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I'm gonna for a couple months and everything changes!!

February 25 2000 at 1:42 PM

Hi guys!! Please don't throw things at me for not coming in forever, but I'm going to 2 or 3 other forums right now and school work and forgetfulness and fan fic writing! Can't handle it all. So I just dropped by to say Hi to my ol' friends. Hello!!!!

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tomatoes or eggs

February 25 2000, 6:35 PM 

which do you want me to throw at you? with my throwing you could say throw watermelons at a barn and I'd still miss so you're safe at least from eggs and tomatoes


Sorry Yoshi

February 26 2000, 12:05 PM 

Hey,your still one of my best friends on the net besides GG and Eevee. Don't start throwing things at me,please. Your not mad,are you *gives puppy dog eyes*. I've crossed over to Pokemon...and Star Wars..but I still like Mulan!! And I still like all of ya'll!! You've gotta have other interests besids Mulan?Right?Oh,yeah,a while ago you said you had ICQ. What's your ICQ number? The only reason I talk to GG so much is because she has ICQ. This is Britt(a.k.a. Ashley Ketchum) signing off!!!

Jennifer Liu


February 26 2000, 8:41 PM 

So I'm not one of yer best friend on the net?!?!?!? HOW RUDE!!!!! Remember, I like the same things that u do Britt!


Ok No tomatoes

February 27 2000, 7:01 AM 

or eggs, I have a lot of other intrests too. I had ICQ it might take a while to get it again maybe in a few weeks I'll have it back up! By the way I haven't changed much I still don't like Pokemon! I'm a dunce when It comes to knowing the pokemon names


I'm so sorry!!

February 27 2000, 11:24 AM 

I haven't talked to you in like,months. How come your never on ICQ? Sorry I didn't say your name. Everyone's cranky today,aren't they?

Jennifer Liu


February 27 2000, 8:34 PM 

Too busy or either too lazy... either one. Most likely too busy. Sorry!

Benjamin Howard


February 28 2000, 12:57 PM 

I wouldn't say everyone is cranky. Ben flashes his famous smile


hiya Ben!

February 29 2000, 1:30 PM 

Long time no see! How ya doin?



February 29 2000, 3:38 PM 

Busy... Extremely Busy. I'm really quite pressed for time right now. I mean REALLY!

Geisha Girl

*shakes head*

February 29 2000, 4:06 PM 

Ah, the anonymous thing again? Don't you just hate it when that happens??


I like Mr. anonymous

March 2 2000, 3:34 AM 

It's so mysterious, even if you know it's ben

Benjamin Howard

That's what happens when you're pressed for time!

March 7 2000, 12:22 PM 

The title said it.

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