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March 5 2017 at 5:38 AM
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Hi guys,

SLOVANO doesn't exist any more.
Now it is definitely SLOVISK with a bit changed grammar.

SLOVISK is the version that won't be changed.

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March 5 2017, 5:41 AM 

Please, delete SLOVIENSK and SLOVANO put there definitely SLOVISK.
Thank you.

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March 5 2017, 6:04 AM 


( modern constructed slavic language )



a, b, c, cx, d, dzx, e, f, g, h, hx, i, j, k, l, m, n, o, p, r, s, sx, t, u, v, z, zx

Slovisk English ( pronunciation )

cx - ch ( cheese )
sx - sh ( ash )
zx - zh ( pleasure, garage )
hx - kh (Kazakhstan, Mikhail)
dzx - j / g ( Jersey, gesture )

Slovo-sled es volnsk.
Kien fonem es spojite so en litera a kien litera reprezenti en fonem.
Ak vi slisxi slovo vi mozxe toi skribit a ked vi toi vidi vi mozxe toi gvorit.
Tam ne egzisti neki stres na slog

Word order is free.
The spelling is a cinch: every phoneme matches one letter, and every letter matches one phoneme.
If you hear a word, you can spell it; if you see it, you can say it.
There is no stress on syllables.

Letters q, w, y, x, ch are used only in personal names and some geographical names :
(Lydia,Sydney,Cyprus, Felix, Egypt, Willson, New York, Quito, Mexiko,Chemnitz)
Paris, Beograd, Moskva, Praha, Roma, Warsxawa, Kahira, Kipros
Vel Britania (Great Britain), Anglia (England), Bavaria(Bavaria), Viena (Viena) Londin (London)

Spelling in foreign words : olimpiada, fizika, dinamika, simbol, bicikel, sistem, psihxologia,


Singular od substantivi es vo naturale forma (singular of nouns is in natural form) :
sport, otec (father), mama, dieva (girl), junak (boy), deta (child), teta (aunt), zem (earth, soil), reka (river), mesto (place)
more (sea), ezero (lake), planeta, kosmos, galaksia, veda (science), radio, komputer, ekipazx(crew), gord (fortress)
vokabular (vocabulary), denar (money), dom (house), mur (wall), osada (village), grod (town), stat (state) lucx (light)

Plural es robite s sufiks (plural is done by suffix) : - i
lucx – lucxi, otec - oteci, brat - brati, komputer - komputeri, sport - sporti, aeroplan - aeroplani, aviator – aviatori,
ekipazx - ekipazxi, mesec - meseci, den - deni, tiden - tideni, noc - noci, rok - roki, den - deni, put - puti, denar – denari

Substantivi koncxite s glaska (nouns ended in wovel) :
imen - imeni, mama - mami, auto - auti, krilo - krili, herba - herbi, flotila - flotili
larva - larvi, kamera - kameri, posta - posti, funga - fungi, raketa - raketi, triska - triski
planeta - planeti, litera - literi, prognoza - prognozi, industria – industrii, variacia - variacii

Substantivi koncxite s dve samoglaski (nouns ended in difthongs : -ia, -io, -eo :
instrukcia - instrukcii, bakteria - bakterii, tragedia - tragedii, televizia - televizii, radio - radii,
evolucia - evolucii, distancia - distancii, galaksia - galaksii, video – videi

Substantivi zxivite a rod es trebite (nouns of something that lives and a gender is required) :
ten (male), ta / -a (female)

ten muzx, ten kon, ten pes, ten orol, ten krokodil, ten lev, ten slon, ten delfin,
ten direktor, ten sxofer, ten europan, ten robotar, ten traktorist

ta germanian(a) - german woman, ta anglian(a) - english woman, ta slovakian(a) - slovak woman,
ta europan(a) - european woman, ta sxofer(a) - she driver, ta kosmonaut(a) - she astronaut
ta direktor(a) - she director, ta robotar(a) - she worker, ta vedar(a) / ta siencist(a) - she scientist
ta orol(a) - she eagle, ta slon(a) - she elephant, ta lev(a) - she lion, ta kot(a) - cat, ta delfin(a) - she dolphin

Ending –a can be added as a suffix to the noun of female gender of living person - sxofera, europana, kosmonauta,
vedara whereby ta doesn’t have to be used before the noun.

ROD NE SPECIFIKSKE (Gender not specified) : to
to lev(lion/lienesse), to medved(bear), to kot(cat/tom cat), to hus(goos,drake), to delfin(dolphin), to tur (cow, bull)
to dub(oak), to javor(maple), to lipa(lime), to breza(birch), to motil(butterfly), to riba(fish), to pteric(bird),
to zover(animal), to savec(mamal), to insekt(insect), to mis‘(mouse)
to komputer, to stol(table), to strom(tree), to olej(oil), to stolica(chair), to hrnec(pot), to dom(house), to ulica(street),
to autobus(bus), to list(leaf), to zem(soil,earth), to masxina(machine,engine), to olei(oil),
Cubs are created by : june (young)
june kon - foal, june kot - kitten, june kura - chicken, june lev - lion cub

SPOJENIE OD DVE SUBSTANTIVI (Binding of 2 or more nouns)
- Two or more nouns are bound either by the letter –o, or hyphen -.
raketomet, staronov, geogravitacia, drevokaz, muromalba, slovosled
raket-met, star-nov, geo-gravitacia, drev-kaz, mur-malba, slov-sled

ADJEKTIVI - Adjectives
Vse naturale adjektivi, slove spojeni ima koncxenie (ending) : -e
nove – new, silne – powerful, slabe - weak, june – young,
Ak samostojate adjektivum kreatite zo substantivum ima koncxenie -ske
(if alone-standing adjective created from noun - last letter is omitted) : suncske, mesicske, denske, morske, zamorske, Zemske, sportske, vodske
energia – energiske, policia – policiske, organizacia – organizaciske, palivo – palive, zvezda - zvezde
krasive - pretty, dobre - good, bistre - quick, interesantske - interesting, , termske – warm,
polarske - polar, palivske – combustible, mizerske – bad,
Compound words – first one ended by - e
Zeme gravitacia - Earth gravitation, Mesice svit/ lucx - moon shine, dene tiket - daily ticket, komputere igra-computer game,
televizie program - television programme, Severe Polare Cirk - North Polar Circus, priame translacia – direct broadcasting
more breg – sea coast, sunce den – sunny day, piseke plazx – sandy beach, zvezde noc - starry night,

ADVERBI - Adverbs
Finala - ending : o
dobro - well, pekno - nice, pomalo - slowly, stalo - still, bistro - qwickly, nahlo - suddenly, malo - little, few,
termo - warmly, mezo - middle, between, among
Nouns ending in - o remain unchanged : radio-transmite - radio transmitted, racio-urobite - rationally done
termo-odevite - warmly dressed, termo-diferencia - warm difference,

Kreatenie adverbi zo verbi – Creating adverbs from verbs
Adding - no to infinitive of verb :
skribit / skribitno (to write / in writing) , sunit / sunitno (to sunbathe / sunny), videt / videtno (to see / visibly)

Gradacia od adjektivi a adverbi - Graduation of adjectives and adverbs :
vic - more, -er
nai - most, -est

vic-pomalo(slower) / nai-pomalo(slowest), vic-pekno(nicer) / nai-pekno(nicest),
vic-dobre(better) / nai-dobre(best), vic-malo(less/lesser) / nai-malo(the least)
Tie es vic-bistre kao ten - They are quicker then he.
Ta bol nai-pomale zo vse - She was the slowest of all.

PREPOZICII - Prepositions
pri - at, na - on, vo – in (inside), od - from, do - into, cez - over, pod - under, nad - above, so - with, s - by means of,
zo - from inside out, po - after, pred - before / in front of, za - behind, mezo - between, among, middle, o - about/at,
ku – to (direction), pro – for, dov – (heading inside), zvo - (towards outside from inside), dona - onto

o pette cxas - at five o'clock
vo pet cxasi - in five hours

Junak ide dov les - A boy is going into a forest
Junak ide do les - A boy is going to a forest
Junak es vo les - A boy is in a forest

Junak sede na stul - A boy is sitting on a chair

Skolar ide do skola – A pupil goes into a school
Skolar es vo skola – A pupil is in a school
Skolar ide zo skola – A pupil goes from a school
Skolar ide do skola – A pupil goes to / towards a school

Veter via od gora - Wind blows from the mountain
Veter via do gora - Wind blows to the mountain

Veter via na gora - Wind blows on the mountain
Veter via nad gora - Wind blows above the mountain
Veter via cez gora - Wind blows through the mountain
Veter via mezo gori - Wind blows among / between the mountains

KONJUNKCII - Conjuctions
a, i (and), tezx(also, too, as well)

VERBI - Verbs
Infinitive of verb - ending : - t
sportit - to sport, grat - to play, idet - to go, gvarit - to speak, spat - to sleep, vedet - to know, kalkulit - to count vidit - to see
lucxit / svitit - to shine, publikit - to publish, sluhxat - to listen/to hear, begit – to run, observit - to watch, medikit - to heal, - understand

- preterite cxas - past tense : - l ( ja vidil )
- prezente cxas - present tense : - infinitive without -t ( vidit - ja vidi )
- future cxas - future tense : - bue ( ja bue vidit )

Mi gvari - We speak / talk / say
Mi gvaril - We spoke / talked / said
Mi bue gvarit - We will speak / talk / say

Creating of verbs from nouns is unlimited e.g. sarkazmus - sarkazit (sarcasm - to nip), literar – literit (a writer - to write),
fonia – fonit (phono - to phone) etc.

Konjugacia od verbo - Conjugation of verb bit - to be

Preterite cxas - Past Tense :
ja bil - I was mi bil - we were
ti bil - you were vi bil - you were
ten bil - he was tie bil - they are
ta bil - she was
to bil - it was

Prezente cxas - Present Tense :
ja es - I am mi es - we are
ti es - you are vi es - you are
ten es - he is tie es - they are
ta es - she is
to es - is is

Future cxas - Future Tense :
ja bue - I shall / will mi bue - we shall / will
ti bue - you will vi bue - you will
ten bue - he will tie bue - they will
ta bue - she will
to bue - it will

KONDICIONALE FORMA - Conditional : bi
ja bi muset - I would have to
ja bi trebit - I would need to (duty)
ja bi smiet - I would be allowed to
ja bi mozxet - I would be able to
KONDICIONALE PRETERITE FORMA - Past Conditional : bi + - l
ja bi musel - I would have had to
ja bi trebil - I would have needed to (duty)
ja bi smiel - I would have been allowed to
ja bi mozxel - I would have been able to

imat - to have(posses), due, hxcet - to want
mozxet - can, smiet - may, trebit / musit - must,

ja ima - I have / due
ja imal - I had / due
ja bue imat - I will have / due
ja bi imat - I would have / due
ja bi imal - I would have had /due

ja hxce - I want
ja hxcel - I wanted
ja bue hxcet - I will want
ja bi hxcet - I would want
ja bi hxcel - I would have wanted

ja mozxe - I can
ja mozxel - I could[was able]
ja bue mozxet - I will be able
ja bi mozxet - I would be able
ja bi mozxel - I would have been able

ja smie - I may
ja smiel - I might
ja bue smiet - I will be allowed to
ja bi smiet - I would be allowed to
ja bi smiel - I would have been allowed to

ja trebi - I must
ja trebil - I had to
ja bue trebit - I will have to
ja bi trebit - I would have to
ja bi trebil - I would have had to

KVESTIA - question
Robi ti ? - Do you work / Are you working ?
Robil ti ? - Did you work / Were you working ?
Bue ti robit ? - Will you work / Will you be working ?
NEGACIA - negation ne
ja ne robi - I do not do/work
ja ne robil - I did not do/work
ja ne bue robit - I will not do/work

PASIVE ROD OD VERBO - Pasive Voice of Verb :
Infinitive + te
Kniha es skribite s moi priatel - A book is written by my friend
Kniha bil skribite s moi priatel - A book was written by my friend
Kniha bue skribite s moi priatel - A book will be written by my friend

PERFEKTE FORMA OD VERBO - Perfect active voice of verb : do-
do- + infinitive (do-skribit, do-robit, do-edukit, do-planit, do-varit, do-plavat, do-cxitat, do-koncxit)
do- + - l ( e.g. Ja do-robil to - I have done it )
bue do- (e.g. Ja bue u-robit to do sutra - I will have done it by tomorrow)

Tie bi do-robil to, ak bi bil tam - They would have done it if they had been there

Tie bue do-koncxit to do sobota - They will have finnished it by Saturday
Tie do-koncxil to do denesne utro. - They have finnished it by this morning

PERFEKTE PASIVE FORMA OD VERBO - perfect passive voice of verb do- .... infinitiv + te
Kniha es do-skribite s moe priatel - A book has been written by my friend
Kniha bil do-skribite s moe priatel - A book had been written by my friend
Kniha bue do-skribite s moe priatel - A book will have been written by my friend

MENENIE OD STATUS - changing of status : o-
vic o-velit - to get bigger vic o-malit - to get smaller
vic o-velij - get bigger ! vic o-malij - get smaller ! (imperativ)
o-tmavit - to get dark o-tmavitne - darken
o-svitit - to get enlighten o-svititne - enlighten
o-staret - to grow old o-staretne - grown old
o-kamenit - to turn to stone o-kamenitne - turned to stone

OPOZIT OD AKTIVITA - oposite of activity : od-
vazat / od-vazat - to tie / to untie
klucxit / od-klucxit - to lock / to unlock
budovat / od-budovat - to build / to demolish

without vowel + t ending and adding - enie , plural – eni
robit - robenie(to do/work - doing/working), skribit - skribenie(to write-writing), numerit - numerenie(to count-counting),
dat - daenie(to give - giving), agrit - agrenie(to crop - cropping), laborit - laborenie(to labour - labouring)
daeni, robeni, skribeni, numereni, agreni, laboreni
* one syllable words are created by omiting just last -t ending : dat - daenie -daeni, spat - spaenie - spaeni

- stvo
deta – detastvo childhood
mater – materstvo motherhood
otec – otecstvo fatherhood
brat – bratstvo brotherhood
kral – kralstvo kingdom
muzx – muzxstvo „manhood“ / crew / team

OBCXAN OD NAROD - Citizen of nation : Germania – germanian, Slovakia – slovakian, Polakia – polakian
Plural - i germaniani, slovakiani, polakiani
germaniani, italiani, rusiani, amerikani, cxehxiani, slovakiani, polakiani, hungariani, spanian,
franciani, sxvediani, ukrainan, europan, japonian, arabian, afrikan, australian,
ameroindian, judian, cigan, roman,
But : eskiman

RECX - language - ending : - isk
germanisk - german, rusisk - russian, slovakisk - slovak, cxehxisk - czech, anglisk - english, belorusisk - belarussian
polakisk - polish, slovenisk - slovenian, ukrainisk - ukrainian, latvisk - latvian, litvisk - lithuanian, estonisk - estonian,
japonisk, arabisk, francisk, italisk, spanisk, holandisk, serbisk, hxrvatisk, macedonisk, bulgarisk, esperanto, slovio, ido,
slovisk, keltisk, hebreisk, koptisk, staroegyptisk, kecxuanisk, maisk, aztekisk, cxinisk, baskisk, katalanisk, afrikanisk,
interlingva, proslava, slovianski, slezan, volapuk, occidental, novial, latina, glosa, eurolingua
germanie lingvi - germanic languages, romanie lingvi - romance languages, slovanie lingvi - slavic languages
rusie lingva - russian language, slovakie lingva - slovak language, anglie lingva - english language
or : lingva germanisk, lingva rusisk, lingva slovakisk, lingva anglisk, lingva cxinisk, lingva polakisk

Sxoferiuc auto tie sluhxal muzika - Driving a car they were listening to music
Slediuc televizia mi vzaimo gvoril - Watching the television we were talking together

DEKLINACIE FORMACIA - Declination formation

Nominativ To es dom - It is a house
Genitiv od To es auto od otec - It is the car of father

Dativ do Tie bue dat to kniha do deti - You will give the book to children

Akuzativ Tie do-budoval dom - They have built up a house
Dom bil do-budovate s tiem - The house has been built up by them.

Lokal : o - about, on
( o mama - about mum, o otec - about dad, o nam - about us, o me - about me,
o te - about you(sg.), o tenu - about him, o tau - about her, o tiem - about them )
Instrumental : s - by
( s mama - by mum, s otec - by dad, s nam - by us, s me - by me, s te - by you,
s tenu - by him, s tau - by her, s tiem - by them)

In case of substantive in accusative in the beginning of a sentence this is in passive voice :
To es gvorite o te - It is spoken about you.
Auto es sxoferite s otec - A car is driven by father
Kafe es servite s cxasxiner - Coffee is served by a waiter
Kafe es so cukor - Coffee is with sugar
Bit s te, ja bi ne idet so tiem - Being you I wouldn´t go with them
Ja bi idel tam so te - I would have gone there with you

*Distinguish : s (by means of) so (with)
Knigi skribite s skribitori. Skribitor idel tam so knigi.
Auti es sxoferite s sxoferi.
knigi od oteci – books of fathers, komputeri od junaki – computers of boys
do sportisti - to sportsmen, do sxoferi - to drivers

IMPERATIV : basic form of verb without infinitive ending ( - t ), adding of suffix - j

idet - idej (go) videt - vidij (look) skribit - skribij (write) imat - imaj (imaj edenie - have eating)
robit - robij (do) sluhxat – sluhxaj (listen) cxitat - cxitaj (read) zxit - zxij (live) edat - edaj (eat)
bezxit - bezxij (run) varit - varij (cook) kalkulit - kalkulij (count) bit - bij (be) sedet - sedej (sit)

skribij ! - Write ! mizij ! - scat ! imperij ! - rule ! vitaj - welcome
vi skribij ! - Write (plural) ! vi mizij ! - scat (plural) ! vi imperij ! - rule (plural) ! bezxij - run !
mi skribij ! - Let´s write ! mi mizij ! - let´s scat ! mi imperij ! - let's rule ! cxitaj - read !

KREATENIE OD SLOVI - Creation of words
veda (science) – vedet (to know) – ja vede - vedenie (knowledge) – vedar (scientist)
more (sea) - morenar (sailor) namorenie (marine)
riba (fish) – ribar (fisherman)
plavat (to swim) - plavanie (swimming) - plavar (swimmer)
kral – kralozem / kral-zem (kingdom)

PERSONE ADVERBI - Personal Adverbs

Nominativ Genitiv Dativ / Akuzativ
ja - I moe - my me - me
ti - you tvoe - your te - you
ten - he, this teno - his tenu - him
ta - she, this tae - her tau - her
to - it, this tohx - its tom - it

mi - we nasx - our nam - us
vi - you vasx - your vam - you
tie - they, these tiehx - their tiem - them

ti - you (singular) vi - you (plural)

tuten, tuta, tuto - this here
tamten, tamta, tamto - that there
ten, ta, to - are denominative (demonstrative pronouns) as well as personal pronouns
· Only in basic form

ko - who cxo - what (thing)
kohx - whose cxohx - of what
kom - whom cxom - to what
o kom - about whom o cxom - about what
so kom - with whom so cxom - with what

ke - where kor - which
kei - when (time) zxe - that
ki - what abo - or
kao - how len - only
ak - if tezx - too, either, as well as
kim - while, meanwhile ebo - because, that´s why
ked - when li - whether
cxem - why ale - but

kisi - some cxosi - something
neki - no + noun, none necx - nothing
kesi - somewhere hocxo - anything
neke - nowhere lensi - some, a few, a little
kosi - somebody, someone kien - every, everyone, each
neko - nobody, no one korsi - some, someone
kaosi - some, somehow ensi - whoever, whichever, whatever
nekao - no way nekei - never

od ke - where from tocxas - now
do ke - where to po - after
od kei - from when / from what time skoro - soon
do kei - till what time abi - so that, in order to
krom - besides uzx – already

Personal / determine pronouns at declension are in accusative :

Tiem ja videl - Those (men) I saw
Bez te mi ne ide - We don‘t go without you

REFLEKSE ADVERBO - Feflexive Adverb
se - self
Tie bue ucxit/edukit to future tiden - They will learn/teach it next week.
ucxitel/edukator – teacher

NUMERI - Numbers
Osnove numeri - Cardinal numbers Rade numeri (- te) - Ordinal Numbers

0 - nul, zero 0th - nulte, zerote ( zeroth, nilth)
1 - en 1st - ente
2 - dve 2nd - dvete
3 - tri 3rd - trite
4 - sxtir 4th - sxtirte
5 - pet 5th - pette
6 - sxes 6th - sxeste
7 - siem 7th - siemte
8 - os 8th - oste
9 - dev 9th - devte
10 - des 10th - deste

11 - desen 11th - desente
12 - desdve 12th - desdvete
13 - destri 13th - destrite
14 - dessxtir 14th - dessxtirte
15 - despet 15th - despette
16 - dessxes 16th - dessxeste
17 - dessiem 17th - dessiemte
18 - desos 18th - desoste
19 - desdev 19th - desdevte

20 - dvedes 20th - dvedeste
21 - dvedesen 21th - dvedesente
22 - dvedesdve 22th - dvedesdvete

30 - trides 30th - trideste
40 - sxtirdes 40th - sxtirdeste
50 - petdes 50th - petdeste

100 - sto (hekto) 100th - stote (hektote)
1000 - tis (kilo) 1 000th - tiste (kilote)
1 000 000 - milion (mega) 1 000 000th - milionte (megate)
1 000 000 000 - bilion (giga) 1 000 000 000th - bilionte (gigate)

Plusenie : plus
Minusenie : minus
Multiplikacia : - krat dvekrat - twice, deskrat - ten times dve krat pet es des
Dividencia : del divide / divided des del pet es dve
Frakcia : - ina dveina - one half, desina - one tenth, stoina - one hundredth, tisina - one thousandth

PLUSENIE OD NUMERI - Counting of numbers
osm plus siem es (ekvat) despet 8 + 7 = 15

MINUSENIE OD NUMERI - Discounting of numbers
despet minus siem es (ekvat) os 15 - 7 = 8

MULTIPLENIE OD NUMERI - Multiplication of numbers
dve krat tri es sxes 2 x 3 = 6 des krat sto es tis (des krat hekto es kilo) ten times hundred is thousand
tis krat milion es bilion (kilo krat mega es giga) thousand times million is milliard

DIVIDENIE OD NUMERI - Dividing of numbers
des del pet es dve ten divided by five is two
bilion del tis es milion (giga del kilo es mega) milliard divided by thousend is million

FRAKTI - Fractions
dveina (en lom dve) 1/2 triina (en lom tri) 1/3 dev milionina (dev lom milion / dev lom mega) 9/1 000 000

DESINE NUMERI - Decimal numbers
nul cele en (en desina) - 0,1 nul cele dve (dve desini) - 0,2
nul cele en milionina / en milionina (nul cele en megaina) 0,000 001

EKVATA - Equation (Ekvati - Equations)
E es ekvate m krat c kvadrat (E = mc2)
102 - des na dve / des na kvadrat, 103 - des na tri / des na kubik, 104 - des na sxtir 105 - des na pet

SI / DECIMALE SISTEM - SI / Decimal System / MERENII - Measurements
meter, liter, kilogram, kubik, kvadrat, sekunda, gonal, gradus
kvadrat meter (square meter), kubik meter (cubic meter), obkvadragonal (oblong, rectangle)
cirk (circle), polcirk (semicircle), radius (radius), diameter (diameter), diagonala (diagonal), kula (sphere),
trigonal (triangular), kvadragonal (square), pentagonal (pentagon), heksagonal (hexagonal), oktagonal (oktagonal)
linea (line), horizontal / vertikale linea (horizontal/vertical line), goniomer (protractor) prizen (prism)
perimeter (circuit, perimeter), paralele linei (parallel lines), krive linea (curve), priame linea (straight line),
cilinder (cilinder), konus (cone), kubus (cube), limit linea (abscissa), bod (dot), lina (line)

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March 5 2017, 6:06 AM 

da - yes ponedelia - Monday januar Pacifik Ocean - Pacific Ocean
ne - no utorak - Tuesday februar Atlantike Ocean - Atlantic Ocean
cxas - time sreda - Wednesday marc Indie Ocean - Indian Ocean
den - day sxtirak - Thursday april Arktide Ocean - Arctic Ocean
tiden - week petak - Friday mai Ekvatore Cirk - Equator
mesec - month sobota - Saturday jun Longituda - Longitude
rok - year nedelia - Sunday jul Latituda - Latitude
sever - north cxera - yesterday august Severe Polare Cirk - North Polar Circus
jug - south denes - today september Juge Polare Cirk - South Polar Circus
vostok - east sutra - tomorrow oktober Severe Magnete Pol - North magnetic pole
zapad - west utro - morning november Juge Magnete Pol - South magnetic pole
vesna - spring polden - noon december Antarktika - Antarktica
leto - summer vecxer - evening Volkan - Volcano
jesen - autumn noc - night Kontinent - Continent
zima - winter polnoc - polnoc Mezo-zeme More - Mediterranean Sea

zdrav - hello, hi selo - village Sunce - The Sun zem - earth, soil
dobre den - good day mesto - town Zem (Globa/Geo-) - The Earth teritorium - territory
dobre utro - good morning gora - mountain Mesic - The Moon geo-centrum - centre of the Earth
dobre vecxer - good evening luka - meadow planeta - planet teren – ragged surface
dobre noc - good night put - way, road Solare Sistem - Solar System geo-gravitacia - Earth gravity
vitaj - welcome

hor – up
dol – down
prave/pravo – right
lave/lavo – left

kastiel - chateau
hostinec - pub
edat - to eat edenie - eating, food maj edenie - have eating
bivat - live, stay bivenie - accomodation
Kao es ti ? - How are you ? Gvori ti Slovisk - Do you speak Sloviensk ?
Ja es dobro - I am fine. Mezo nacione lingva - international language

Ki es cxas ? - What´s the time ? Kao velo (denari) es to ? - How much (money) is it ?
(To es) pet cxasi - It is five o´clock To es dvedes-pet (denari) - It is twenty-five (money).

prognoza od meteoklima – weather forecast
teplo / termo – warm
horuco – hot
dezx – rain , dezxit – to rain, dezxenie - raining
sunco – sunny (Sunce – the Sun)

otec - father
mama - mom
sestra - sister
brat - brother
stark / ded - grandfather
starka / babusxa - grandmother
bratan - cousin (he)
sestrana - cousin (she)

aviator - flier
aviacia - aviation administracia - administration
aerodrom - airport dividencia - department, section
aeroplan - airplane justicia - justice
helikoptera - helicopter governia - government
sonda - probe minister - minister, servant
ne-Zeme civilizacia - extraterrestrial civilisation univers - universal, general, common
mezo-planete - interplanetary gradus - grade
kosmodrom - rocket pad imperator - ruler
Globa gravitacia / Geogravitacia - Earth gravitation imperium - empire
orbita - orbit
kosmose korab – space ship
ekipazx – crew
distancia - distance
ekran – screen
atome elektrostacia - nuclear power-plant
institut - institut

zover - animal, creature zovere ogrod / zoo - zoo
savec - mamal plazec - reptile
pteric - bird riba - fish
planta - plant herba - herb
organite - organic list - leaf
ne organite - inorganic insekt - insect

senzitivita - sensitivity
celula - cell
arhxske/stare - ancient
derma - skin

kolor - colour
cxerne - black
bele - white
zxolte - yellow
zelene - green
modre – blue
rude – red
violete - purple

Jesus Kristus - Jesus Christ eklesia/vera - church / belief
evangelium - gospel spasitor - savior
apostol (i) - apostle(s) kral - king
angel (i) - angel(s) kralozem / kral-zem - kingdom
kristan (i) - christian(s) kres - cross
baptisit - baptise (baptisenie - baptism) religia - religion ( religiask - religious, religii - religions)
svat - saint kastel - manor, chateau
svatec (i) - Saint(s) zamek - castle
spirit (i) - spirit(s)
mesiasx - mesiah
vizionar (i) - prophet(s) Bog - Boh
PK (Pred Kristus) - B.C. (Before Christ) monastir - monastir monastiran - monk
EK (Era od Kristiani) - A.D. (Anno Domini) omsxa - mass
kapel - church
verita - belief, truth, credo Svate Skribenie - Holy Writing / Scriptum
verit - to believe glorifit - to celebrate
resurektit - to resurrect molitva - prayer
molit - to pray

Nasx otec, kor es vo nebo
svate bij tvoe imen
pridij kralenie tvoe
bij vola tvoe
kao vo nebo, tak i na Zem
hxleb nasx kienodenske daj nam denes
a odpustij nam nasx vini
kao i mi odpusti do nasx vinitori
a ne uvedij nas do pokusxenie
ale zbavij nas od zlo.

Vo imen od Otec i Sin i Svate Duhx


States / Kingdoms / Republics / Depended Territories

Unia od Arabe Emirati United Arab Emirates
Afganistan Afghanistan
Albania Albania
Armenia Armenia
Arktida Arktica
Antarktida Antarktica
Austria Austria
Australia Australia
Azerbaidzxan Azerbaijan
Bosna i Hercegovina Bosnia and Hercegovina
Bangladesx Bangladesh
Belgia Belgium
Bulgaria Bulgaria
Bermuda Bermuda
Brazilia Brazilia
Bahami Bahamas
Belorosia Belarussia
Kanada Canada
Republika od Centrale Afrika Republic of Central Africa
Republika od Juge Afrika Republic of South Africa
Sxvaicaria Switzerland
Cxina China
Kipros Cyprus
Cxehxia Czechia
Germania Germany
Gibuti Gibuti
Dania Denmark
Dominike Republika Dominican Republic
Alzxeria Algeria
Estonia Estonia
Egipt Egypt
Zapade Sahara Western Sahara
Spania Spain
Finia Finland
Ostrovi Fidzxi Fiji Islands
Falklande Ostrovi Falkland Isles
(Malvini Malvinas)
Ostrovi Fare Fare Isles
Francia France
Gruzia Georgia
Francie Guaiana French Guiana
Gibraltar Gibraltar
Gronlandia Greenland
Ekvatore Guinea Equatorial Guinea
Grecia Greece
Hxrvatia Croatia
Irlandia Ireland
Izrael Israel
Irak Iraq
Iran Iran
Island Iceland
Italia Italy
Jamaika Jamaica
Jordan Jordan
Japonia Japan
Kenia Kenia
Kirgizia Kirgizia
Kambodzxa Kambodia
Severe Korea North Korea
Juge Korea South Korea
Kuvait Kuwait
Kaimane Ostrovi Caiman Isles
Kazahxstan Kazakhstan
Libanon Lebanon
Lihxtensxtain Lichtenstein
Litva Lithuania
Luxemburg Luxembourgh
Latvia Latvia
Moldovia Moldovia
Marsxale Ostrovi Marshall Islands
Makedonia Macedonia
Mongolia Mongolia
Martinik Martinique
Mauritania Mauretania
Malta Malta
Mauritius Mauritius
Malavi Malawi
Meksiko Mexico
Malaizia Malaysia
Mozambik Mozambique
Namibia Namibia
Nove Kaledonia New Caledonia
Nederland / Holandia Netherland / Holland
Norvegia Norway
Nove Zealand New Zealand
Francie Polinezia French Polynesia
Filipini Philiphinnes
Polakia Poland
Puerto Riko Puerto Rico
Palestina Palestine
Portugalia Portugal
Paraguai Paraguay
Kvatar Quatar
Romania Romania
Rosia Russia
Rvanda Rwanda
Saude Arabia Saudi Arabia
Sxalamune Ostrovi Solomon Islands
Seisxeli Seychelles
Sxvedia Sweden
Singapur Singapore
Slovenia Slovenia
Slovakia Slovakia
Srbia Serbia
San Marino San Marino
Somalia Somalia
El Salvador El Salvador
Siria Syria
Svaziland Swaziland
Turks i Kaikos Ostrovi Turks and Caicos Islands
Tailandia Thailand
Tadzxikia Tajikistan
Turkmenistan Turkmenistan
Tunisia Tunisia
Vostoke Timor East Timor
Turkia Turkey
Tai-van Tai-wan
Ukraina Ukraine
Uruguai Uruguay
Uzbekistan Uzbekistan
Vatikan Vatican
Vietnam Vietnam
Jemen Yemen
Jugoslavia Yugoslavia
Zimbabve Zimbabwe

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March 5 2017, 6:07 AM 

"En triina od nasx zxivenie bil bi pridate nam ak akceptenie od pomoce recx bil edukenie od ine
nature recxi limitite na rozume kriterium"

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March 5 2017, 8:29 AM 

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