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I will fess up... I thought DD was an ugly baby!!!

March 2 2012 at 1:42 PM
MargieD  (no login)

Response to "Your baby will be sooo cute" comments... A PG worry...

When DD was born, she was wrinkly skinny little thing... a "baby"... but not gorgeous or beautiful, in my opinion. Of course, DH and my mom (and my family) will try to convince me otherwise. ("Troll" is not a thought that crossed my mind... ha!) Everyone said she looked like DH, but I could NOT see it at all.

She got big really fast - both length & weight. She was wearing 12 mos clothes at 4 mos. She was born with a lot of hair but they fell out fast! (I was shocked that Mrs. A's little chickie still had a lot of hair!) I didn't think she was a chunky baby at the time, but when I look at pictures - she was - and I think it made her uglier. Looking back - she was a big chunky baldy with a hair problem. (LOL!)

When she turned one, she started to look more like "herself" (and more like me and NOTHING like DH). Honestly, sometimes I can't even fathom that the pictures I have of her at 6 mos or even 9 mos is the same baby at 1 year old. Her one year old picture looks like her now at 2 1/2. And she's a pretty girl... and I can say that!!! happy.gif

The first year really goes fast...and I forgot that I thought she was ugly... you just fall in love with her/him very quickly... and honestly, you don't really think about it until 1) you first see her (my immediate reaction was - "it's ugly!!!" - I didn't know the sex at the time) but when I got over that it wasn't an alien thing, I fell in love with her and 2) when you look at pictures and awe at how much she's changed....

My nephew was a beautiful baby with gorgeous blonde hair. Now that he's 5... I don't think he's "beautiful"... but he's 5... and he's a boy... happy.gif

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