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I know what you mean but I see it this way...

March 14 2012 at 10:50 AM
Sara H  (no login)

Response to That is true Sara

My DH and I very very limited resources but desperately wanted a child. If our tests had come back badly we would have had some very tough choices to make, not because we would not love our child no matter what but because we do not have the ability to get for him or her the kinds of special therapy and extra help that had been proven to be so beneficial for children with special needs. I say that as someone with two special needs children in our family, both with CP.

Could we use State programs, of course, but they only go so far. (Though in NYC they are really good if you know how to work with the system.) But there would be so much we could afford to do and not much to leave when we are gone.

So, though we would adore our child it would put us in a terrible bind about wanting the best for them and knowing we could not give it. I am not saying what we would have chosen, but we would have had to look at both sides.

I am praying this is something similar with these parents. To win the law suit they ~have~ to say they would have terminated, otherwise there really is no suit. But, when push came to shove, who knows what they really would have done had they known? The point to them is through major mistakes they never had the option to make a choice and know what was coming.

The only good in all this is that little girl will get the help she needs and I guessing the money was not just handed over to them but put in trust for her... some for living and most for education and therapy.

That is my hope!

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