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Yes, the avarage intellegant woman would....

March 10 2012 at 9:15 AM
Sara H  (no login)

Response to about Snooki

Be we are talking about people on a "reality" show here... and Jersey Shore to boot! Who knows what she thinks about "how babies are made".

Heck, she -could- have been using birth control... I mean, if you have sex twce you can just flip the condom inside out, right? Right? wink.gif

I mean it seems planned and a TV stunt. Yes, she was "drinking" but what and how much...

"Reality TV", and trust me here I am speaking from experience, is SOOOO far from reality it is not even funny. I have a friend who is a speech writer on "Real Housewives of NYC"... that's right, she scripts out her lady's shouting matches! They is why they have good things to say in a fight were the rest of us think of things later!
My wedding was on a show and we only did it for the camera footage of the ceremony and for fun... which is good becuase 80% of what was shown was just for the TV show! They said we still lived in FL... when we moved 6 years before, they flew us down there to show "planning the wedding"... a week after we were married, they made ALL this drama for the wedding planner since there was no drama at the wedding... and the "wedding planner" came in 2 weeks before the wedding, so she certainly did not have much to plan! But, though what was on TV was down right silly, the things we said about each other and the lovely footage we got of the wedding was worth it... not to mention the money they added to spruce things up! We got married on a shoe-sting and the TV folks pitched in a bunch of cash to add to stuff. NICE! But, very very far from "reality".

So, I wish her and her child well. And, if the Mom doesn't get her butt out of the tanning bed then the first month drinking will be the least of the child's worries... Can you imagine having that Snooki girl as you MOM???? UGGGGGG!!!!!


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  1. Probably a good reminder - AJ on Mar 10, 2012, 3:29 PM