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Classical Humanist Cryonics Forum

Creator: Phil Ossifur. I track various issues in and around cryonics here with special attention given to the Owada Cells Alive System. THE VIEWS EXPRESSED HERE ARE MY OWN and are not representative of cryonicists in general nor or any other entity involved in cryonics. I'm pro-cryonics but I disagree with many of the ways in which cryonics is currently being managed and done. I believe in a UNIverse in which there is consistency from top to bottom-- that we all require context and historical identity to be human-- which view is at odds with everyone else in cryonics. So-- once again-- these views are my own and should be not considered as reflective of cryonics generally. You may comment on posts here but they will not appear. Only I will read them, be informed by them and then COMMENT on your contribution without referrring to you specifically if can help it.
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