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June 27 2000 at 10:40 PM

Hey everyone!I've always wanted to join this thing but I was to shy! Please be nice,k? I absolutely LOVE Mulan and I am working on my own Mulan site! It's probably gonna be weird, but what can ya do?? Well hope to get to know yall! Bye!!

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'Ello, Sunny!

June 28 2000, 12:34 AM 

Welcome! Don't worry, we don't bite..... maybe. MWAHAHAHA!!!!!
Can't wait to see your site; post it here when it's done, K?



June 28 2000, 9:59 AM 

Hey Geish! Sure I'll post it here! Are we the only ones writing on here lately? I wanna see some action around here!! C'mon guys! Where's your Mulan spirit??
cya Sunny


Well it's no where near me!

June 29 2000, 3:32 AM 

No-one seems to visit here lately which is why I am gonna do something about it.
I was thinking I could make a Mulan forum that is not only for my site, it is for every one with that hosts a mulan site, if you host a site you can say that the Mulan Forum is yours, get me? That way as well more people will visit it...just an idea!

Aiko Wen

Hey I am

June 29 2000, 9:17 AM 

still here. Hi Sunny I am Aiko. (duh) Well hope you like this site. Sorry I haven't been on in a while, but I went camping and I was saying goodbye to Yoshi. But I am back Hey I can't wait to see your site Sunny.



Hey again!

July 4 2000, 9:24 AM 

That's okay! I haven't been on in awhile either!! I just read the replies you and Ywe Lung wrote to my message! I've been shopping, going to the lake basically just enjoyin' my summer! Thanks for sayin' that bout my site! I hope it's good!! I haven't worked on it in awhile!! I know I should but I need inspiration!! My "Mulan" tape got eaten by the VCR and I've been without Mulan for WEEKS!!! (Well save the tape I recorded off the the TV ! Can ya believe it?? I actually used a tape recorder to tape the movie off the tv so I could listen to the movie if I couldn't watch it!!! I am so sad, I know!!! I need help :) hehe! ) Well this is probably boring so I better go!!

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