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DLL demonstrationMichael Calkins on Aug 4, 6:01 PM
 and with the seed owned by the caller.Michael Calkins on Aug 5, 11:47 AM
  cdecl versionMichael Calkins on Sep 16, 8:40 PM
pi calculationpi on Apr 15, 1:50 PM
 translated to nasmMichael Calkins on Apr 15, 6:28 PM
invert case. A simple demonstration of combining an Assembly module into a C++ program.Michael Calkins on Mar 12, 6:36 PM
 question: xor with 32mn on Mar 12, 7:06 PM
  Re: question: xor with 32Michael Calkins on Mar 12, 7:22 PM
   *of course. thanks mcmn on Mar 12, 7:28 PM
    Butta Bing *Bing on Apr 8, 8:05 AM
Back in March/April 2013, I wrote some stuff for OldDosLover.Michael Calkins on Mar 12, 4:24 PM
 to OldDosLover in March 2013Michael Calkins on Mar 12, 4:35 PM
 colors.asmMichael Calkins on Mar 12, 4:42 PM
 colorsguide.basMichael Calkins on Mar 12, 4:45 PM
  hexx.biMichael Calkins on Mar 12, 4:47 PM
  *Use left and right arrow keys to step through simulated execution.Michael Calkins on Mar 12, 4:57 PM
   hmmMichael Calkins on Mar 12, 5:15 PM
 colorsguide.txtMichael Calkins on Mar 12, 4:45 PM
ASM resources for beginnersSimmons on Feb 28, 7:22 PM
 im going to get accused of not actually answering your question, but whatevermn on Mar 1, 1:52 AM
  I was looking at NASM a bitSimmons on Mar 1, 2:00 PM
   fair enoughmn on Mar 1, 2:12 PM
    *Actually, you raise a good point, I'm going to look at old posts hereSimmons on Mar 1, 2:30 PM
   found this article today, thought you might likemn on Mar 4, 3:21 AM
   I guess it depends on what your goals are.Michael Calkins on Mar 11, 1:47 AM
    youd write console programs that dont like redirection?mn on Mar 11, 1:58 AM
    It's mostly to have an idea of what's happening under the hoodSimmons on Mar 11, 4:06 PM
     now we are getting somewheremn on Mar 11, 5:01 PM
      a few on Mar 11, 5:11 PM
       *michael, your help is always welcome here-- ive already mentioned youmn on Mar 12, 1:40 PM
       system callsMichael Calkins on Mar 12, 2:09 PM
        depends what you mean by "library"mn on Mar 12, 2:25 PM
     Re: It's mostly to have an idea of what's happening under the hoodMichael Calkins on Mar 12, 2:55 PM
Program to wait for keystroke, and return ASCII as exit code, both DOS and Win32.Michael Calkins on Oct 2, 6:13 AM
 a quick explanation of non-null bytes (1 edit)Michael Calkins on Oct 2, 7:49 AM
  so pre tags will screw up everything, but here's a tip (optional of course)mn on Oct 2, 7:57 AM
   testMichael Calkins on Oct 2, 8:04 AM
   also what were the /he/xc/od/es for the binary you tested?mn on Oct 2, 8:05 AM
    Sorry, network54 started timing out for me,Michael Calkins on Oct 2, 1:47 PM
     michael, there's nothing i can say about that string that pete won't make a joke out on Oct 2, 7:33 PM
      *The DOS version is 8 bytes. The Win32 + DOS version is 2KBMichael Calkins on Oct 3, 2:02 PM
       *so i take it the dos version doesn't work in win32?mn on Oct 3, 3:12 PM
        Re: *so i take it the dos version doesn't work in win32?michael calkins on Oct 3, 4:16 PM
         ok, here's the thing to do i thinkmn on Oct 3, 4:52 PM
          Re: ok, here's the thing to do i thinkMichael Calkins on Oct 5, 4:18 AM
           i got 01100011 problems and binary's 01mn on Oct 5, 5:02 AM
            thanks mc, this will be included in the next version of qb2pymn on Jan 16, 7:02 PM
  hexdump3.basMichael Calkins on Oct 2, 8:02 AM
guys where are the strings locatedgoerge on Sep 4, 10:19 PM
 Re: guys where are the strings locatedMichael Calkins on Sep 10, 1:43 PM
How does the ECAIR program work?Anonymous on Aug 20, 11:19 AM
BSWAPMichael Calkins on Aug 12, 1:18 AM
 It is 1 clock cycleJohn Connor on Sep 20, 11:14 PM
Any recommendations for ARM Assembly tutorials?Michael Calkins on Mar 7, 10:30 PM
 Arm ReferenceMystikShadows on May 5, 3:34 PM
*(URL) demonstration of a deliberate buffer overflow using QB64 with asm exploit code.Michael Calkins on Nov 11, 3:45 PM
Unix utilities in ASM (for Linux on x86 only)Anonymous on Jun 27, 1:23 PM
 * Actually it supports BSD as wellasdf on Jun 27, 1:24 PM
The anatomy of a win32 Hello World program.Michael Calkins on Feb 19, 5:56 PM
 hello.asm and build instructions.Michael Calkins on Feb 19, 6:03 PM
  a little explanation of the sourceMichael Calkins on Feb 19, 8:38 PM
 hello.mapMichael Calkins on Feb 19, 6:05 PM
 hello.objMichael Calkins on Feb 19, 6:08 PM
 hello.exeMichael Calkins on Feb 19, 6:11 PM
  The DOS stub (including MZ header and DOS code)Michael Calkins on Feb 19, 6:16 PM
  The PE signature and COFF header. (0x400080 to 0x400097)Michael Calkins on Feb 19, 6:21 PM
  The Optional header (including the data directories). (0x400098 to 0x400177)Michael Calkins on Feb 19, 6:24 PM
  The section table. (0x400178 to 0x400217)Michael Calkins on Feb 19, 6:36 PM
  .text (0x401000 to 0x401053)Michael Calkins on Feb 19, 6:38 PM
  .rdata (0x402000 to 0x40201d) and .bss (0x403000 to 0x403007)Michael Calkins on Feb 19, 6:41 PM
  .idata (0x404000 to 0x404093)Michael Calkins on Feb 19, 6:42 PM
 i had started to write an exe decompilerstosb on May 13, 4:24 PM
Experimental DOS TSR screen saver.Michael Calkins on Aug 17, 6:51 AM
Getting command line arguments using the Win32 APIChronoKitsune on Jun 4, 5:59 PM
 It looks like you've been having fun.Michael Calkins on Jun 4, 8:47 PM
  I remember trying this once! :)ChronoKitsune on Jun 4, 9:50 PM
SetFileTimeMichael Calkins on Apr 28, 2:24 PM
 Decimal output is easy...with printf.ChronoKitsune on Apr 29, 8:18 PM
  It works... (5 post scripts)Michael Calkins on Apr 30, 6:49 AM
   Very nicely done, MC. :)ChronoKitsune on May 7, 2:17 PM
    Again, thank you.Michael Calkins on May 7, 11:20 PM
     Re: Again, thank you.ChronoKitsune on May 8, 2:29 PM
      *cool.Michael Calkins on May 8, 8:15 PM
Color in win32 console.Michael Calkins on Feb 7, 6:26 PM
 cursor location is pretty easy.Michael Calkins on Feb 8, 3:11 PM
  ReadConsole seems a decent substitute for Line InputMichael Calkins on Feb 9, 2:20 PM
   Out of curiosity...Anonymous on Feb 11, 5:19 PM
    I've been thinking about that too. (added PS)Michael Calkins on Feb 11, 6:37 PM
     ReadConsole may not be sufficient for INKEY$, but...Anonymous on Feb 12, 8:42 AM
      Re: ReadConsole may not be sufficient for INKEY$, but...Michael Calkins on Feb 12, 7:12 PM
   I still haven't figured out how to use ld, but the Open Watcom linker is no sweat.Michael Calkins on Apr 24, 7:04 PM
    finally got ld to work, but it produced a bigger executable.Michael Calkins on Apr 26, 11:27 PM
What ARM has that x86 doesn'tArtelius on Mar 5, 2:11 AM
 ARM sounds like fun. :)RpgFan on Mar 5, 3:45 PM
  * I don't know, I'm more of a LEG man myself. Oops, wrong forum.Pete on Mar 5, 4:27 PM
  ARM is the way of the future; it's in iPhones, most Android phones, Symbian phones...Artelius on Mar 6, 8:44 PM
   * Well, no matter what happens in the future, I wish Intel would learn from ARM design. :)RpgFan on Mar 6, 10:03 PM
    So do I!!!Artelius on Mar 7, 1:53 PM
   Any suggestions for trying to assemble and run ARM code?RpgFan on Mar 9, 5:11 PM
    Dunno. qemu? (*URL)Artelius on Mar 10, 12:00 AM
     * QEMU rocks!qbguy on Mar 10, 2:52 PM
    The TI Nspire has an ARM cpuqbguy on Mar 10, 2:50 PM
    Here's an interesting netbook with ARM processor (*URL)Artelius on Mar 12, 3:18 AM
     Yes, netbooksBen on Mar 13, 1:11 PM
      *MIPS is similar to ARM but I think ARM is more awesome...Artelius on Mar 13, 2:30 PM
 Seems complexBen on Mar 7, 7:19 PM
  Two reasonsArtelius on Mar 8, 1:08 AM
Interesting HEX$ trick for Interrupt proceduresClippy on Jan 22, 5:33 PM
 Where did you find this program?Ben on Jan 23, 8:34 AM
  * Interrupts are just as good as ASM buddyClippy on Jan 23, 11:24 PM
The Story of MELAnonymous on Jan 9, 12:02 PM
 * Yet another MORONIC post from Anonymous!Clippy on Jan 9, 1:46 PM
  *I actually love this story. But I've seen it before.Artelius on Jan 9, 4:06 PM
   * Please don't encourage him..........Anonymousey on Jan 10, 8:44 PM
 I enyoyed (re)reading that story -- And about the LGP30:Solitaire on Jan 11, 7:01 PM

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