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"Your baby will be sooo cute" comments... A PG worry...

March 2 2012 at 11:20 AM
Sara H  (no login)

We told our friends and they are all thrilled for us!

However: EVERYONE says what 'a cute/beautiful baby' we are going to have... I am worried the bar is set rather high! If we end up with a troll I just don't know what these people will do! wink.gif

Why a troll you ask? It come down to simple math:
In every random group of friends there must be: brilliant babies, quirky babies, nerdy babies and... yes, a couple of troll babies. Come on, fess up! You know it's true! Be honest! Not every baby is cute! And, in my group, we have all of the above... but no troll babies! Nope, not one! They are all cute as can be! Soooo, the numbers are strongly in favor of US being the troll baby. Now, I am not saying that they dont' grow up into lovely adults and all... but still...

Please understand that I do say this with tongue-in-cheek and strong hope I am wrong! My prayer is that all is well, healthy, happy, intelligent... but, let's be honest here, not a troll.

If they kid comes out with a gem in its belly button and spiky pink hair don't say you were not warned...

Sara H

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  15. Hahaha! So my little Troll-lette will be in good company! :-) - Sara H on Mar 2, 7:00 PM
    1. TMI but within the first 5 min of delivery - Rebekah on Mar 2, 8:24 PM
      1. LOL, same here! (waaaay TMI) - Meg on Mar 2, 9:59 PM
  16. Poor DS had a fugly stage :) - Alli on Mar 2, 7:09 PM
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      1. DD had hair on her ears - AJ on Mar 2, 7:55 PM
        1. my problem was/is that DD doesn't look like - Mrs. A on Mar 2, 8:43 PM
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    1. That is sad and beutiful, JM - Sara H on Mar 10, 9:21 AM