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Agree with you, too.

December 22 2011 at 8:55 AM
KarenGH  (Login krgh)

Response to I agree with Cee...

I want so much for my "sisters" on these boards to be successful, but sometimes it is hard to continue to have empathy when someone has had a cycle I'd kill for, then gets totally negative about the cycle. I've tried to be empathetic and rationalize that maybe the shift in hormones caused a dramatic change in mood, outlook, whatever. But it is so hard sometimes to deal with that negativity and I just back off and just don't post.

There are so many negatives in my story that my chances are practically zero to conceive an OE baby now. But I rarely post about my overwhelming sadness. Instead, I try and find consolation that maybe I can help and support those who still have a chance. I really find great pleasure in seeing BFP's on these boards which is the main reason I'm still here. This journey is hard and the women here are entitled to an occasional pity party. But dramatic negativity all the freaking time gets hard to deal with. I do understand the feeling of grieving and dealing with moving on and I think that is different and I do think it is okay to vent a little about that. But sometimes it is a fine line and it is hard to know what to do.

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