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Ovaj slobodan forum je centriran na Dorjanske rodjake Ilire i Iliriju. // This free forum is centered on Dorian cousins Illyrians and Illyria /Illyrians are akin to Makednos or Dorian Greeks (original Illyrians are southern ones)./ Image of Diokles(Diocletian), Roman Emperor from Dalmatia (b.AD 245-d.AD316)./ * * Political organization of illyrian communities * Dorian Sfakia *
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Balkan: Illyria / Blkns Fs (>100Fs) *BlkCF *BlkF *BlkHstr *IllyrF . IllyrF2 * Ser-HelUnF
Montenegro: *MnFs *MnF. MnF2 *SrbMnF *BudvaF Serbia: *SeF. SeF2. PPPSF. KosF *SeCF
Bosnia and Hercegovina: *BoHeF. BoHeF2. RpSerF HrcBsnF Croatia *CroF. CroF2. KrjnF. CroHistF
R.Macedonia: *MdFs. *MdF. MdF2 Albania: *AlbF. AlbF2. KF. ToskF. Turkey: *TrF. TrF2. TrWrldF.
Greece: *GrHeFs *GrHeF. GrHeF2 *GrHist *GrMacF. GrMcF2. EprF. HelHist2. CypF. AnctHelnsmF.
Yugoslavia: *YuF. YuF2 Bulgaria: *BlgF. BlgF2 BulHistF Romania *RomF. RomF2. VlachsF
Hungary *HuF. HuF2 Slovenia *SloF. SloF2 Other: *HistFs. Other. MiltrFs. RacAthroF.
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Anything new on Illyria, Zetaman?Plutonas1May 22, 2000, 7:08 PM
Relations between Serbs,Slav Macedonians and Bulgarians?a-May 17, 2000, 6:24 PM
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