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January 17 2012 at 11:50 PM
Uncle Ben  (no login)
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Response to Kevin i agree but....

You guys have a really good point! I totally agree you can pick your own route and support have help from the locals. Edge said just that in our first conversations. Our initial idea was to have the stops set out and research said accomodations. The route really is more for people that don't want to plan their own route. Phil and I have been on quite a few of them. Don't get me wrong, you guys know your own roads better than I ever could! Just having the change this year with Edge sitting back and providing his knowledge, proves The Long Road is evolving. That's kind of the way I see it. Next year would be good for getting input off the hop. Again evolution. My getting involved was by way of approaching Edge in year 2, being so stoked, and him asking for my input (or anyone's-he said that at Columbia campground last year).We'd already been planning this for a bit. Nothings written in stone and I've already taken the pig roast and a slight adjustment in the route from Ash the next day.

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