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First Book in Albanian in 1210 by Theodor Shkodrani

November 26 2004 at 12:24 AM
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King_Gentius  (Login King_Gentius)

Hey all,
I just wanted to let u know that there is this cool writing work of 208 pages by Theodor Shkodrani, written in 1210 AD. This guy is different from another writer Theodore Scutariotes. This work was found in a library of the Vatican. It is written in north Albania dialect (Gheg), in latin letters, and it talks about theology, philosophy and history.

It ends with the phrase:

"Mee nihemmen zze dessimnee e phorte t'Lummummitt ZOT e mbaronjj v'Vitte MCCX dittn ee IX t' Mmarxxitee."

In modern albanian this would be said: Me ndihmen dhe deshiren e fort te lumturit ZOT e mbarova ne Vitin 1210 diten e 9 te Marsit.

And in english it means:

With the help and the strong desire of .... (i dont know) GOD i finished it in year 1210, the 9th day of March.

Other contemporary works refer to the albanian language as distinct from the one of slavs or greeks or latin.

1. Dubrovnik Archives, year 1284: Et audiui unam uocem clamantem in monte in lingua albanesesca.

.. which means:I heard a voice screaming in the mountain in albanian.
2. Anonymus priest of Domenican Order during travel in Albania, year 1308: Habent enim Albani prefati linguam distanctam a latinis, grecis et slavis ita quod in nullo se inteligunt cum aliis nationibus.

...which means: Here the aforementioned Albanians have a distinct language from that of latins, greeks, and slavs, so they cannot comprehend these people.

3. Guilielm Adam, year 1332:Although albanians have a completely different language from latins, they have latin letters in their books.

Other albanian works are from the year 1462 AD, 1555, 1600s, 1700s and on.

Albanian text:

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cool reference

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January 2 2005, 6:44 AM 

cool reference that one.
as well as the other evidence, spotlighting some crucial serb claims and referrals to their glorious past history and culture, mainly concentrated on old orthodox churches and monasteries of Kosova, as it is proven, not only recently, but in much wider spans of time.
they claim that orthodox churches and monasteries, as well as other clergy's refuges in Kosovo is the very evidence of such pretences.
but, it is proven today, that those churches, build upon mulsim shrines and mosques one day used to be churches, and some monasteries. layer over layer, history becomes clear and new evidence springs up. under the layers of some serbian churches one could find evidence of a previous mosque, and under that one evidence of a serb orthodox church, and guess what one would find almost at any cases under the serb church layers???
evidence of albanian orthodox churches; that would not only prove the albanian domain over these churches, but has been seen very enthusiastically by scholars and archeologists, because that evidence, would prove that such churches and building would be much much more ancient and old than they used to believe they were.
now, how can they recognise and declare the albanian imprints over such old buildings?
besides the iscriptions, there's the originality of albanian iconography, that differs a lot from serbian iconography. remember that albania has been an integral part of the bysantine empire, and i could say the very mast of its existence, as well as albanians were the promoters of christianity in such areas, and defenders of it. remember also that the division of the roman empire into the empire of west and east, brought the division of the church into the roman papate and the patriarchate of istambul; albania was included in the eastern empire and
the patriarchate of istambul; except with several small spots of roman domination along the adriatic coast.

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Re: First Book in Albanian in 1210 by Theodor Shkodrani

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May 16 2005, 10:09 PM 

Mee nihemmen zze dessimnee e phorte t'Lummummitt ZOT e mbaronjj v'Vitte MCCX dittn ee IX t' Mmarxxitee

when he says zze maybe he meant 'zeus'

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April 4 2006, 6:09 PM 

YES i was so happy to read that news couple of years ago.It backed our first bookd by 300 year older than we had,Gjon Buzuku.It is a great news.
What i am not happy is that, in Bizantine books and in hidden archives of Vatican there are more books and documents in albanian, even older than that.Some copies of these books or ducuments can be taken only if you have permision of Ministry of Culture in Italy ( to hard to get that permision).

An interesting fact is that Albania turned over by almost 400 year the Europes history of of the chess game( shahut).It was believed that thae game came into europe between 11-13 century, but in Apollonia they founded few chess stones that were sent in England for further research and they founded in that city the game was played almost 400 years earlier than Europe's historians thought.


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