You really are twisted

by KBF (Login Diaperz)


lol you talk about how insulting I am and look at every single post you respond to me with you curmudgeon old fart. That's fine that you probably are a 70 year old blue hair who's taking and wasting air at the ISC when real people could have your seat. What is it that you get? The minority??? HAHAHAHA I'm gonna tell you one more time you dolt, look around at all the thousands of blue empty seats. You claim to go to every game, how is it that you cannot see that attendance is in the low 3000's that makes 2400 less people a night than there was just 7 years ago. Is it your cataractes?? I'd love to know, anyways you are a complete and utter fool and an embarrassment yourself seeing as how you have no clue about hockey or what it takes to build a winner.

And I'll have a fantastic Christmas, I'll be surrounded by lots of friends and family, see I'm not 70-80 years old like you probably are so my friends and most of my family members aren't all dead like is the case in your situation.

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Posted on Dec 23, 2010, 2:27 PM

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