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our baby girl looked just like Don Knotts a.k.a. Mr. Furley

March 2 2012 at 5:21 PM
Sarah in Seattle  (Login SeattleSarah)

Response to "Your baby will be sooo cute" comments... A PG worry...

The roughest time was around 4-5 weeks, when she also had terrible baby acne in addition to the bugged-out eyes. We have so many pictures when her huge buggy eyes were sort of crossed. I hope she doesn't see them when she's adult and get embarrassed because she truly was an adorable newborn despite her issues in the looks department. I was still MADLY in love with her and changed her outfits about 20 times a day because she was like my little dolly to dress up. I thought she was perfect in every way, even though in some part of my brain I could tell people thought she was funny-looking. Now (she just turned 3) she is completely gorgeous and her large eyes are just pretty and doe-like. She grew into them. So don't worry if your baby isn't beautiful right off the bat because 1) you will love that baby in a crazy way no matter what she looks like and 2) she/he WILL be darling and cute at some point, even if it's not at the newborn stage. But I completely understand the concern and your post cracked me up.

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