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March 13 2012 at 9:53 AM
AJ  (no login)

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Couple Wins Down Syndrome lawsuit

Newser) An Oregon couple has been awarded $2.9 million in a case centered not around wrongful death, but wrongful birth. Ariel and Deborah Levy said they would have terminated their pregnancy had they known their daughter would have Down syndrome but they were continually told the child would not. On Friday, a jury agreed Legacy Health System was negligent, citing five instances. Among them: The doctor took an incorrect tissue sample in order to determine the chromosomal profile; it was apparently analyzed incorrectly as well.

Lawyers for the hospital said they were "disappointed" in the verdict and looking into their options. The couple had originally asked for $7 million, and will use the money to care for their child, now four. "These are parents who love this little girl very, very much," said the couple's lawyer. "Their mission since the beginning was to provide for her and thats what this is all about." The Oregonian notes that the Levys mouthed the words "thank you" to the jury as they filed out.

I guess I am curious? any opinions? I have read lots of comments for and against them?

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