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Re: Latest from the Vatican

February 26 2012 at 2:30 PM
teresa  (no login)

Response to Latest from the Vatican

Alli, I read this yesterday and it broke my heart and really hurt. Then it made me FURIOUS.

I'm also Catholic. I went to Catholic school, made all my sacraments, was married in the catholic church, I pray, I've given money to the church, I've taught religion to first graders.

But ever since I had my first RE appt in December, I cannot set foot in my church. I pray, I talk to god, but I can't go in. I guess I feel like a hypocite? I'm angry? Sad? I don't know...sometimes I feel so spiritually messed up, since I'm praying for a baby, but my church doesnt think I should seek help-? It's hard to convey in a post what I want to say-

I have had such a hard time with the churches stance on IF. I grew up with all that "catholic guilt" and tradition...always thought I would christen our baby if we ever have one...and still want to....but if we are doing fertility treatments, I just can't do that in a place that labels me arrogant. How dare they? I even imagined sending our child to Catholic school as DH and I were schooled. I wonder if my money is as green to them...or am I too arrogant?

It makes me so mad. IF is a disease. People have endo, people have high FSH, people get married later in life, thousands of reasons- and the church is saying we don't deserve to seek a little extra help? That makes us ARROGANT? I'm sorry, no disrespect but I think it's such a bunch of archaic crap

My husband said to me- and I LOVE this..Jesus didn't come into the world the conventional way either...

I think its a good point- just something to think about.

Thanks for posting this. I cant wait to see what others think about this-

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