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World of Disney's Mulan is UP and RUNNING!!!

July 5 2000 at 5:44 PM

Hey guys!! Anybody who visited my site before, it has changed!! Updates still doesn't work but you can visit: Special thanks, the story, Mulan's top secret unsent letters to Shang, get to know the characters, links, and the Fa picture gallery. Before I forget, "the story" section of my site is confusing!! I was exhausted when I wrote it and I am planning to fix it. Also anybody that has a fanfic they want me put on my site just send it to me at sunny8781@go.com!! I NEED ALL THE FANFIC I CAN GET!! Also, if you have any fan art, I'm considering doing a fanart page!!!! ( I shouldn't have to say this but I will, fan art and fanfic must be Mulan related!!:) Ywe-Lung, I took your advice about the title and made it bigger. But,um, I'm not quite sure how to change the format around! Can ya help???
In case anybody is wondering my address for my site is:
Hope ya enjoy it!!
Sunny :)

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Oh I'm so proud

July 5 2000, 7:19 PM 

Listening to little old me. Title is big and good.
How about you save the disney's mulan logo from my page and put it there? OK? Look very professional then.
I will go through now, and say all the stuff about pages as I go through. First, the letters are cute! Very granny faish. Will Shang be writting back, if Mulan ever gets around to sending them letters
Oh one more thing, change the colour of the fonts cause little old me is having trouble reading them! How about you put the dates on the letters that way it will feel like we are travelling along with them in time you know!
In fact, I think you should change the colour on all the fonts or at least make them bold, I'm sorry, but I can't read them very well.
I like the thanks page, nice and simple and it allows you to say who you got stuff from, something I keep forgotting to do. And the disclaimer or 'I will take down anything not mine' is good, hey that reminds me I better do one of them

I like this girl everyone, Sunny, you're a suck up No more to be said! (and that was meant in a nice way

Very true, with the yet part! On Shang, do you think that Mulan and Shang got together? Cause at my site I am gonna be doing a thing for that soon, please say why you think Mulan got with whoever she did.

Overall, once again, very cute! Can't wait to see more of the unsent letters, are any of these gonna get sent?

Now come on people say why you think this site is good!



Oh! I'm so happy!!!

July 5 2000, 7:28 PM 

Thank you so much!!I know I sounded like a suck up!! Trust it me! I didn't for it to!! I think I'll change the background and the color of the font! I was thinking maybe just maybe I would put up Shang's unsent letters to Mulan. But, I think I'm gonna change it and have the letters that they send to each other!! What do you think?? I have a question. What do ya mean by the "yet" part?? I'm so confused!!:) OF COURSE SHANG AND MULAN GOT TOGETHER!!!!! How dare you ask such a question?? Hehe!! Thanks for the feedback!! g2g ( meaning got to go if ya forgot :) Bye!!:)
PS: Yeah!! Why haven't you guys visited my site yet??



July 5 2000, 7:34 PM 

On one of your pics, you said Shang wasn't part of the Fa Family...yet!
Is that all you reasons for saying Shang would get with Mulan are? On my site's it's gonna be a debate whether she got with Shang or Ling, cause I have a few good fanfictions that could even convince me!


No way!! I've got plenty more where that came from!!

July 5 2000, 7:38 PM 



Well tell us.

July 5 2000, 7:57 PM 

I am gonna put them on my site you see and have a voting booth.
Want to see the replies I have so far?


Yes!! I wanna see!!

July 5 2000, 8:08 PM 

Well, in the movie when Mulan is going home after the Emperor gives her the crest and sword, Shang gets all nervous and doesn't know what to say. Now there are a few possible reasons for this.
1) He's kinda intimidated by her because she killed Shan-yu.
2) He likes her!!!!!
I'm going with two. Basically that's the more logical explanation see he sighs and appears to be upset with himself.
Also why else would Shang come to her home just to return Mulan's helmet. He could have had a messenger deliver it.But, he decided to deliver it in person. Doesn't that in itself say something? And notice how he again gets nervous and doesn't know what to say???
So ladies and gentleman this is why I believe Mulan and Shang get together!!!!! Thank you!! *takes a bow*



July 5 2000, 8:25 PM 

Well done, here are the other two:

:Well, you asked for feedback and I'm here to give it. I don't think it
terribly likely Mulan would pair off with Ling. I don't detect any spark
between the two, at least not in the Disney movie. I think Ling might have
had a crush on Mulan at one point or another, but the movie isn't long
enough to fully develop that story. Between Shang and Mulan, though, there
is obviously chemistry. If I had to choose which of the two men Mulan would
opt for, hands down it would have to be Shang. According to the usual ways
of Hollywood, in a perfect world the people with chemistry get married
(barring unforeseen circumstances usually employed in daytime soaps, such as
amnesia, plane crashes, evil twins, etc.). Notice, however, that Disney
didn't explicitly show that Mulan and Shang actually start courting and
eventually get married. It's merely implied that there is a chance they will
in the future; I suspect they did this to give more room for the
imagination. Disney could have used the stale formula where they shoot a
scene several years later that shows "Where are they now?" with kids running
everywhere and perhaps even a daughter that would follow in Mulan's
footsteps. I thank heavens that they didn't do that.

:Ling? Allow me to make my way to the nearest toilet! I'm not saying this
because I'm against Ling (he is on my harem, after all!) but he just doesn't
seem the type to be a competent partner for Mulan. Ling's a bit of a wimp,
as well as arrogant, which would promptly get him booted. Mulan is not the
type who would just stay at home, cook, clean, and look pretty for him, as
it seems he wanted. I can see them having a one night stand, but certainly
not a lasting relationship.
Shang, on the other hand, is strong, brave, and seemed to hold Mulan on the
same level of esteem that he would hold a man. He's also quite sensitive
and gentle at times, though he doesn't really show it all that much. He's
the kind who would hold intellectual conversations with his wife and value
her opinion, not just show her off as some kind of trophy. Plus, he's
rather cuter than Ling in the traditional sense.


Can I get an AMEN!!!

July 5 2000, 8:29 PM 

You are SO right!!! Shang would be, in my opinion, a better husband than Ling. Like you said, he would have intellectual conversations and love his wife for who she really was!! Ling is not the man I see Mulan even being interested in!!!


Thats 3 to Shang none to Ling

July 5 2000, 8:33 PM 

I have to contact some Ling fans so Ling can catch up

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