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Can anyone say ISOMNIA??? (or insanity! Both in my case!

July 5 2000 at 12:06 AM

I'm sorry but it's driving me nuts not to know what happens in this chain fic!! I searched and searched and couldn't find the rest of it so I'm sorry if someone already wrote happened but I'M BORED!!! Okay this is the part where Mulan and Shang exchange who they like on pieces of paper. (I don't where I'm goin' with this so if it's crappy (sorry!) it's not my fault! I just need sleep!!!!)

Mulan carefully opened the intricatley (sp??) folded piece of paper Shang had handed her. Inside Shang had delicatley written, "Haha! Nice try!! NO WAY!!"
"What?!? No fair!! We had an agreement!!" Mulan screamed.
"Read on!!" Shang said and flashed Mulan a gorgeous smile.
Mulan did so and almost fainted when she saw her name written very small at the bottom of the scroll.
"You do?" Mulan whispered.
Shang nodded silently. Mulan noticed his face was turning a very crimson red!!
"Well..um. I guess it's your turn!" Mulan said breaking the awkward silence that had settled over them.
"Oh right!"
Shang took what seemed like forever to Mulan to open her scroll. Mulan studied her shoes. She was sure her face was turning as red as Shang's had just a few seconds before.
"So?" Mulan queried, not daring to gaze into his beautiful eyes.
Shang grabbed Mulan by the shoulders and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.Mulan and Shang both changed many different hues of red by this point!!
*This is ridiculous!! WHY ARE WE EMBARASSED?? WE LIKE EACH OTHER??* Mulan questioned.
"Um aren't we a little late for the banquet?"
"Yeah,but I just have to do something before go," Mulan replied.
"I'm almost afraid to ask but wha..."
Before Shang could get the sentence out Mulan grabbed his shoulders, stood on her tiptoes and gave him a kiss. On thelips!!
"Um..That was.. I mean.."
Mulan smiled.* He's so cute when he stutters!!*
" Aren't we late for something?"
"Oh!! Right!"
Okay peeps! Believe it or not that was my first attempt at a fanfic of any kind!! Okay It was a little weird but I guess it was good for a first try!! Tell me what ya think!! ( AND SOON CAUSE I NEED SOMETHING TO DO!!) :)
Cya on the flip side, Sunny

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July 5 2000, 12:12 AM 

I just read my chain fic and i found to be dull!! All in favor? AYE ! Opposed!! The "ayes" get it! SUNNY'S CHAIN FIC SUCKS!!(I keep slippin' on the language!! Sorry!) I feel like a ZOMBIE!! I need sleep!!



July 5 2000, 12:16 AM 

Oh yes! I absolutley NEED NEED SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry if this is boring but i'm sufferin' here folks!!In New York it's 3:22 AM!! I've been up since 11 am yesterday!! Okay I know I'll regret posting these later. I'm gonna put em up anyways! Bye!!


Is it just me or are you a caffeine high?

July 5 2000, 3:19 AM 

Sleep child!
Count the sheep as they jump over the fence, it helps!
No, this will be probably the next day by the time you read this.
So I will talk anyway, don't be so hard on yourself about fanfic writing, read mine! and then complain...
I think it is good that you are trying, and practice makes perfect.
And thanks for bringing up the fanfiction thing, I had forgotten about it, I am intending to host it, once someone fixes it up, please! I just don't have time for it at the moment, I'm sorry, but I really do want to host it, so if any of you guys want to fiddle with it.
Remember I was gonna put all the e-mail links of people that have written part of it, and I will put a link to however fixes it up, can someone please fix it up, once again it will bring publicity to the place...


I think so!!

July 5 2000, 9:01 AM 

I think your fanfic is AWESOME!!When do you think you will write some more of it?? What do ya mean by "fixing it up"? Like making the format look better or just cleaning up the storyline? Yeah it was the next day (when I read your message). I finally got to sleep. It was like all of the sudden I was tired!! Go figure!! Bye!!


I mean...

July 5 2000, 7:01 PM 

In some places whole paragraphs are copied, stuff like that.
It also needs to be in html format, otherwise I have to do it all myself and it gets boring!
And thank you with the fanfiction thing,
What do you think is gonna happen?


I'm not sure!!

July 5 2000, 7:20 PM 

But I know you are torturing me!!! Have someone come and save Mulan!! The poor girl is suffering!!!



July 5 2000, 7:22 PM 

What happening to Mulan?
Ohhhhhh! My story, no sorry no-body comes and rescues her, silly! That's the mystery!


No fair!!

July 5 2000, 7:34 PM 

You mean you are gonna kill Mulan??? How RUDE!!! I have to say that was a pretty interesting twist having Shang married before!! g2g!! Oh wait!! I know you're here! But slow down!!! I'm trying to keep up with your messages!!



July 5 2000, 7:56 PM 

Geish is very good at typing quick messages cause of her other forums but poor old me can't keep up!



July 5 2000, 7:59 PM 

You guys are skipping all over the place!! Where are ya now cause I wanna chat (I guess you could call it that!!) with you guys!!


We are chatting though I think you guys are now in the 57 messages one.

July 5 2000, 8:46 PM 

c you there


Thanks but...

July 6 2000, 5:16 AM 

THAT WOULD HAVE HELPED ABOUT 15 MINUTES BEFORE I HAD TO LEAVE!!!!! Haha!!! I'm just kiddin'!! Sorry I wasn't there!!! My parents made me get off and go to bed!!!!!!! NO FAIR!!!!

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