Symptoms and Causes of Allergy

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Allergies also called Hypersensitivity are one of the leading diseases in the world.
Allergies have also been connected to many diseases. Sinus, Asthma, Bronchitis are some diseases that are usually caused by allergies which is very common in dust and pollution nowadays.

The dust particles gets inhaled by the nose and make a person sneeze. There are many forms of allergies, most common being Chronic and Nasal Allergies. And other form of allergies is skin allergy, Food and Latex Allergy.

What are the Symptoms of Allergies?

Symptoms of allergy depend on the form of allergy and allergens responsible for occurrence of allergy. Fatigue, headache, stuffy nose, itching, watery eyes, tremor, swelling, hives or rashes and collapse are some of the most common symptoms of allergy.

What are the Causes of Allergies?
The immune system is set up to protect our bodies from harmful foreign substances like viruses and bacteria (dirt and germs). Sometimes the immune system doesn't develop properly or is just oversensitive and does not have ability to give protection against infections.
In these cases, it reacts to even the things that are not harmful and do not usually cause any problems. These things are called allergens. The term allergens is just an easier way to say "things that cause allergies".

Types of Allergies:-
Plant allergies usually come in contact with the skin, so they cause rashes.
Food allergies usually result in nausea, vomiting, stomach pains or in severe cases, life threatening reactions.
Drug allergies tend to involve the entire body, so they have a variety of symptoms.
Treatment of allergies is not very simple; it depends to its type and complexity.

Know more about Allergies
here in described manner.

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