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July 3 2000 at 7:33 PM

This is an idea I've had, but no-one replied down below so I'll bring it up again.
Cause this forum is nearly dead, (angelfire background is popping up on me again) I was thinking of making one. But not for my site. Yes there will be a link for it and all, but it will be like "The Mulan Sites of the Internet Forum" where if you have a Mulan site, or just a page on it, you provide a link to this forum, that way everyone (mulan fans) will be gathered in one place. Therefore more. I will put all the links up for any sites that have the forum on their site, so that way any little Mulan sites, that I have run into, or you have once they join the forum, will get more publicity.
What do ya's think?
I would like a partner in this, or two, cause I don't have much experience in network 54 or whatever it is called, and we are all busy with sites, it doesn't take that much effort I would think, but thats if you guys think is a good idea

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July 4 2000, 9:16 AM 

Hi! You probably don't cuz I'm new here so let me introduce myself! I'm Sunny! I have a Mulan page, but I just started working on it, so it's not up yet!! ( I promise! I'll post it here when it's ready for the public!!:) Your idea for the one big Mulan forum is GREAT!! I was disappointed when I found out not a lot of people come here anymore!! I'm not very good at all this web and forum stuff but if ya need somebody to help ya, I'd be happy too!! well g2g! Bye


I'm liking this idea.... :)

July 4 2000, 10:05 AM 

And I'm pretty good with Network54, or as good as I'll ever be with it, so I can help.


That's good.

July 4 2000, 8:08 PM 

So you'se approve?
Of course! I knwo you, I did reply to your introduction message after all!
Oh I'm sorry I forgot to tell you, now why didn't you other guys tell Sunny, I ain't the most welcoming person, or friendly. Please understand!
I try to be nice!
Well if it's approved I would like to try it, it will never be as big as Animated Lust, I'm sure, but if you ever stumble across any sites that don't seem to get many visitors tell them to contact me or anyone of us and see if they are ready or willing to do it.
That's one partner, if you want!


Aha! Another partner!

July 4 2000, 8:17 PM 

Please maddam if you would!
A network 54 professional, that would be great! Thanks Geisha, do you want to create it, etc.
We have to get a banner made, then send out e-mails to all Mulan sites out there.
Yay! Now I am getting excited!


I can

July 4 2000, 10:01 PM 

kind of help. I not really that good at it. But if you need somebody to help I beat I can do it.




July 4 2000, 11:29 PM 

I'd love to be!! I'm honored to say I'm partner #1!! (Okay that was pathetic, but oh well!! )


Don't worry!

July 5 2000, 2:50 AM 

My Mum says that I am pathetic for liking mulan at my age, but hey! A girl's gotta do, what a girls gotta do!


Yes please!

July 5 2000, 2:58 AM 

I wouldn't know how to work network54 either, if you paid me!
I'm osrry Aiko I forgot that you were still here.
Yep I think all 4 of us we will be able to do it, spread the word and so forth...but I can I still claim that I thought of the idea even though all of us are it's owners? Ok, so my vanity is getting in the way here.
Backgrounds people?
Layout? Personally I like the layout of AL more than this, what's ya reckon...speak up people speak up!


ME TOO!! :)

July 5 2000, 9:07 AM 

My mom says the exact SAME thing!! This is too weird!!!!!


About the banner....

July 5 2000, 12:38 PM 

I could make that... gives me a chance to play around with some graphics programs.
Sure! I'd love to make it!



July 5 2000, 6:56 PM 

It's cause we teenagers and we like a cartoon movie?


So we have a banner.

July 5 2000, 6:57 PM 

What background are we gonna use?

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