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Long Road Riders Kickoff Party

June 19 2012 at 1:59 PM
Mike Dominique  (Login domin23322)
from IP address

I want to thank everyone for the turnout here in Tennessee for kick off party. It was a smashing success and I had the chance to meet every single long road rider as i was the guy who sat at the entry taking your money and running back and forth to the stage to intro the bands. Everyone had a great time and was very well behaved(not that we expected any less). I met you all and it was the coolest thing on earth for me. The New Zealanders, the Aussies, and the Canadians were especially cheerful to me and thanked me endlessly for what was a awesome time. NOW, let's give credit where credit is really due. I was just santas elf on this gig Kevin Kelly did all of the legwork in what was a monumental task and he did what no mere mortal can do. All you Long Roaders please do seek him out in Rockingham and give him a big thanks. Unfortunately my plans to make the ride and Rockingham were spoiled(my own doing of course). Every rider that attended the event asked over and over if we could do it again next year at the same location. We had four bands, vendors, camping, poker run, dice run, and more. The venue owner was amazed. Not one single issue arose. Even the six county cops stopped in around 1am to see what was going and had a great time. We were even fortunate to have three members of Saliva call us and ask to play for free and of course they blew the place away and had a blast. Our little county here in the sticks of Tennessee saw something that has never been done here. Thank you all again and please be sure to hit up Kevin in Rockingham and give him his props. I am actually very happy and quite proud to have been a part of it all. Nice to see you guys, Brad, Ratman, Uncle Ben, the Aussies, the New Zealanders and all of the rest of you. Have a great ride and be safe out there.

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