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Joe Norwood was born in 1892. In 1910 he met with Harry Vardon, Walter Hagen and Alexander Findlay because they wanted him to conceive of a golf swing everyone could use. Joe worked for Alex Findlay and was mentored by him and Joe decided to become a golf instructor and invest his life helping people have fun by swinging a golf club and improving their game. He dissected the human anatomy and over his lifetime not only became one of the most well known golf swing trainers but was also blessed with having a PGA instructors career longer than the PGA existed. Joe taught golf for 80 years from 1910 to 1990. His original edition of Golf-O-Metrics, published in 1978 has the record for being the highest selling original edition out of print. His 2nd edition was published by his son (Joe Norwood Jr.)in 1992 and is still available. Golf-O-Metrics is a "How to" book that provides you a pathway to achieve a repeatable golf swing. Golf-O-Metrics are exercises or golf isometrics designed to help you keep your swing in tact while performing these exercises at home. The Anatomy of Golf featuring (me) Dan Norwood is 113 minutes of instruction that was made to add to the benefit of Golf-O-Metrics. Now Dan Norwood has several videos and training aids available on YouTube, Facebook and on the Joe Norwood Golf Swing Website @ or @ and @ The Joe Norwood Golf Swing is designed to show you how to perform the swing with what parts. Good Golf is Acquired through Knowledge - Application - Feel & Judgment. This swing does require a commitment but the pay off is the ability to hit the ball straight on purpose. My purpose is to build your golf swing to the best of your ability so you can stay in the middle of the fairways, hit close approach shots and have short putts. The grip is the same from putter to driver. The swing is the same from putter to driver. Come along and join the Joe Norwood Golf Swing family and have a swing that will last you for life. I have also started a Blog thanks to swpete. It's a non instructional blog about my life in golf and a work in progress. The link is Crosslateral Golf Facebook Link is: This is brand new or you can search in Facebook under Crosslateral Golf and you should pick up the link. I'll be posting videos only available on my Facebook link in the future.
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