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June 11 2009 at 2:10 AM

hammer  (Login HammerHammer)
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Response to Any 6154 experts out there?

i've done allot of thinking on this and now i have an example to study up close & in the real , i noticed those radiating circles do have some relevence to the hands and the way they turn around the dial ,, the circle's match the hands , at first i thought perhaps the hands were indeed for @ some time rubbing on the dial ,, but it doesn't match ,, i've stored every image i could ever find of 6154's ,, so i look close ,, many i have on high res ,, u c it allot and many share this unqiue dial feature ,, anyway its just fwiw ,, i think as the metal frame of the hands turn around the dial it effects the radium blende backing of the dial plate in a unique way ,, the circles on mine match perfect the frame of the hands not so much the lumed sections ,, of course its just my thinking and more often than not ,, i'm wrong ,, doh ,, albeit 4 me the 6154 was the perfect marriage of panerai and rolex , as volker once said to me , she's the lambo of the vintage , the lines of the case and apperance of the dial 2 the eye are just so ,,, damn SEXY wink.gif

6154 , 4 moi >> my Grail Pam wink.gif

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