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Service dials for vintage?

March 2 2012 at 9:34 PM

Rick-O  (Login rorrickj34)
from IP address

My question for the experts....Did OP have service dials ready for the military watches? If so, was there any way to tell (markings, font, etc.) I have seen several variations in the indices on vintage dials....some with the more "closed" 6 and 9, and others with the more "open" 6 and 9 (Kampfschwimmer comes to mind). Any reason for these differences in the numbers?


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Volker Wiegmann
(Login VolkerWiegmann)

my little 2c..

March 3 2012, 5:37 PM 

Hello Rick,

the sandwich dials have been produced from the 1930's to the 1960's.
Milling procedure probably has been optimized on the thin aluminium dials over the years.
Also the dial construction has changed, not only the luminous material.

Older sandwich dials show the more open "6" and "9" (both RADIOMIR PANERAI and anonymous "Kampfschwimmer" versions). If you compare these with e.g. a dial in
a 6152/1 watch, you can clearly see the more closed "6" and "9" and also the
different style of the "2" (of 12) and "3". The dial's "3" and "2" (of 12) in watches
with Angelus movements is also lightly different compared to the "3" in 615X refs with Rolex movements. The "2" is more straight on dials for Rolex mvts. while it is more "curved" on Angelus versions, also GPF 2/56.

Sandwich dial (milled numbers and markers) used in ref. 3646:

[linked image]

Brass dial (embossed numbers and markers, painted from top) used in ref. 3646:

[linked image]

Curved "2" and belly "3" in 6152/1 and GPF 2/56 with Angelus:

[linked image]

[linked image]

Straight "2" (of 12) dial in a 6152/1 with Rolex mvt.:

[linked image]

Also note the different font size on Angelus and Rolex versions!

Sorry - i have only these photos at hand right now - not meant as shilling.
Mods - feel free to nuke if not comfy.


representin' the DNA of Panerai

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(Login Asimut)
High Heid Yin

Great examples Volker, I do hope for a comprehensive

March 3 2012, 5:42 PM 

Dial post sometime in the future?

That would be quite awesome.

In the meanwhile, always great to see these examples!

Cheers and best from the holyland,


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(Login FrankV1)

Great post, thanks! saludos.

March 4 2012, 12:38 AM 

Night View
Il Duomo Firenze

[linked image]

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(Login HammerHammer)
High Heid Yin

Dunnerkeil !!!! Danke Funky (nt)

March 4 2012, 10:54 AM 


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(Login rorrickj34)

Very interesting Volker!! Also>>>>

March 5 2012, 2:54 PM 

From your book, Type A 3646 can be seen with the more closed 6 and 9, like the later 6152/1 Rolex movement. Always learning something new everyday here!! Thanks happy.gif

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Volker Wiegmann
(Login VolkerWiegmann)

yes indeed...

March 7 2012, 8:43 PM 

...and in the same moment you start asking yourself why Panerai
put "old school Radiomir" dials into 615X ref. watches, at a time
when there was already the newer, less radioactive "Luminor" in use...?

Was there a bunch of "old" dials left over which found their way
into the 6154 watches for egyptian customers years later in the mid 50's?
Or was there a simple "demand" for the Radiomir version for some reason,
maybe because of better / stronger brightness of the dials?

Who could answer this today? As there are not many around today who
used these watches back then and could tell us about their "glowing"...
What we know is that units decided to cover their watches and tools
from Panerai with mud to avoid being detected by the enemy...

If you take a look at the redish Type C sandwich dial (p.70), you can
see that it has a similar "closed" 6 and 9 like a Radiomir dial used in
a 6152/1 with 8 mm crown (p.208)... quite some years inbetween their


representin' the DNA of Panerai

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