia she removed the pants and washed them due to the fact that they smelled like the car. Cynthia reported that she had put the washed clothing in Casey's bedroom.

On August 4th, Corporal Eric Edwards and Detective Mark Hussey conducted audio recorded interview of George Anthony. During the interview George reported that he had last seen is granddaughter Caylee on June 6th, 2008. George explained that his daughter, Casey, informed him that she was leaving for work, at approximately 12:50 hrs. At that time George observed that Casey was wearing a gray pair of dress slacks, with unknown colored pin stripes, and a white off colored dress top. It is believed that this is the same pair of gray dress slacks Cynthia had laundered above. He also recalled that Caylee was dressed in a blue jean skirt and a pink top. George recalled that Caylee was wearing a pair of sun glasses. The glasses had white trim. Caylee also had a white backpack that displayed designs of monkeys. George recalled that Caylee Anthonys hair was in a ponytail. George, having to work left the address a short time later. This is the last time anyone interviewed by Corporal Eric Edwards can say that they were in the presence of Caylee Anthony.

Over the course of this investigation, after speaking to numerous witnesses and friends of Casey Anthony , there is no evidence that Casey did anything to look for her missing child. Witnesses repeatedly said that since June 16th, Casey would say Caylee was either with the nanny (Zenaida), her grandmother, or friends. Casey seemed to go about her daily life and no one said they noticed anything wrong with Casey during the time her child was missing.

It is unknown how Casey got the name Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez. None of the witnesses we spoke with have ever met, spoke with, or seen either in person or in a photo, the nanny Casey claims is Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez. Missing Persons Investigator Tanya Depalmo was tasked with identifying any Zenaida Gonzalez in New York, Florida, and North Carolina. These states were picked based on where Casey believed Zenaida had lived. No Zeniada's were found with the detailed history and family as described by Casey Anthony.

Also during the course of the investigation, over five thousand tips were received. No tips could positively confirm that Caylee was alive and seen after June 16th, 2008.

Casey Anthony was released from jail on August 20th. She remained at 4937 Hopespring Drive under house arrest. During this time, it's known that Casey used the home computer. It is also known that she used the home computer to send emails. It is unknown if she used this computer to take additional steps in an attempt to alter the course of this investigation or provide any false leads. Casey Anthony was re-arrested on August 29th on economics charges. On September 5th she again was released from jail and ordered to remain on house arrest at 4937 Hopespring Drive. She was arrested again on September 15th on additional economic charges and released the following day. Again, she was ordered to remain on house arrest at 4937 Hopespring Drive. During all the time at the house, Casey had access to the house computer.

Several items collected from the defendant's vehicle were submitted to the Federal Bureau of Investigation Laboratory in Quantico, Virginia and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
The evidence indicated that there was a decompositional event in the defendant's car. Futhermore, hair found in the defendant's car showed signs of decomposition and the hair belonged to either Caylee or Casey. A synopsis if each is listed below.

Doctor Michael Sigman is a chemist at the University of Central Florida. He was recommended to us by Doctor Vass at the onset (and before Doctor Vass' involvement) to collect and test air samples from the trunk of the defendant's car. Doctor Sigman could not conclusively demonstrate that human decomposition was previously present in the trunk of the defendant's car. This report is dated July 30th, 2008.


(Hand written number 3167)


Karen Lowe, a trace evidence technician for the FBI laboratory conducted a forensic examination on hair collected from the trunk of the defendant's car. The hair (Q12) exhibited characteristics of apparent decomposition at the proximal (root) end. The hair was forwarded to DNA technician Catherine Theisen for further analysis. This report is dated August 1st, 2008.

Doctor Catherine Theisen, a DNA analyst for the the FBI laboratory, examined the hair (Q12) and deterimined that neither Casey Anthony (defendant) nor Caylee Anthony (missing child) can be excluded as the source of the Q12 hair. This report is dated Agusut 8th, 2008.

Michael Richenbach, a chemical analyst for the FBI laboratory, conducted test of the trunk liner of the defendant's car for evidence of chloroform. This was as a result of Doctor Vass finding the chemical in his tests. Michael confirmed that residues of chloroform. This was as a result of Doctor Bass finding the chemical in his tests. Michael confirmed that residues of chloroform were identified within the spare tire cover (Q22, Q23, Q44) and residues consistent with chloroform were detected within specimens the trunk liner (Q24, Q25). This report is dated August 8th, 2008.

Doctor Arpad Vass is a research scientist at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Doctor Vass has been doing research since 2002 in an attempt to identify the chemical composition of human decomposition odor. Doctor Vass concluded that a portion of the total odor signature identified in the Florida vehicle trunk is consistent with a decompositional event that could be of human orgin. His preliminary report is dated August 26th. His second report is dated September 24th, 2008.

On October 14th, the Grand Jury returned with an indictment on Casey Anthony for the above charges.

On December 11th, an Orange County Public Works worker located a bag with what appeared to be a human skull at the 8900 Suburban Drive. This is less than 3/10ths of a mile from the child's Hopespring Drive address. Law enforcement was called and responded to the scene to secure it. CSI Geraldo Bloise arrived and
positively confirmed that the skull with attached hair was human and that of a small child. I arrived on scene and also confirmed that the skull appeared to be that of a small child.

The scene was secured and the medical examiner responded to help collect the remains.
The remains appeared to have originally been within a black plastic garbage bag and within a cloth laundry hamper bag. There was a piece of silver duct tape over the mouth area of the skull. The skull, bag, and loose bones were collected and taken to the Orange County Medical Examiner's office for further examination. Orange County Sheriff's Office Crime Scene Investigators along with the FBI Evidence Response Team began processing the crime scene.

Once at the medical examiners office, Dr. Utz (Deputy Chief Medical Examiner), Dr. Schultz (UFC forensic anthropologist/consultant to the medical examiners office), Karen Cowan (FBI Evidence Response Team) and I better examined what was collected.
When Dr. Utz went to remove the duct tape, he noticed that the tape was attached on both ends to the child's hair. The hair had to be cut in order for the duct tape to be removed. This tape was later sent to the FBI lab in Quantico.

While processing the duct tape at the FBI lab in Quantico, the latent print unit noticed residue in the perfect shape of a heart. The heart was not hand drawn and residue appeared to be consistent with the adhesive side of a heart shaped sticker. It appears that the sticker was put on the duct tape intentionally. In the search area, Investigators located a small heart shaped sticker similar in size to the residue found on the duct tape. The sheet from which this sticker came from was not recovered on scene.

Orange County Sheriff's Office Crime Scene Investigators along with FBI Evidence Response Team members collected soil samples from the crime scene. Now that we have a specific crime scene, your affiant asks to collect all of Casey Anthony's shoes.

On December 19th, the FBI notified us that the remains of the child were positively identified as that of Caylee Marie Anthony.

Wherefore, Affiant makes this affidavit and prays the issuance of a search warrant in due form of law for the search of the described premises for the said property heretofore described, and for the seizure and safe keeping thereof, subject to the order of a court having jurisdiction thereof, by the duly constituted offices of the law.

Your Affiant requests that the contents of this search warrant be SEALED until further order by the court.



(Hand written number 3168)





(Hand written number 3169)

Judy Cain.

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