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Your new forum has been created and is now online and ready to go! If you are adding this forum to your web page, you should link your web page to it by using the following HTML code (which you can copy & paste into your web page):

<!-- Start Network54 HTML Button Code>
<a href="">My Network54 Forum</a>
<!-- End Network54 HTML Button Code>

This HTML code will appear as the following link in your home page:

My Network54 Forum

Some Tips & Hints
Now that you've created your forum here are some ideas to help you get it going:

Use the Forum Description to Entice Users to Post
Your forum description is the first thing your forum visitors read so it's a good idea to use it to interact with the user. Rather than having a description like "this forum is about the Internet" you might want to ask your visitors a question like "what's your preferred web browser and why?". You can change the Description in the Options area of the Forum Editor (after you've logged in to your account).

Don't Use a Large Image for Your Foreground Graphic
Using a large foreground image for your forum can be distracting to your visitors and can make browsing the forum a difficult experience.

Post An Introductory Message
It's a good idea to post an introductory message in your forum so that you can introduce yourself and get the conversation started.

Publish Your Forum in the Directory
You can have your forum listed in Network54's directory which can help increase your forum traffic. Go to the Publish area when you edit your forum.

Features of your New Forum
Your new forum also has several features that you might want to take advantage of:

Fonts & Colors
You can customize what fonts and colors your forum to match your home page. You can change these settings in the "Appearance" area of the Forum Editor.

Forum Styles
This unique feature lets you completely change the style of your forum at the touch of a button. There are several outline and table formats to choose from (this is also in the Appearance area).

Access Control
You can also make your forum a private forum by creating groups of users and assigning privileges to the groups for the forum that you've created. You can also set specific privileges for each group, for example where public visitors can only read messages, and members of your group can read AND post messages. Go to the "Access Control" area of the Forum Editor to get started.

Posting in HTML
Your forum visitors can have the option to post their messages in HTML, which lets them include images and stylized text. You can also set specific group privileges (via Access Control) to allow posting in HTML.

Message Editor
If you've read this far, you should note that you can use the Message Editor to remove any messages from the forum (including this one) that you need to.

Thanks for using Network54!

Posted on May 17, 2000, 5:57 AM

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