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Matching or Non Matching preA ....

February 24 2012 at 3:00 PM

tomi  (Login tomele)
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according the best experts of the preV and preA period concerning the non matching and matching dial : they can only be seen on the 201/A and 202/A.

i quote Mister Dirk G.

"I invented a couple of references in 2001, including 'pre-A' (no-one else had ever noticed the differences between the T-SWISS-T and regular A/B series dials at that time) and 'non-matching dial' vs 'matching dial'. The non-matching dial reference was much easier to say than "5218-201/A and 5218-202/A (small matriculation numbers only for the latter, of course - first batch of 90 pcs) early production watches where the varnish on the dial caused the underlying Tritium to turn blood(y) orange..."

That's why I make the rules here.
You're 99% correct - The term "non matching dial" is STRICTLY reserved for 5218-201/A and 5218-202/A early production watches where the varnish did not properly protect the underlying Tritium from aging...
or better 'where the varnish caused the underlying Tritium to turn blood-orange within weeks'
(see picture of that MM).

All the rest have just nicely aged tritium of the indexes on the dials... (5218-201/A, 5218-202/A, 5218-203/A, SlyTech Sub, OP6500 and OP 6502 pre-A and OP6502 A+B series)... but you're not allowed to call that 'non-matching'.

The Supreme Court on this has spoken,
Dirk "

So let me share with you some pics of a preA 002 .
The dial turns to orange like the non matching preV even the hands .
Is it simply an amazing aged tritium of the indexes and the hands ? !

Any thoughts are welcome;

cheers ,


[linked image]

[linked image]

[linked image]

[linked image]

[linked image]

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