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Panerai has always had a relationship with the world of the sea, to strengthen this relationship in 2000 the brand becomes the official sponsor of the Laureus Regatta, a race organized by the Yacht Club de Monaco. With this partnership the first limited edition "regatta" was born, it is the Pam 081

In 2001, the writing Montecarlo is replaced by Laureus.

The Laureus / Regatta special editions have been produced until 2004.

In 2005 Panerai organize their own race, the Classic Yacht Challenge and this inscription replaces Laureus award on this series of watches.

The regatta is one limited edition produced every year since 2000, we can say it follows as a series. Yet, almost none of these watches is a separate model but rather a customization of a current existing watch that could be called donor. To date, they were never produced in more than 500 units per year.

2000, Pam 081

[linked image][linked image] For its first the officine made the special edition with a strong  visual to the sea. The blue dial with its sand blasted sub seconds ( like the Pam 064, another SE of this year 2000 ) contrasts with the case and bracelet made of brushed steel. The Pam 081 is one Luminor 40mm and carries the automatic movement OP III ( c.o.s.c ). 200 units were made.The donor is the Pam 069 created the same year. The most important difference is the writing Monte Carlo 2000 on the dial and the sub seconds dial.

2001, Pam 107

[linked image][linked image] The automatic movement OP III ( c.o.s.c ) is used once again but this time in a Luminor 44mm with a polished steel case. The dial is black and the sub seconds dial is grey, we can see the writing Regatta 2001 above the 6 The Pam 107 was released on a rubber strap. 500 units were made. The donor could be the Pam 048 ( ! ), it had been possible to think that it was the 104 but this one was in the catalog only the year after, or maybe they were designed in the same time ?. The Pam 107 was not advertised in the 1997/2001 special editions catalog.

2002, Pam 156

[linked image][linked image] Luminor 44mm and polished steel case too for this year. The Pam 156 is the first Regatta with one complication, the GMT. Its movement is the automatic OP VIII ( c.o.s.c ). It was released with one alligator strap and 300 units were made.. The donor is the Pam 088 ( which is still on the catalog ) and the only difference is the writing Regatta above the 6 instead the Automatic there is on the Pam 088. A few years ago, in an interview, Angelo Bonati said that the Pam 156 was the nicest Panerai made.

2003, Pam 168

[linked image][linked image] Fourth year of the series and fourth dial with silver-coloured sub dials. The blue is used for the second time on a Regatta dial, the bracelet and the 40mm are back too. This one is a cronograph and it is equiped by the automatic movement OP XII ( c.o.s.c ). The case is in brushed titanium ( steel for the bezel ) and the bracelet is made of brushed titanium and polished steel.399 units were made. The donor is the Pam 122 which was produced just one ( and only ) year ( 2002 ) before. The principal differences are the blue dial instead the grey and the addition of the writing regatta after Luminor Panerai below the 12.

2004, Pam 199

[linked image][linked image] The 44mm are back and the silver sub-dial has been forgotten. With the Pam 199 Panerai start a new dress-code for the Regatta series : the textured dial. For the first time one Regatta is one submersible, it carries the automatic movement OP III ( c.o.s.c ). It had one polished steel case and one brushed rotative bezel, was released on a rubber strap. 500 units were made. Its donor is the Pam 024 ( still in the catalog since 1998 ) and the differences are the brushed bezel, the textured dial ( like the one on the Pam 25 ) with the writing Regatta instead Automatic above the 6.

2005, Pam 222

[linked image][linked image] After the GMT three years ago Panerai offers in 2005 the Power Reserve complication. The Pam 222 is one Luminor 44mm with one full brushed steel case. Its movement is the automatic OP III ( c.o.s.c ) and its dial is textured. It was released on a rubber strap ? 500 units were made. The donor of this Regatta is the Pam 090 ( one model from 2001 ), their differences are important like the brushed case instead the full polished and of course the textured dial with Regatta in the place of Automatic.

2006, Pam 253

[linked image][linked image]1950! In 2006 the famous case with its no less famous domed crystal appears for the first time in the Regatta series. The model is a flybach cronograph with a 44mm brushed steel case ( polished bezel ). The movement is the OP XIX ( c.o.s.c ), it was released on a rubber strap. 500 units were made. The donor is the Pam 212 and as differences between them we can see the textured dial of course but a totaly different writing on the dial, when the 212 reads Luminor Flyback 1950 below the 12 and Panerai above the 6 the 253 shows Luminor Regatta and Panerai Flyback, there was this famous blue hand too.

2007, Pam 286

[linked image][linked image] The second 1950 case and second cronograph following, the Regatta 2007 is one of the less liked, maybe it is because it was too similar to its predecessor ? It is one 44mm with one brushed steel case. Its movement is the automatic OP XVIII, It have the rattrapante function, was released on a rubber strap. 500 units were made. The donor is the Pam 213, the difference are the same we can see between the 253 and the 212.

2008, Pam 308

[linked image][linked image] Once again this year the Regatta is one cronograph with a textured dial and some blue hands. But there is one exception, the Pam 308 does not have a donor and this model seems unique in the catlog. It is one Luminor 44mm brushed steel cased and it carries the mechanical movement OP XXVI. Released on a rubber strap ( accordion ), 500 units were made.

2009, Pam 332

[linked image][linked image] It is the turn of the PVD for the year 2009. The Pam 332 is a chronograph rattrapante in a 1950 style case with a diameter of 44mm, it have one textured dial. The movement is the OP XVIII. The donor is another Regatta, the Pam 286. The difference between the Pam 332 and the Pam 286 is the PVD coating and the leather strap released with the Regatta 2009. 500 units were made. The Pam 332 has been seen on the wrist of Mr Stallone in the movie The Expendables.

2010, Pam 343

[linked image][linked image]First ! First is the only adjective usable for the year 2010. First 47mm, first Radiomir. The Regatta Pam 349 One/Eighth Seconds is once again one cronograph but it lost its textured dial. It have one titanium case. For the first time one Regatta have one real nautical function because of the automatic movement OP XXI which allows the calculation of a boat speed ( knots ) based on nautical miles. It was released on a black calf strap. 500 units were made. The donor is the Pam 246 which was one SE too ( 300 units in the I series ) but only by the movement and the style of case used.

2011, Pam 371

[linked image][linked image] For the second time the 47mm are used, for the second time one Regatta is a submersible and for the second time we have one GMT function. But the 371 can't be the second all the time, for the first time we have one in-house movement in this series of watches. The movement in this 1950 case is the P.9001 which have hidden on the back one power reserve ( three hours ) indicator. The Pam 371 have a blue dial and was released on a rubber strap ( accordion ). 500 units were made. The donor is the Pam 305 and the most visible differences are the color of the dial with the writing Regatta in place of automatic, the movement P.9001( GMT function ) instead the P.9000.

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