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I can semi answer this....

March 11 2012 at 3:51 AM

Randy  (Login Sinrod)
from IP address

Response to Legion of the Long Road question for Uncle Ben

Because I am running the lounge the buzz has been to earn your medallion you MUST 1st complete the ride.. because Edge has turned everything over to us (members of the Legion of the Long Road). To get into the legion you will need to go beyond just completing the ride.. Examples would be taking charge of one of the stops and throwing a pig roast.on a smaller and more reasonable scale VOLUNTEERING to help let me add to that just a tad, not just waiting until one of us send out an email asking for help
we are really looking for the guys or gals who will email us and say " Hey bro what can I do to help? .. maybe being the check in guy at a stop. Volunteering to spend a few hours in the lounge to do what ever needs to be done.

Again this is only what i picked up buzzing around the Medallions will be few and Edge is still kind of overseeing them..There are a few people in the process that can and will go to Edge and say "This cat really busted his or her *** and helped out I think they should get one" We are looking for the people who are WILLING to give up a little bit of their vacation and party time to make sure not only that the long road continues and grows but improves under it's own power.. In short we want participates in our rides not just spectators and ride alongs..

Just like this year a peanut gallery formed under the ball Ben got rolling and things happened. next year with the new route new nuts will be needed for the new gallery plus i am sure my team will prob change out to make sure the lounge is waiting for everyone..

I hope this helped and is close to how they will be handled

Long road lounge team lead

In Soviet Russia, Sportster chop you!

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