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Legion of the Long Road question

March 11 2012 at 12:31 PM
David  (Login RigidBuell)
from IP address

Response to I can semi answer this....

So, let me see if I understand this correctly. You earned your medallion by registering before the ride and then completing the ride. Period. Now that control of the ride has been turned over to the "Legion" that is no longer good enough. Now you have to, 1) Register before the ride. 2) Complete the ride. 3) hang out with the "IN" crowd and do some major suck***! Then it's up to the members of the "IN" crowd to determine whether or not you sucked up enough to be worthy of elite membership. What do you feel GTP would think about that?

What's the deal? Are you getting low on medallions? If that's the case then start charging a registration fee large enough to cover the cost of the medallion and require pre-registration at least three months in advance. If you're wanting to limit membership to the "Legion" then get back to the grass roots of the magazine and require that you complete the ride on a garage built rigid that you put together with your own two hands. Those individuals are the real grass root representatives of our sub-culture. Those individuals are the doers, the people who get things done.

I understand that a project of this magnitude is not an easy undertaking and requires months of planning and many volunteers. My admiration for both you and Uncle Ben for stepping in and taking over the planning for the ride is beyond words. I also understand that it is too late this year to change the criteria for membership into the "Legion". I only hope that next year the criteria will be more defined and not as arbitrary. Membership into the "Legion" should not be dependent upon whether or not a member considers you worthy enough. You did not have to be considered worthy, so why should anyone else? And if you need help I find absolutely nothing wrong with asking for volunteers. You'd probably be amazed at the amount of people who would step forward if they only knew that there was a need. By not asking for volunteers you'll probably have a few people step forward because they have a need to be involved, but you'll have a lot more people volunteer if they know there's a need. Having a need to be involved and simply wanting to help out a worthwhile endeavor are two different things.

I built my little rigid Buell in my garage with my own two hands and then proceded to ride it from St. Louis to Cottonwood Arizona for the Smoke Out West. From Cottonwood Arizona I then rode to Rockingham North Carolina for the Smoke Out East and then back home to St. Louis. I put 4500 miles on my little rigid Buell in 10 days. My last day on the road I left Rockingham at 6:00 am and pulled into my driveway outside of St. Louis at 8:00 pm central time that same evening. If I had pulled into Rockingham and been told that I wouldn't be receiving the "Legion of the Long Road" medallion because I didn't hang out with or suck up to the "IN" crowd it definitely would have left a bad taste in my mouth.

These are just my random thoughts on the subject, and again, it in no way diminishes my deep respect for you and Uncle Ben for all the hard work you've done to keep this ride alive! Thank you for all the hard work, and thanks for listening to my ramblings.

David (LOTLR #030)

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