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Opinions on PAM subs....

June 24 2009 at 8:31 PM

Duke  (Login Dukec4s)
from IP address

I would like to get first hand opinions from the sub owners out there!

I am interested in a 285 but am wondering if it's too much of a beast.....or not. I posted pics for relative size comparison. The Cartier is my daily office watch.

I had an opportunity yesterday to try on a 194 (for size) and a 243. Both were great but I seem to be leaning towards the 285. Even though the 285 is a big watch, do the owners feel the watch is a comfortable daily wearer? I currently have a 250 which I plan on selling. Do you prefer the 243? If so, why?

I appreciate any/all opinions.....Thanks!

Cartier Roadster

PAM 243

PAM 194

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Frank A
(Login luxuryguru)


June 25 2009, 2:56 AM 

I owned a 194, sold it.... missed it like crazy so I bought a 243J. Then I was offered a 285 from an AD and had to take it. I love everything about the 285:

47mm titanium case
243 style dial (I prefer it over the regular 194 dial)
Rarity only 250

I ended up selling my 243 and my 285 has definitely received a lot of wrist time. I would definitely get the 285 if not try to find a 243J last T-dial. IMO...


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(Login grahamchang)

much prefer the 285 (nt)

June 26 2009, 3:54 PM 


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(Login Bugsy_)


June 26 2009, 4:15 PM 

Pam subs are my personal favorite, i went from 88 to 24. 24 to 243J.
i find the 243 to be perfect in size and balance.

243 vs. 285? 243 seems more subtle.


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(Login NICKGT4)

The big subs are an entirely different wearing experience!

June 27 2009, 12:05 PM 

Your Cartier is an elegant dress-watch and perfect under a buttoned cuff as it`s not too bulky. It`s a daily wearer if you wear a business suit.

The big subs are rugged, heavy, bulky sports watches.

The vertical height makes it hard to button a cuff over them and they don`t look right peeking out from under a business suit sleeve.

These are best worn with casual or sports clothing.

The weight on your wrist takes a bit of getting used to, more so as your Cartier is so much lighter. After a few hours it will be a relief to take the heavy sub off. Wearing it on the OEM rubber strap, can make your wrist sweat. Use an after-market heavy wide leather strap. I saw a 187 worn like that last night at Covac`s UK GTG and it looked awesome.

I sold my 194 as it was too heavy and bulky and I wasn`t getting the wear out of it. I regret selling it now although if I buy another it`s probably going to be an occasional wearer.

The 194 is probably the heaviest and tallest on subs made in the last 5 years prior to the latest models. The 87 was a bit lighter and I had to sell it to pay some tax off, otherwise I`dve kept it.

You really need to try and wear your choice for say an hour at your AD`s and see how it feels. After an 8 hour "day" at work you may head back to your Cartier for relief!

I`d buy a sub to use alongside a lighter weight daily wearer unless you`re wrist is big and strong! I hope this helps.

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(Login Dukec4s)

PAM subs....

June 27 2009, 8:17 PM 

I appreciate your opinions. I currently have a PAM 250. I like the size/weight and got used to it quickly. The 194, being mostly Titanium, really wore lighter than I expected. You're right, it does sit up on the wrist a bit.
I also have a Rolex sub which I've had for 10+ years. At the time (before the PAM) it looked like a rugged beast! I would wear the PAM sub for diving and weekend excursions.

Thanks again....

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(Login eddieng)

The titanium case on the 194 and 285

June 28 2009, 5:05 PM 

makes wearing a pleasure happy.gif

the 243 looks great on you too happy.gif

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(Login pamark)

Love my 243.

July 1 2009, 3:12 AM 

[linked image]

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(Login Dukec4s)

PAM 243...

July 1 2009, 4:33 PM 

Wow! That 243 looks really nice!

I have decided on the 285. I like the simple dial (just like the 243) and the limited production run. I should have it by Friday. If so, I'll take a few pics and post them.

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(Login 2thfixr)

I have a 285, 243 and 24.

July 2 2009, 1:53 AM 

Honestly, the 285 grows on you and feels normal after some extended wrist time. I don't notice a big difference in weight over the 243 because of the Ti case.


[linked image]

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William Stutman
(Login drtooth73)

24 vs 243

October 9 2009, 10:04 PM 

I want to get either 24 or 243. My Rolex sub is the daily watch, but getting bored with it, and want to switch.
What would you choose for daily wear between the two? In terms of comfort, legibility at night, winding ease?

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