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Parry Sound Midgets

December 7 2010 at 12:54 PM

Like to know what you people think of this:


whole team except 2 players get a year suspension, the coaches get 3.

Any other teams have these problems?

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Re: Parry Sound Midgets

January 20 2011, 12:55 AM 



Re: Parry Sound Midgets

January 20 2011, 9:32 AM 

The big problem is the person who pushed for the suspensions. The party had 200 kids at it. 12 kids played on a hockey team and they are the ones that get shafted. The guy who complained is a moron. His kid was cut from the team but still made the NCP team. His daughter was at the party and he had no one to blame except for the hockey team. There were police at the end of the road checking to make sure no one drove intoxicated. The guy is a moron and needs to get control of himself and stop blaming others for his lack of parenting skills.


Re: Parry Sound Midgets

January 20 2011, 2:25 PM 

Hazing is WAY over board and you cannot justify it in any way! How many of those kids wanted to be hazed??! Ya, ZERO! If it happened to your kid then you'd be singing a different tune. Those violators should be charged after the investigation.


Re: Parry Sound Midgets

January 20 2011, 4:40 PM 

Let's all look back when we went to tournaments when the kids were novice atom ect, and the parents are drinking in the comped room. Now they are growing up and want to have their fun. We set the example, and we should be the ones who enforce it. Who the hell gave the OMHA the right to run OUR kids lives outside of hockey. What if this was a school dance, can they do the same. Where is the school board, if these kids can get suspended from minor hockey, maybe the school board should suspend them from school.

The OMHA has no right to be involved with this issue. It did not happen during hockey, didn't take place in the dressing room, and it didn't happen during a hockey event.

It's quite obvious that there is only to two responsible families in Parry Sound, because those kids weren't at the party. ..

I personally think all the families should sue the OMHA because there is nothing in the Ops Manual that gives them the right to do this outside of hockey. What a crock.

All the OMHA did was free up some more weekends for these kids to party and now there is nothing the OMHA can do about it.


Re: Parry Sound Midgets

January 21 2011, 12:25 AM 

Something tells me that there is much more to this story in terms of the "involvment" of the players and coaches than what is being made "public".

When a sports governing body levies sanctions, the don't do so without a thorough investigation (it happened way back in October). That certainly appears to have happened in this case with the recent announcement.

If I read it correctly, it appears that a 15-year old who was involved, called the OMHA FIRST instead of the local police department.

This tells me that what went on was something that was specifically coordinated by members of the team or the complaint was filed by someone with an axe to grind against players and coaches.

Just my take on this one trying to read between the lines.


Re: Parry Sound Midgets

January 21 2011, 2:23 PM 

so what's the story? what happened?


Re: Parry Sound Midgets

January 24 2011, 12:08 PM 

Midgets team suspended in Parry Sound

Parry Sound Major Midgets suspended. The Parry Sound Major Midgets hockey team was heavily sanctioned last Friday in connection with a hazing party that took place in October. Cody Storm Cooper/North Star file photo
PARRY SOUND - The Parry Sound Major Midgets hockey team was crippled by sanctions Friday in connection with a hazing party that took place in October.
Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA) officials suspended every player who attended the party for the remainder of the 2010-2011 season, leaving only two eligible to play.
After conducting a “thorough” investigation, the OMHA determined last week that the party included underage drinking, nudity and hazing, a demeaning or abusive initiation into a group that violates Hockey Canada’s anti-abuse and anti-harassment policies.
The entire coaching staff received three-year suspensions for having knowledge of the party and failing to intervene, explained Richard Ropchan, executive director of the OMHA.
“They have a responsibility to step in, they’re in a position of leadership and it’s their responsibility - if they know something or hear something – to certainly try and stop it,” he said.
On Monday, the West Parry Sound OPP said in an email that “while the OPP is involved in an investigation, the matter is ongoing and involves youth so no release is forthcoming at this time.”
The suspensions have shaken the ranks of minor hockey in Parry Sound, said team manager Jim Cox, who also received a three-year suspension.
Cox said coaching staff were unaware of what was happening at the party, which he described as a traditional gathering of high school students and hockey players that the Midget’s have been attending for years.
“It’s like a homecoming,” said Cox. “As far as the games and things that were going on, we had no idea. Those all came out in the investigation.”
Although Cox said that the players’ judgment was inappropriate, disappointing and in no way condoned by coaching staff, he believes the sanctions were too severe.
But it wasn’t only the Midgets who were present at the party of some 250 people, Cox claims.
House league and minor hockey players from as far away as Huntsville also attended, he said.
“If the OMHA is making this into a ruling for all of the kids in this league, this breach of conduct, then how come they’re only stopping at the 12 kids?” said Cox. “There was probably another 40 or 50 kids involved in minor hockey there.”
With over 30 years experience of coaching hockey, Dave McDougall, the Midgets’ head coach, said he fully supports the players, all of whom are children, between the ages of 15 and 17.
“The result of what the hockey organization has come up with is: let’s face it. You’re kids and you have to learn a life lesson from it,” he said, expressing faith in the players’ ability to turn the suspensions into something positive.
McDougall is the principal of St. Peter’s the Apostle Elementary School, a Parry Sound Catholic school.
Diane Legg, director of communications and public affairs for the Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board that runs the school, said the board has received calls of concern regarding the implication of McDougall’s suspension.
“Everything we’ve been hearing is anecdotal; ‘did you know, or have you heard?’” she said.
Despite a lack of formal information from the OMHA, Legg said the board is following up.
In Parry Sound, Cox says the suspension of the Midgets, even if only for an entire year, has been a huge loss for both the community and the players, many of whom, he said, have been devastated by the harsh sanctions.
“This is the highest profile team in town and, for a lot of people, it’s going to really hit hard come February and March when we’re normally filling that arena,” he said.



February 4 2012, 10:26 PM 

BS ... politics. Parry Sound lost half a season of midget hockey to make an OMHA statement and they lost coaches that the system desperaterly needs

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