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Dan's Reply

July 13 2011 at 5:54 PM
Dan Norwood  (Premier Login DanNorwood)

Response to Moments with Joe

Hello Joe,


 It's always a treat for me to hear from someone like yourself and  as you become more familiar with this swing you'll find it's a lot  of fun to work on and play with.

I spend a lot of posting time relating to this grip as it is the  gateway to the swing itself so please check out my forum at http://


 Also check out my YouTube videos. The 1st one with 17,966 hits delves more into the grip. I did this because the DVD only showed the top of my hand. The website link is watch?v=AdR6Ev1gXDU

 You can also go direct to YouTube and type in norwoodgolf and the  links will appear. When I shot the video I spent a bit of time just  hitting shots at a small target - fast forward through this part  and you'll come to the grip portion of the video.

Concave and Convex are interesting points with this swing because  the hands must be cupped (concave) at the address or prop - this is  a bit difficult when addressing the ball with the club in the  ground yet quite easy when addressing the ball 3-6 inches in the  air above the ball. The portion of the left wrist or hand that is  flat is the lower part of the hand which extends the left arm from  the wrist to the small finger knuckle. This too may be a bit  difficult to comprehend. The DVD is flawed as I am using too much  shoulder. Gramps didn't ever mention it but I had too much shoulder  turn and in the his portion of the DVD he talks about the shoulders  going north and south rather than east and west. In the DVD my shoulders have rotated too much. They only did one shoot with me and I was not involved in the editing.

I've had the pleasure of working with a couple of golfers this year  who have been playing this swing for a couple of years of more. There are hours of video to be edited. These are level 1 players meaning that they already have the basics so the teaching was at a level 2. Once I get it edited I post some more footage on YouTube but I really don't know how long that will be.

I'm the only teacher of this swing. Many professionals have adopted  his right arm and hand thrust into the ball but no teacher, to my  knowledge, includes the lower body no rotation method - by the way  the lower body will rotate slightly at and after impact but never  before or at the same time. Your belt buckle is always facing to  the  1:30 position - (the target is 12:00) or 30-45 degrees to the  right of the target. This enables your right arm to be pointing at  the target. Rotate your belt buckle to the target and your arms  will be pointing way left of the target.

I haven't met the right person to help me promote this swing or put together a golf school. PGA professionals just don't believe in holding the lower body "still" or "anchored" and letting the arms and shoulders do the work so it's an uphill climb to get this swing advertised but I have 15,000 hits each year on my forum so I know Gramps is happy.

Alabama is on the other side of the country. I have had golfers  come in from Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Texas and Arizona so when you feel you're striking the ball well give me a call and come to California.

One last comment from Joe Norwood; This swing may seem hard to  learn but once you have it - you have it forever and you can take that to the bank.

Thanks for writing me.

Dan Norwood.

 P.S. The book was not written by Joe Norwood. Stanley Blicker was a  good friend who loved Joe but his understanding of the swing  concepts were lax in many areas. Still, the book and DVD will  provide a lot of help and you now have my forum and future videos.

Dan Norwood


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