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Today, I was interested to see the output of some simple qb code, and was wondering if it's possible to view the asm of the
QBasic routines that are called with "call". For example:

qb code:
line (20,20)-(150,200),4,bf

asm output:
mov ax,0014h
push ax
push ax
call B$N1I2
mov ax,0096h
push ax
mov ax,00C8h
push ax
call B$N2I2
mov ax,0004h
push ax
mov ax,0FFFFh
push ax
mov ax,0002h
push ax
call B$LINE

I see that it's putting stuff into the stack, and I guess B$LINE does the instructions based on
what's in the stack, so how could I see what B$LINE is doing? Or what B$N1l1 and B$N1l2 is doing?
Or is that not possible by microsoft?

Also, when you push ax onto the stack, would the register always stay there or must you use pop to remove it when done with it? Is this pop instruction in the B$LINE routine?

Posted on Apr 12, 2009, 12:34 PM

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AnswersAnonymous on Apr 12, 4:19 PM
 * http://pastebin.com/f71ce8a40* on Apr 12, 4:35 PM
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