finally got ld to work, but it produced a bigger executable.

by Michael Calkins (Login MCalkins)
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the code in the above post can be linked with:

nasm -f win32 hellow.asm
\watcom\binnt\link hellow.obj

the code in this post can be linked with:

nasm -f win32 hello.asm
\dev-cpp\bin\ld -l kernel32 -L %windir%\system32 hello.obj -o hello.exe

i had to use -o. i had previously seen ld terminate without any error messages, during my experimentation the other day, and had assumed that it had failed silently due to some bug. i guess it's just too stupid to know that the output should be .exe. The other thing that looked like a bug is that when it can't find a library, it says "-lkernel32" with no space after -l.

It seems cumbersome having to tell the linker to look in the system32 folder every time you want to link a file. It seems that it should look there automatically, unless you specify otherwise. Where else would kernel32.dll be?

According to:

the DLLs export aliases without stdcall mangling. Indeed, I had to remove the @nn suffixes. Why then, did I have to add them before, when I was using gcc instead of ld? Was it linking to "\Dev-Cpp\lib\libkernel32.a" instead of the actual .dll? I tried linking to libkernel32.a the other day, but wasn't able to, probably because I was omitting the -o.

The watcom linked executable is almost 2K smaller. I assume it's linking to "\WATCOM\lib386\nt\kernel32.lib" instead of the actual .dll?



cpu 586

extern _GetStdHandle
extern _WriteConsoleA
extern _ExitProcess
global _mainCRTStartup

section .text


push dword 0xfffffff5
call _GetStdHandle
mov [_stdout],eax

push dword 0x0
push dword _trash
push dword _msgend-_msg
push dword _msg
push dword [_stdout]
call _WriteConsoleA

push dword 0x0
call _ExitProcess

section .data

db "Hello, world, using ld."

section .bss

_stdout: resd 0x1
_trash: resd 0x1

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