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The strange numbers of "Star Trek"

July 15 2003 at 11:20 AM
Mark Seely 
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The strange numbers of "Star Trek"

Is "Star Trek" simply a silly TV show, or is it a coded channel for deadly cultists?

July 14, 2003
Mark Seely

Since the days of September 11, 2001, I have become aware that numerical codes are hidden in the various TV shows that call themselves "Star Trek."

I started looking into pop culture as a whole after 9-11, because I thought that something strange was going on in America. Something that is not explained by the "stories" that the news people put out.

The last "Star Trek" series to air pre 9-11 was "Star Trek: Voyager," which went off the air on May 23, 2001. This was 111 days before 9-11, which I found striking in the days after 9-11, not least of which because 9-11 itself is 111 days before the end of the year.

Then I find that the first "Star Trek" series, which premiered way back in 1966, also shows an interesting numerical property. It premiered on September 8, 1966, and if we follow the orbit of the moon starting on this date, we arrive with the moon at the same position at 666 minutes before September 11, 2001. Coincidence? Perhaps not, seeing that the average time of day of the five main events of the World Trade Center destruction on September 11--the two airplane crashes and the three building collapses--was 11:06 AM, 666 minutes into the day, according to the Washington Post.

The next "Star Trek" series to air on TV, entitled "Enterprise," began only a few weeks after September 11, on September 26, 2001. According to the show, it is set in the year 2151, which is the jewish year 5911. Strange coincidence?

Perhaps not, judging by "Star Trek: Voyager." It seems that in 1997 the makers of "Voyager" were intent on making references to the "Jack the Ripper" killings that happened 109 years earlier in 1888. They produced a couple of episodes in 1997 entitled "Scorpion, Part I," and "Scorpion, Part II." The word "Scorpion" adds up to the number 109 alphabetically (with "A" = 1, "B = 2, "C" = 3, etc., through "Z" = 26.)

I had already been clued in to the fact that the death of Princess Diana on August 31, 1997 happened on the 109th anniversary of the first reported killing attributed to "Jack the Ripper" in 1888. What I discovered on my own is that the princess' maiden name, "Diana Spencer," also adds up to 109 alphabetically. (This suggests to me that it is possible that her parents gave her this name for numerological reasons.)

Now here comes the really strange part. The "Star Trek" episodes named "Scorpion" were about a new alien species that was just discovered, called "species 8472." Knowing that numbers in "Star Trek" are there for a reason, I looked into the number 8472, and I found that when this number is multiplied by 0.66666... (or in other words by 2/3), the result is 5648, and 5648 is the jewish year equivalent to the year 1888, the year of "Jack the Ripper," which again is 109 years prior to the year that these "Star Trek" episodes aired.

Part 1 of "Scorpion" aired on May 21, 1997, and Part 2 aired on September 3, 1997, which was 3 days after the death of Princess Diana, and 2 days before the death of Mother Teresa on September 5. So "Scorpion, Part II" forms a cross between Diana and Mother Teresa, coming 6/10 of the way between the two deaths (or perhaps exactly 0.666666..., or 2/3, of the way). I have previously considered the possibility that both women were purposely killed, and that the explanations given for their deaths were lies. Did "Star Trek" predict the death of Princes Diana and possibly Mother Teresa as well?

The two "Star Trek" series that bracketed September 11, "Voyager" and "Enterprise," show another remarkable property: the names "Voyager, Enterprise" add up to 222, which is twice 111. As earlier indicated, "Star Trek: Voyager" went off the air 222 days before the end of the year 2001.

The latest, and badly received, "Star Trek" movie, "Star Trek: Nemesis," released in the year 2002, also shows numerical trickery. The plot is about two sets of twins, "Captain Jean-Luc Picard" and his double, "Shinzon," and the robot "Data" and his double, "B-4." One half of each pair of twins dies in the end, and the other half of each pair lives on. This to me is uncomfortably suggestive of the twin towers that died on September 11, and the twin memorial lights that shone in their place six months later, in early 2002.

The numbers come in when we add up the names of the characters in the film. The names "Jean-Luc Picard, Shinzon" add up to 222. And the names of the two alien twins, "Shinzon, B-4," add up to 111. The names of the two familiar twins, "Jean-Luc Picard, Data," add up to 143, and that is the day of the year that "Voyager" went off the air, May 23. The names of all four twin characters from "Star Trek: Nemesis," "Jean-Luc Picard, Shinzon, Data, B-4," add up to 254, and that is the day of the year that September 11 was.

Does it help to know that the name "Jean-Luc" adds up to 66, and to suggest that the name "Luc" is suggestive of the name "Lucifer"?

So now "Star Trek" begins to look more than a little suspicious, in terms of what its creators knew and when they knew it. These creators are certainly into numbers. Are they into cheering on mass killings as well?

And the investigation continues.

My previous article, "Why do movie people put secret codes in their movies?," is included below for the reader's reference.


For further reading:

The 1968 Movie "2001: A Space Odyssey" May Have Been a Prediction about the Events of September 11, 2001, And It May Have Cost the Movie Director, Stanley Kubrick, His Life


Why do movie people put secret codes in their movies?

July 12, 2003
Mark Seely

I am discovering a pattern of movie makers putting secret codes into their movies. These codes are never discussed in public, and it has taken my own investigation to find them.

For example, in his movie "2001: A Space Odyssey," Stanley Kubrick has his characters say the words "happy" and "birthday" 10 and 13 times. Mike Nichols in his movie "Working Girl," as if in tribute to Kubrick has his characters say "happy" and "birthday" 13 and 10 times. The TV show "X-Files," which ended up being a show about the birth of a strange child, was produced by a company called "Ten Thirteen." The number sequence "10-13" is supposed to be important to the organization known as Freemasonry. What does Freemasonry have to do with Hollywood?

Ask Steven Spielberg. He hid a Freemasonic symbol in plain sight in his movie "Jurassic Park," and to this day he has apparently never admitted to it. It is the Freemasonic symbol that shows six stair steps leading up from a skull and bones to a shining glory in the sky. Spielberg, or perhaps one of his production designers, turned that symbol upside-down and transformed it into the museum doorway that is seen in the movie.

Are Hollywood people the same thing as Freemasons? Or for that matter, are prominent public jewish figures the same thing as Freemasons? Stanley Kubrick and Steven Spielberg are both jews.

What is the obsession with hiding such symbols and numbers in movies? It can not be for ticket sales. It can not be for subtext, because the symbols are never admitted to, nor are they easily found. So what is the purpose? Who are these filmmakers communicating these codes to? To each other? To other branches of their organization? Are they just having a laugh? But why is secrecy required in order to have a laugh? Have any of these men admitted publicly to putting any of these codes into their movies? Not so far as I know.

I wonder what these moviemakers would say if they were asked about these codes.

How did I find these codes? That will take some doing to explain. Why did I start looking for codes in movies? Because of one thing: September 11, 2001. That event told me that something was desperately wrong in this land, and it had to do with the kind of people who are most influential in public life, the kind of people that I have seen on TV during my entire life. The wrong people.

Here is an expanded list of some of the major codes that I have found so far.

"King Kong," 1933
-The name "King Kong" adds up to 88 alphabetically (with "A" = 1, "B" = 2, "C" = 3, etc., through "Z" = 26). The number 88 is associated with the Nazis. The movie "King Kong" came out the same year that Adolph Hitler came to power, 1933. Hitler invaded Poland and started World War II exactly 88 moon orbits to the day after he came to power.

"2001: A Space Odyssey," 1968
- The title cards introducing the three movie acts add up to 777 alphabetically.
- The title cards introducing the three musical interludes add up to 333 alphabetically.
- The total running time of the movie in seconds is equal to the number of moon orbits in a year times 666. (This is the total exhibition time, from "Overture" through "Exit Music.")
- The running time of the movie itself in seconds is equal to the number of moon phases in a year times 666. (This is from the blue and white MGM lion logo through the fade-out of the story.)
- The characters say the words "happy" or "happiest" 10 times, and the words "birthday" or "birthdays" 13 times.
- The black slab "monolith" is featured 4 times.
- The movie prominently features apes, one of whom winds up becoming "king," by learning to kill.

"Working Girl," 1988
- The characters say the word "birthday" 13 times, and the word "happy" 10 times.
- The World Trade Center is featured 4 times.
- The names of the two main characters, who fall in love, "Tess & Jack," add up to 88 alphabetically.
- The boss character lands in a helicopter, is dressed all in white, and has a broken right leg. She is carrying a huge stuffed animal gorilla ("King Kong"?).

"Jurassic Park," 1993
- The boss character lands in a helicopter, is dressed all in white, and limps on his right leg.
- A character makes a mention of the movie "King Kong."
- The Freemasonic symbol of "Skull and bones, 6 steps, and shining glory" is hidden upside-down in the doorway of the museum in the movie.

Should we support what basically amount to cultists with our dollars by going to see their shows or renting their movies? I know my answer.

And the investigation continues.


For further reading:

The 1968 Movie "2001: A Space Odyssey" May Have Been a Prediction about the Events of September 11, 2001, And It May Have Cost the Movie Director, Stanley Kubrick, His Life

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They are coming to take you away

October 13 2003, 1:33 PM 

Normally I try to keep a very open mind to anything someone has to tell me.If in the end I dont agree with the person Im very polite in letting them know so.With that out of the way are you completley out of your mind?!Through most of youre outlandish writing I was laughing beleaving it all to be a joke.I compare your ramblings to that of a crazy,homeless man pacing at the corner of a street.As I write this I begin to fear that you will think Im some sort of spy sent by the creators of Star Trek to shut you up.Though I do have to admit that your post was interesting and had some weird little coincidenses.But in the end when the nice men in the white coats take you away I think it is for the best.

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Mathew R.


April 24 2005, 1:10 PM 

I have to warn you boy - FreeMasonry army is comming for you. You can run but you can't hide!

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