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I guess I have to admit, I remember the 13 years when the club survived on a shoe-string budget and, there was always the threat of not making ends meet.

A lot different today with our millionaire owners who can foot the bills,and put up with the negativity of a few critics who carve them on a public forum. But do they need it?? I don't think so, nor do they deserve the rudeness of soem people in here who think they don't care.

I believe the owners monitor the team on a daily, and, sometimes hourly base if there are big decisions to be made. So they care and, all I'm saying is the fact I respect their efforts. Watching the turnaround of this year's team, I see a lot to get excited about
even in 10-1 losses). The positives outweight the negatives, and, there are going to be negatives every year. When they're dwelled on, it's counter productive.

And, no...for crissakes, I don't work for the hockey club !! but as I mentioned before in other posts, I'm a fan of the game & refuse to let some people's opinions ruin it for me.

I know there are shortcomings, but building a good-great-greater team comes down to "trust" and, "character". They feed off each other, and, it works for the fan-base as well. In fact there was actually a time in this franchise when fans adored the players and, the team for their effort, win, lose or draw. It was "unconditional"

The problem as I see it....is...there are so many strings attached.

Just an opinion

Posted on Nov 26, 2010, 3:10 PM

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