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her ve go serbs beat this if you can

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December 11 2004, 2:58 PM 

if serbs does have a origin from ilyyrians than you can answer my question what does it men the word illyr

maybe i will answer cause it is in albanian language free fredoom or to be free
even if this its not enaught answer
why in hell you never gave your soons name ilir like we do albanians show me one serb with name ilir you must be proud to be illyrians how in hell you endit with viq names from moskva by the way viq in albanian it does mean cow

i hope that this has been helping you serbs to find your origin

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Re: Albanian atempts to forge OUR ILLYRIAN HISTORY

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December 14 2004, 9:56 PM 

^ that was funny. But on a more serious note: Why are serbs ashamed to be called slavs? I am not albanian and couldn't care less who is descndant of who because the balkans have been populated by so many pople that you guys are probably related.

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To zetaman

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January 12 2005, 10:27 AM 

I have noticed some misconceptions in your messages.
It will take too long to point out all of them
but first of all Iliria is simply a derivative of I-lir (free man) In ancient times, slavery was common in dardania (kosovo) and greece (read Plini), but in Illyria, the clan family structures of communities of that time made the region "Slave free" to a large extent. You can see then how this name which originally refered to what is today known as central albania (the Enkelej tribe) would be expanded to include many other places in the balkans as far north as pannonia, epirus and even northern ancient macedonia ( paionia). This name would not however been used by people who could not even understand it's meaning and say something like "land of the lyra"????

The main point I was going to make though is that you are confusing present day or even ancient hellens with their predecesors < pelasgians. Pelasgians were once the dominant nation of the balcans . They are the predecesors of both doric, spartan, pre-acadian greeks, illyrian-albanian and that thread of commonality of tradiation and language that you see through ancient illiria,( even dacia some have pointed out but I do not know much about romanians)
This information is mostly based on readings from Herodotus, also known as the father of history.
I need to leave now as I have something to do but I will be back for discussion.

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Re: Albanian atempts to forge OUR ILLYRIAN HISTORY

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January 13 2005, 12:45 AM 

I do not care or want serbs (sllavs) in general expelled out of the Ballkans,but when I hear you guys say that serbs are pure Illyrians it makes me think that you guys are not sllavs but something else.I am sure that some of you a very very small number may have Illyrian blood but untill now you are sllavs that came to the Ballkans during 7-th century and the name of your republic was jugosllavia "sllavs of the south". I am from SHkodra Albania and 12 generations my family has been Roman Catholic and married albanian Roman Catholics only so thanks to them I am white in every way.I married a 50% german 50% polish girl 2 years ago and I have been critisized by my family for doing that. I am a very open minded guy and I am not racist or hate serbs,probably this is because I know ony 1 serb and he is a very good guy.You all should stop talking bs. and focus on more important thinks because the things that you guys say are starting to irritate the rest of Albanians who do not care about you or your cause.


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to all of you

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January 13 2005, 7:01 PM 

zetaman confirms my accredited doubts, yes it's the time to admitt it openly here, ZETAMAN SHOWS TO BE A GENUINE SCHOLAR! - OF ANECDOTES THOUGH.
zeta is the old term used for montenegro, right? then, zetaman should be montenegrin. i am perplexed of the fact that zetaman tries to overcome his fathers, they all could fluently speak albanian, now, par default, he has been left into deep ignorance, and due to the curce of albanianism, he can no longer achieve the knowledge of his mother tongue, - ALBANIAN.
it's pityful to see how slavs are ashamed of their origins. at last, we, albanians assure all the nations that we can live in peace with one another, be them not only serbs and slavs, but even chinese, right next border to albania. for so, there's no need to make futile claims, slavs should be proud to be slavs(or they have nothing to pride with?)... as albanians are proud to be albanians, and greeks should be proud to be greek, and turks should be proud to be turk.
it's the time - saith the Gord, our God,- that children will no longer pay for their fathers' sins and transgressions.
to assure the slavs and greeks, albanians will never seek their destruction,nor their extermination, they can live exactly where they are now, at last of counts, most of serbs(so called macedonians also) and greeks today are overwhelmingly of albanian descent, they only have lost their natural and genetic capacity to speak the oldest of languages on earth, their mother language.
thanx God this is only a forum,and all ignorants and wastes of serb, montenegrin, fyromian, greek, turk, bulgarian and albanian societies can freely participate, otherwise, it would have been a catastrophy.
i am sorry also to see the level of instruction some remote mountainous areas of montenegro, serbia and greece are obtaining. the fault might be of the EU, or maybe of the satanic eastern orthodox churches of slavs and greeks.
in fact, there will always be a climate of conflict between slavs greeks and albanians, since, besides all, slavs and greeks seek only to stigmatize a whole nation.
it is obvious therefore, that these hellenized and slavonized albanians(most greeks, serbs, montenegrins and bulgars[macedonians] mainly living next border with albanian nationdom) suffer a deep lack of identity, and the only way to give themselves a national cause is to break down upon albanians and albanianism. this is sad, as sad as the predators kill for the simple reason that "it's just their nature"... but, we still pretend to be humans... how sad!!!
anyway, when i be down with humour, i will visit this forums, as i am sure zetaman will come up with some new anecdotes...
thankyou zetaman,long time i hadn't laughed like this.
(i know you did it on purpose, don't hide your sense of humour anymore, thanks again)


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August 17 2005, 10:34 AM 

all this make me laught sou much.
u the slave can say everything you want but
you lie only to your self and this you now
it wery well idiotik slave.
if u are the ilirians why you speak
a rusian dialekt and why in evry history of all
the cauntres in this word they say thet the albanians are
the direct discendent of ilirians and
something else tell me why we are the only
one in all the balkan whu give to our childrens the names of
ilirian kings and ilirian gods????????????
and dont lie sou much because as i say
and i now that before when tito was in serbia
your oun histury say that the albanians are
the discendent of ilirians and for this trye to asc your father
i am shore he will say the same as i say naw.

sou idiotik slave think before u talk
and dont lie sou much se te qihet nana ather o ropqim i degjenerum


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